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A Little Help from a Snake // Tomarry {BEING REVISED} by onyxjay
A Little Help from a Snake // Sage
It was a normal day for Harry. He woke up, made breakfast for his relatives, ate some leftovers, and went out to do the chores set for him. Then it all changed when he a...
Eagle's Flight // Frarry {Discontinued} by onyxjay
Eagle's Flight // Frarry { Sage
Harry Potter is more like his mother than people expected. Except for maybe a revision here and there, this story is officially discontinued. Read the part titled "...
Me and You // Ronarry {Discontinued} by onyxjay
Me and You // Ronarry { Sage
Harry's fourth year had only been the beginning. Now he has to do everything he can to ensure Voldemort is defeated with the help of his beloved Ron. Sequel to You and M...