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PUNISHMENTS by maniacabel
random punishments I'll give my child if they act up
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Fuck Buddy by lilshortiii
Fuck Buddyby A True Crackhead 💜
n. A sex partner whom you have no special attachment. A person you occasionally have sex with who is not your S.O
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random crap for when I'm bored aF by realmack-pro
random crap for when I'm bored aFby prince Lukas
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dio fucking kills you by diobrandovore
dio fucking kills youby rohan kishibe is my homeboy
this is wgat you get for being a dio fucker
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WOWZERS... by NamjoonsBlackEmpress
#5 Kim Namjoons Real Wife💯❤✌
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Steve Saga Oneshots by RDJStanReeee
Steve Saga Oneshotsby end me
Ships included. You have been warned.
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Hold on | Colby Brock X Reader  by -FallenGolbach
Hold on | Colby Brock X Reader by Thalia
Waiting by the beach shore Y/n sat reflecting on her thoughts. Corey and Devyn adopted her and brought her to an amazing house with amazing people even better she were a...
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PRETTYMUCH memes, preferences, and prettymuch ;) anything else by mrsarreaga99
PRETTYMUCH memes, preferences, Girl Arreaga
I've seen this around, so I wanted to write something like this. It ranges from memes, to just random pictures and facts that I feel like putting on here.
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A marichat story by Marinette4Agreste
A marichat storyby Marinette4Agreste
I do not own miraculous ladybug, I just wrote disss, enjoy! You can call me Ani. This is marichat!!!
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KiKi4JapanDesu's 2nd Artbook! ^w^ by KiKi4JapanDesu
KiKi4JapanDesu's 2nd Artbook! ^w^by Kiki
Hello, Wattpadians! It is I, KiKi4JapanDesu! (K4J works too) This is the 2nd Artbook of mine; this book shall exclusively contain the latest artwork created by yours tr...
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Adopted by animatronics?? 0_0 by GoldenFreddyfemale
Adopted by animatronics?? 0_0by FemaleGoldenFreddy
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One Shots (prompt inspiration) by Disnerd396
One Shots (prompt inspiration)by Slytherfriend ;)
A series of short stories based off of writing prompts. If I'm feeling motivated enough and inspired enough, I might write more on certain characters. Pretty much all na...
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Green Hills and Heart Spills (Emmet Cahill fanfic) by BitchySprouse
Green Hills and Heart Spills ( I fucked ur bitch
A woman named Zoe has just turned eighteen and is classified as an adult. She decides to travel to Ireland, given her newly found freedom, and when she finds out she is...
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Creepypasta x Demon! Reader by mrlrtheprettyflower
Creepypasta x Demon! Readerby The cool beans
Hello, reader. First, I will like to have you know that I am most likely younger than your expectations. This is also my very first Wattpad story, so I'm sorry if it's n...
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Jack by Young_and_wildz
Jackby Young_and_wildz
I'm jack black no jk but I am some guy named jack I share an account with my bestfriend's Katie, Emma ,Nathan , And Jeff Read and ask me questions ;)
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, by crustyyfet
,by crustyyfet
dis sum gay shit just typed maybe i'll make a less shitty 1
Lmao hi by klanceshipper201
Lmao hiby klanceshipper201
This is so random and some of my thoughts and feelings