bridges » david dobrik by messydobrik
bridges » david dobrikby abby
the one where elliot parker and david dobrik wake up in the middle of nowhere in a (presumably) stolen car with no phones, no wallets, and no clue where the hell they are
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Meme by -thrashershawn
Memeby Mads
a whole lotta memes Started September something Ended: never b #1 in- idk #1 in- idkanymore #1 in- kms #2 in- memes #2 in- stop
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❝ⒶⓇⓉⒷⓞⓞⓀ❞ by XxTamara_the_drunqxX
❝ⒶⓇⓉⒷⓞⓞⓀ❞by Ⓢⓦⓔⓔⓣⓔⓡ ⓣⓗⓐⓝ Ⓗⓞⓝⓔⓨ
Why hello there... Why are you here? This is the type of art you would drink bleach for Yeah it's that bad But if you want your eyes to burn and you cringe while drawing...
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Tomura shigaraki x reader (boku no hero academia) by dragonreviver2003
Tomura shigaraki x reader (boku Yumma_neko
yo this is me first fanfic hope you enjoy its probably going to be shit but who cares sorry for the bad grammar that will happen and this will be a lemon that will be b...
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Sebastian x demon reader: To win an un-beating heart by Con_TheKid
Sebastian x demon reader: To win Connor
You are a demon that has just made a contact with a 7 year old boy that lost his parents and wants revenge you happily aid him all for his soul. What happens when you me...
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Fairy Tail x Reader (Lemons) by meganliz09
Fairy Tail x Reader (Lemons)by MeganLiz09
❌❗️REQUESTS CLOSED❗️❌ ❌❗️SLOW UPDATES❗️❌ ❗️WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT 18+ AUDIENCES ONLY❗️ (If you read it and you are not 18+ then that is your decisio...
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Random smut x reader book by CamilleTheKitten
Random smut x reader bookby Camille the kitten
I thought hey when do you ever see a smut book with random fanfic characters so I thought hey let's write some smut to . so here we go its my first smut book so take it...
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In A Heartbeat by VanillaBeanBoy
In A Heartbeatby CoffeeBoy
I can't speak, but I can sing
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overwatch x baby reader by Scrabitbait132
overwatch x baby readerby Scrabbit
this is not a fucked up thing ok!!!! please dont hate me an overwatch agent found you in a laboratory and took you in as a new member of overwatch. there are not a lot o...
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chaotic | ross lynch by jerjordan
chaotic | ross lynchby ⊱ chelbey ⊰
in which they chaotically meet at his movie premiere, after she dumps her punch on his shirt and he accidentally falls into her lap. - [12.27.18] [ross lynch x oc]
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Very Nice~ Spam 2 by softwoozi
Very Nice~ Spam 2by ❦ωσσzι❦
"i think you are the answer to all of my questions." More spam © 2018-2019 softwoozi
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Paw Prints(discontinued) by -johnny-cal-
Paw Prints(discontinued)by Nars
Tiny paw prints litter the floors
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Boyfriend/Crush Imagines by 1XXXTentacion1
Boyfriend/Crush Imaginesby #MendesArmy
Some crush/boyfriend imagines (mainly boyfriend)!! I don't do smut in this book! Requests are open.
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Doll Eye Boyfriend/Husband Scenarios by LivingOnTragedyLane
Doll Eye Boyfriend/Husband 「♪I Bless the Rains Down in A...
Hello guys! This is my first X Reader and to be very honest, I'm a bit nervous. I used to make X Reader's on Quotev, but they always sucked T^T Anyways, I'll be adding...
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me x air :3 by LavnderFlowers
me x air :3by Matt is Bae
uwu it's me x air
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Book Of Random by Unlucky-Aiko
Book Of Randomby Aiko Izumi
Hello! Welcome to my book of random :3 This book will include //Memes //Crack stories //Rants //NSFW m a y b e //And more! Enjoy~ :3
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Oneshots I guess? I don't know by Gabseys
Oneshots I guess? I don't knowby cyka
Ever so often I'd write a random oneshot in one of my books so I decided to post all the existing ones here And sometimes I just write oneshots in here that weren't orig...
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