K-Pop Smuts (All groups accepted.) by Hyunjinsheadband
K-Pop Smuts (All groups accepted.)by ︴︴︴︴
Smuts by yours truly❤️ [Writing female smuts aren't my forte, so female idols will have angst or fluff❤️]
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I Had Sex With My Bully (Vmin) by GreenTae228
I Had Sex With My Bully (Vmin)by DADDY TAETAE
"I'll beat your ass Park Jimin." "I'd rather you eat it." "Fag." "Only for you, Tae."
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Meme by -thrashershawn
Memeby Mads
a whole lotta memes Started September something Ended: never b #1 in- idk #1 in- idkanymore #1 in- kms #2 in- memes #2 in- stop
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~Art Book of doodles n' shet~ ((book Cover @CommieZilla)) by Lexalcious
~Art Book of doodles n' shet~ (( ♥Sρσσρч Tαм♥
Welp! Welcome to this total trash Go ahead read..
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Tomura shigaraki x reader (boku no hero academia) by dragonreviver2003
Tomura shigaraki x reader (boku anime4life
yo this is me first fanfic hope you enjoy its probably going to be shit but who cares sorry for the bad grammar that will happen and this will be a lemon that will be b...
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bridges » david dobrik by messydobrik
bridges » david dobrikby abby
the one where elliot parker and david dobrik wake up in the middle of nowhere in a (presumably) stolen car with no phones, no wallets, and no clue where the hell they are
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sanscest rp by OWOShipper
sanscest rpby weirdogirl
;-; when I'm bored/lonely I hate my life
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Random smut x reader book by KingDarkiplier
Random smut x reader bookby Darkiplier
I thought hey when do you ever see a smut book with random fanfic characters so I thought hey let's write some smut to . so here we go its my first smut book so take it...
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✔Baldi X Reader (Lemon if you know what I mean-- ;)✔ by JamiFlami
✔Baldi X Reader (Lemon if you ellxa
You were sent to a summer school to keep up your math a lot, oh what a boring experience. Ugh. But once you meet a man with a very bad use of a ruler to smack bad studen...
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Doll Eye Boyfriend Scenarios by LivingOnTragedyLane
Doll Eye Boyfriend Scenariosby Eau de Résistance
Hello guys! This is my first X Reader and to be very honest, I'm a bit nervous. I used to make X Reader's on Quotev, but they always sucked T^T Anyways, I'll be adding...
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Sebastian x demon reader: To win an un-beating heart by CarterTomago
Sebastian x demon reader: To win Connor
You are a demon that has just made a contact with a 7 year old boy that lost his parents and wants revenge you happily aid him all for his soul. What happens when you me...
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In A Heartbeat by VanillaBeanBoy
In A Heartbeatby CoffeeBoy
I can't speak, but I can sing
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Book Of Random by Chomiyo
Book Of Randomby Aiko Izumi
basically the title. I might have crack stories in here, show a few memes and more. (Also will have my tags in here) beware maybe some NSFW stuff will be in here- not se...
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Your Touch by Franzilla69
Your Touchby Franzilla69
Female reader. Probably smut. Definitely smut. This story takes place at the time Genji and Hanzo are in the age of their "young" skins. So you're a helpless...
  • genji
  • femalereader
  • probablysmut
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Welcome To Hell..Ington High.  by AmyQueenOfTrash
Welcome To Hell..Ington High. by a m y
Welcome To Hellington High, where dreams are crushed and destroyed on the daily. School sucks. So spend your years here with the people who don't.
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Stranger Love || Stranger Things Character and Cast Smut and Fluff by FinnIsASchnack
Stranger Love || Stranger Things ☆♥Jade♥☆
smut and fluff? Debatable.
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Can't Knock The Hustle~ Spam 2 by JungkookAtTheDisco
Can't Knock The Hustle~ Spam 2by ❤︎ʜᴏsʜɪ❤︎
"I'm an ugly motherfucker but I work hella' harder" More spam  2018 JungkookAtTheDisco
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Bullied Jake Paul by SavageSavannah8
Bullied Jake Paulby Savage Savannah
this story is about Jake who has been depressed his whole life and he is a new student at Cleveland high he was never a popular kid his mom and dad are dead and he has a...
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The Book Of Random Sanscest Shit (Roleplay, oneshots and more) by CarolineCipher
The Book Of Random Sanscest Shit ( UTAU & DBH trash
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Locked Away (A Poth/Fell Poth Fanfic) by JustATrashbag
Locked Away (A Poth/Fell Poth Trashbag
How would you react if you were kidnapped by someone you despised? Join Goth on his adventure to escape the cold grasp of Rurik (Fell!Palette), also helping Fell!Goth es...
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