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INSTAGRAM. by yoongismuse
#1 ᵗᵒᵏʸᵒ.
jjk; ❝ bitch, if you're going to unfollow me after you follow me, best get ready your ass be flyin' to a place where the sun doesn't shine. ❞ ; in which a cocky boy foll...
  • bts
  • taehyung
  • yoongi
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me is bored by -LoveLiz-
me is boredby His Kitty Princess
I'm bored so its kinds just rants and shit
  • bored
  • idek
  • random
Thoughts by Saniope
Thoughtsby The Hershey Empire
Warning some may be depressing and a few will have swears and others will just be random af
  • ihatemylife
  • idek
  • thoughts
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Kid by WriteCrazyForLife
Kidby ~Hunter~
A bunch of one-shots purely dedicated to Spider-Man, occasional reveals, Spidey and Iron Man - yeahhhh boiii - and loads more!!! Hope you enjoy! SEND IN REQUESTS IF YOU...
  • stony
  • imdelusional
  • peterparker
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Warriors Writing Prompts by That1WarriorsWriter
Warriors Writing Promptsby Castiel Tries Writing
Sometimes I get ideas but I either don't have the inspiration to write them, don't know how to work it into a story, or just don't want to use it for my own story. So wh...
  • idek
  • foryou
  • warriors
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami/Atem x Reader  by MichelleLOC17
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami/Atem x Reader by MichelleLOC17
  • yugioh
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
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Mlp discord X reader {COMPLETED} by livwritesfanfictions
Mlp discord X reader {COMPLETED}by Lunatic .-.
It was a normal day for Y/N until her good friend fluttershy had visited her to tell her she was going to be away for a while. Fluttershy was going to an animal, thing...
  • discord
  • snowstar
  • mlp
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Idk it's just Smut by Madison_Medusa
Idk it's just Smutby Madison
I don't even know
  • idek
  • musicals
Cover Tutorials by LittleZari
Cover Tutorialsby ˗ˏˋ ᴢ ᴀ ʀ ɪ ᴇ ʟ ʟ ᴀ ˊˎ-
❝ Good Teaching is more of a giving the right questions than a giving the right answers ❞ - ©LittleZari - Ranked # 1 in Non-fiction
  • memes
  • meme
  • tutorials
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uhhhh ( spam ) by pasteIgay
uhhhh ( spam )by ✏ noemi
hi i dont know how to name this book
  • musicaltheater
  • wtnv
  • welcometonightvale
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•Imagine•  by yupsamisdead
•Imagine• by sam is dead
so yeah, title describes it all. this can get a lil smutty. uhhhhhhh basically it's gon be lil storylines of you and Joey so if you like Joey and allat...... enjoy. ya...
  • enjoy
  • random
  • imagines
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Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader} by f4iryt4ilm4g3
Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader}by nicole
'Horrible. That's what my life is. Horrible.' (Y/n) (L/n) is a 14-year-old girl that recently got moved down to the lowest class of her school, Kunugigaoka Junior High...
  • karma
  • assassination
  • idekwhat
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Riverdale Cast Group Chats by Violet1255
Riverdale Cast Group Chatsby Violet1255
Random ideas that I come up with and then it into a group chat convo. All of this is fictional btw. If you have any requests for a chapter, let me know! The biggest ship...
  • idek
  • vanessamorgan
  • idk
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Y/N AMBW Imagine's and Storiess by miracle_wisher
Y/N AMBW Imagine's and Storiessby Miracle music
AMBW book hope you like it
  • blackwoman
  • funny
  • christianyu
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5SOS Blurbs by ashleyxo17
5SOS Blurbsby ashley
dunno man, I might make you feel things. [ will do requests fam ]
  • sad
  • blurbs
  • love
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2p Hetalia X Reader by sweetnsourjoon
2p Hetalia X Readerby colbi
this is my 2p hetalia x reader book! read if you want, or dont i dont really mind!!
  • 2p
  • idek
  • cupcakes
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shes special (Ohshc X Reader X Fandoms)  by i_am_bored432
shes special (Ohshc X Reader X o jee
Her name is y/n l/n.her parents died when she was a little girl.she learned to raise herself on her own and do everything she got older she resumed her families...
  • billcipher
  • lévi
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
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ɱÿ βɥȑñȋñğ Ƚ¤√ê ƒøȑ ÿ¤ɥ (Mineta x Endeavor) by JayxDaniel69
ɱÿ βɥȑñȋñğ Ƚ¤√ê ƒøȑ ÿ¤ɥ (Mineta J.R.E
Don't kill me. It was just a normal day for Endeavor, going to a small convenience store to buy some Shoto body pillows, but instead of just getting his stuff and leavin...
  • crackfic
  • endeavour
  • endeavor
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Want || Daniel Seavey by averyamor
Want || Daniel Seaveyby king bauljtwe
"in which a girl accidently text a quite famous boy" {Social Media} {lowercase intended} Started- 4 January 2018 A wrong number story... -amoravery
  • texts
  • idek
  • fanfiction
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bangtan one shots by bngtansauce
bangtan one shotsby ruki
BXB action ahead. Rated R and 18+ shit here. I'll take requests.
  • bangtan
  • bts
  • 18
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