Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Sillage {Rokudou Mukuro X OC} by RosieeChanman
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Rauressuyo
The lingering scent. The look they'd share, holding the same desire, but never acting. His reason for being. The overwhelming cravings she gives rise to. The unquenchab...
  • rokudou
  • rokudo
  • katekyouhitmanreborn
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Ideal Type (방탄소년단)- BTS by instantfood808
Ideal Type (방탄소년단)- BTSby 기라 🐰
Four girls, able to fit 7 boy's ideal types. What'll happen when they happen to be their idols? "Woah, careful." Love, what is it, exactly? I chose you.. Fin...
  • jimin
  • idealistic
  • love
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The Arabian Nights (EDITING) by Caffiene04
The Arabian Nights (EDITING)by Caffiene04
Ordinary Kat Brent in her ordinary life in Philadelphia.Then her dad gets a transfer and the family shifts to Middle East. That's when stuff happens.Like the secrets of...
  • idealistic
  • supernatural
  • horror
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My Own FNAF Personalities by AbbeyFazbear
My Own FNAF Personalitiesby Goldie's Cub
What if each of the FNAF crew members had their own personality? Wanna find out how I personally portray each of the FNAF crew members? Read on to find out. All of the p...
  • ideabook
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  • alternateuniverse
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Ideas (Plot Shop And Moreeeee) OPEN [√] by No_Ones_Perfecto
Ideas (Plot Shop And Moreeeee) Barbie.Girl
Hi Everyone~ Open [√] Closed [ ] I am that one person that can randomly makeup a story on the spot so.... 1. I'm too lazy to make stories plus I have six stories I'...
  • ideas
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OC book by leoisalivingmeme
OC bookby ☤𝑳𝑬𝑶 𝑩𝑹𝑶𝑾𝑵☤
My OC book
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When the light forms dark... by LordCutthroat
When the light forms The Lord Cutthroat
'when there is no hope, man is defeated. where there is no determination, no action can be undertaken. we draw hope from the thoughts of a better, brighter, future for o...
  • greed
  • humanity
  • corruption
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Euphoria by _wtrmlnx
Euphoriaby _wtrmlnx
I'm a journalist who love to write things in my own terms by using a featurized and sometimes spoken poetry. With this medium, I would like to share it with you and none...
  • story
  • literature
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