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Vampire Knight Lustful Dreams. Mature (#Wattys 2019) by DeniseMontour
Vampire Knight Lustful Dreams. Mat...by DM
This about you, waking up in Yuki's body. You finally are able to see what Zero is all about. To be with him. Is it all you ever wanted? Will, it last When he finds out...
Vampire Knight Fanfic by ieyatsusawada
Vampire Knight Fanficby ieyatsusawada
The Kuran Family is one of the strongest pureblood vampire race. All of the Vampire lineage up to the Hunter Association knows them and knows that they have 2 children...
The killer monster[COMPLETE] by Kkerry79
The killer monster[COMPLETE]by Kerry
This is Kira Kuran . She is Yuki older sister and Kaname younger sister. She was never love at all instead she was treated as a servant of the Kuran . She was punish a l...
☆Bearing silence~ (Vampire Knight FanFiction) by Zoreos_Oreos
☆Bearing silence~ (Vampire Knight...by m . ⁷
Mizuki (Meaning;Silent Snow). She wasn't loved.. Why? Merely because of her eyes. [New Cover]
My best friend is a vampire.....well I'm as well by BexkyBeauty
My best friend is a vampire.....we...by Bexky
You are zero's childhood friend, until one day a pureblood vampire attacked your family and zeros. But theres something you don't know, some of your memories have been...
Save Me || Kaname by WhitePetal14
Save Me || Kanameby Owl_
¤<~~[ This story is currently being edited ] ~~>¤ I stormed out of the house and quickly ran away, hoping to find a temporary escape from reality. My parents are a...
The Crossbreed Vampire Hunter | VK by alliphantomhive
The Crossbreed Vampire Hunter | VKby alli! ♡
[Please read the Prologue in the story for a clearer explanation/extension of this bio.] {Vampire Knight Fanfic} (OC Insert) [May contain gore and vulgarities.] - "...
Zero's Sister, Shizuoka's Child...     (Vampire Knight X Reader) by BlackAngel1006
Zero's Sister, Shizuoka's Child...by BlackAngel1006
You are a Pureblood Vampire who ran away from her home because she wasn't treated right..... Well that was until you found Ichiru the person who you kept safe, well and...
Vampire knight-Lost Brother by Artictundra
Vampire knight-Lost Brotherby Akira Dasctlash
This is a vampire knight story where Akira's family is killed by a vampire -Suckish description i know. BUT READ THE STORY PAST THE INFO PAGE PLEASE- I DO NOT OWN VAMPI...
Bleed Me (A Vampire Knight Fanfiction- Kaze) by Airrah11
Bleed Me (A Vampire Knight Fanfict...by Erin Hughes
KaZe, Pureblood Zero, MPreg, Prince Zero, Darker Zero. "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."- Shakespeare Bleed Me Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/us...
Bleach: Rukia x Ichigo by xPinkBear1
Bleach: Rukia x Ichigoby xPinkBear1
Ichigo and Rukia are good friends but Ichigo is dating Senna. Rukia is ok with it but sometimes she feels jealous that ichigo can be so nice to another girl. Ichigo thin...
Wings or Fangs - Vampire knight Fan Fiction by TeenieJeannie
Wings or Fangs - Vampire knight Fa...by TeenieJeannie
Purebloods are the strongest and the most powerful amongst all vampires. But what if there was a race that was much stronger? Jeannie is an Angelica, she is much more su...
Yandere Vampire Knight x Reader Oc by nightraid15
Yandere Vampire Knight x Reader Ocby Maria
Change the Oc if you want and Juri and Haruka are still alive but Yuki still turns human and is still obsessed with you even as a human Yuu Kuran is the oldest out of Ka...
Bird Set Free by chenise8
Bird Set Freeby Promise of the Moon
A Vampire Knight Reincarnation fanfic. The Butterfly Effect - the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.
Ichigo X Rukia -One Shots and Short Stories- by Hollow-Heart
Ichigo X Rukia -One Shots and Shor...by Kakashi’sFanfictions
A collection of romantic one shots and short stories for your entertainment~ ~Cover by CordeliaWolf! P.s. These are kinda old, the further you scroll down, the better qu...
My Robot Boy (Hiro x OC) by dianakenz
My Robot Boy (Hiro x OC)by Angel of Death
Inuyashiki Fanfic Amaterasu finds Hiro, knowing what he had become after that fateful day in the park. She stays beside him, helping him feel alive from time to time. He...
Mages and Shinigamis by xPinkBear1
Mages and Shinigamisby xPinkBear1
This is a Fairy Tail and Bleach crossover. Wendy travels to Karakou with Carla to experience what it's like to in a place that's normal. Little did she know, Karakou, Ja...
Yugen (A Vampire Knight Fanfiction- KaZe) by Airrah11
Yugen (A Vampire Knight Fanfiction...by Erin Hughes
Would you sacrifice your life for a brief, brilliant love? KaZe, MPREG, Pureblood Zero. Story Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/airrah11/playlist/5RKggLudAAGJTyBUP...
Heartless (A Vampire Knight- KaZe Fanfic) by Airrah11
Heartless (A Vampire Knight- KaZe...by Erin Hughes
"Sometimes I hate the life I made. Everything's wrong every time, pushing on I can't escape, everything that comes my way is haunting me taking its sweet time."...
Childish Dream by KenzieLikesBands
Childish Dreamby Mackenzie James
What happens when two friends from Quotev wake up to find themselves in the Vampire Knight universe? Follow the stories of the authors and what would happen if they were...