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Would You Rather? Hetalia Series by PenPen_Pencil
Would You Rather? Hetalia Seriesby éɢ ʜᴀᴛᴀ ʟíғ ᴍɪᴛᴛ ....
I'm gonna do a hetalia version since I know hetalia more than other fandoms! Yeee I love writing this book! Comment down below for some of yours and ill write my opinion!
  • hetaliacanada
  • canada
  • france
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Hetalia Oneshots!  by AllieChu7
Hetalia Oneshots! by Allie Chu
The title is all. I can do Hetalia x reader oneshots, I can do hetalia x hetalia, 2p!s, and alot of others! Warning: May contain limes, lemons, fluff, angst, and smut. S...
  • sweden
  • china
  • finland
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Sufin Hetalia Fanfic:    A Drop of Blood for my Love by ImTheBestNoob123
Sufin Hetalia Fanfic: A Drop Potato Queen
yandere story love triangle
  • russia
  • denmark
  • finland
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Street Food: An Untold History by 101streetfood
Street Food: An Untold Historyby 101streetfood
Every country is different in that it has its own form of street food, but street food is also a unifying factor in and of itself. Anywhere you go, you can find street f...
  • icelandic
  • noodle
  • reykjavik
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Great food, in the heart of Reykjavik by 101streetfood
Great food, in the heart of 101streetfood
When it comes to gastronomy, Iceland has been slowly getting their act together for the last decades; with amazing produce of the sea, and free-roaming cattle from their...
  • street
  • fishstew
  • reyakjavik
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Fish and Chips: The History of Britain's Iconic Dish by 101streetfood
Fish and Chips: The History of 101streetfood
For a country that loves potatoes as much as British cuisine does, potatoes are not actually native to England, nor is the first fried potato in the form of what we now...
  • chips
  • iceland
  • raykjavik
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Ataraxia • Journal  by -FrozxnOvxr
Ataraxia • Journal by ❅˚⋆༄ ࿐ ˚ .
The journal of an Icelander. Ataraxia- (n.) The state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity
  • aph
  • norice
  • random
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Iceland || Hatari by Tilikumx
Iceland || Hatariby Michelle
After collage the young girl Michelle decided to find work in Iceland. She wanted to follow her dream to work on sea. After a long time she found a job at Reykjavik Whal...
  • hatari
  • sólbjört
  • iceland
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Avalanche by -TheNomad-
Avalancheby The_Nomad
Antarctica just moved into a apartment complex which has many other people in it. He originally was suppose move into his own home so he can do his research without bein...
  • germany
  • greenlandxantartica
  • greenlandxantarctica
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World Academy Experience (Hetalia x Reader) by OsaLotte
World Academy Experience ( Osa Lotte
"This school takes a select few students from many different countries of our world. They pick out which ones might be suitable. Ones that can make friends, that ca...
  • readerinsert
  • switzerland
  • gakuen
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The Story of Teranevo by THE-QUEEN-OF-SHOVELS
The Story of Teranevoby Rei~Tokonova
"grandma grandma can you show me the photo again" a young boy asks his great grand mother."oh ok my boy"She says as she pulls out an old fashion memo...
  • teranevo
  • reitokonova
  • sweden
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Relocation  by MotherofTrains
Relocation by MotherofTrains
A short narrative about relocating to Iceland. Prompted by strange sounds and eerie feelings in new living arrangements.
  • horror
  • paranormal
  • firstperson
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I Do Until I Don't by emilie_karnas
I Do Until I Don'tby Emilie Kavinsky :)
Ella-Mae's sister is having her wedding in two months, at the end of summer, in Florida. Everyone's invited. Including Ella-Mae's secret crush, Alexander Hannah, her bes...
  • youngadult
  • fakeboyfriend
  • mentaldisorder
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The Other Man - Hinn Maðurinn by peachyindex
The Other Man - Hinn Maðurinnby Princess Peach
Persephone's stuck in a toxic relationship, but when she begins recording a new band at her job at a recording studio, Kaleo, she begins to see how much better she can d...
  • jokulljuliusson
  • jj
  • iceland
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Pokemon; Learning Lessons ❤️ by tashabt
Pokemon; Learning Lessons ❤️by tashabt
  • clefable
  • pokemon
  • kalos
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Fallen One  by Olree_Klavern
Fallen One by Olree_Klavern
All Hendrick ever knew was life amongst his people, the Huldufólk, or as humans would refer to them the Hidden People. Contact with humans was strictly forbidden. Everyo...
  • unitedstates
  • firststory
  • mystery
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Misunderstood by alimelight
Misunderstoodby Selina Elia
Sindri has no family. She lived with her cousin and his family for 9 years, when no one could take care of her. She soon meets Ryan, who has a YouTube channel called Scr...
  • romance
  • eurovision2019
  • iceland
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Rian by MaryLukeAuthorItUp
Rianby MaryLukeAuthorItUp
It is a time of great adversity as Agnes Dice narrows her search down to a small, blue planet called Earth. With every passing moment bringing Agnes' home world, Rian, c...
  • cysticfibrosis
  • iceland
  • lovestory
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Elegant, like my brother by UchihaHinata
Elegant, like my brotherby Rose
Iceland is always comparing his and Norway's bodies, finding himself hating it more and more as time passes. He may take things a little bit too far this time and it's n...
  • denmark
  • iceland
  • aph
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Northern Lights this winter by exclusivetravel
Northern Lights this winterby exclusivetravel
Alfred Moller, while talking about the upcoming Northern Lights winter tour. Alfred is also the Head Tour Guide and Professional Photographer at Exclusive Travel, and he...
  • iceland
  • travel
  • northernliceland
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