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The path of Islam ✨ by _Diarra_16
The path of Islam ✨by Didi
Islamic reminder book which contains a lot of helpul stories including the story of Iblis on how he became Shaytaan and the stories of the Prophets (May peace be upon th...
Lost Prince by Tizzie88
Lost Princeby Tizzie
Satan succeeds in taking Rin to Gehenna. Yukio doesn't know if he will be the same Rin when he returns or the demon that has been trying to claw its way out for 15 years...
Brother (muzan x reader) by AzZahra178412
Brother (muzan x reader)by Mal_Cho_Rexz
(Y/n), anak buangan yang hidup sendiri di hutan, hidupnya begitu hampa dan biasa biasa saja, tapi saat dia mencari tanaman obat dia bertemu anak kecil bernama muzan lalu...
My mate marks (An AmaiRin Story) by BlueFlameSakura
My mate marks (An AmaiRin Story)by Sakuyen
This takes place a while after the Mephyland incident. Rin notices a strange black tattoo that glows a faint blue when he's near demons. Yukio finds out and tells him th...
Where I Belong by memo-ruru
Where I Belongby Prince Memo
"I wonder which you are: a human or a demon. One day, you will have to decide." -Mephisto P./Samael After everything he has done for them, after saving...
Brothers Of Opposite Flames by Ash_Chaos
Brothers Of Opposite Flamesby Ash_Chaos
Rin has a brother but it's not Yukio. His name is Reika - a Nephilim and the only one besides Satan to have the blue flames. Now you're wondering 'then what about Rin?'...
Demon King's Shattered Heart by XxAthena29xX
Demon King's Shattered Heartby XxAthena29xX
When Rin was little he was always teased but he got used to it but when he get older something happens and he gets set off. This fanfic has Rin and all of the demon king...
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My True Mate? (Amaimon x Reader) by trippyk14
My True Mate? (Amaimon x Reader)by Trippy K
WARNING: -Mature language - Explicit scenes -LEMONS!! As the second half demon of True Cross Academy you settled into your new dorm building in which you shared with th...
Gehenna Guardian by Ash_Chaos
Gehenna Guardianby Ash_Chaos
When fed up from all the hypocrisy and scorn he received, Rin decides to run away. From the Exwires, his family and True Cross. It's not his fault when the Paladin decid...
Stories for Children (Islamic Stories) by EshmiMithila
Stories for Children (Islamic Stor...by EshmiMithila
Religious moral stories for kids.
[Slow Update] Jin Xiao Yi Tian [BL] by Reofl88
[Slow Update] Jin Xiao Yi Tian [BL]by Funyaaa
Judul: Jin Xiao Yi Tan / 今宵 異 譚 Judul lain: A Different Story Tonight Penulis: Four Feet / 四隻腳 Jumlah Volume: 5 (Complete) English Translated by: mint/yujuan https:...
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Lieutenant General Rin Okumura  by EbonyGoneDown
Lieutenant General Rin Okumura by Ebøńÿ Błådē
On Hiatus Rin Okumura, Son of Satan, Lieutenant General of the Gahennan Military Task Force. Taken by his father to Gehenna at birth and raised there until he was 7. Af...
Kumo To Slime Desuga, Nani Ka? (Tensura X Kumodesu) by Yooo_Dayooo
Kumo To Slime Desuga, Nani Ka? (Te...by Yo Dayo~
A shocking incident where a class at a high school in Japan exploded and killed all the students in it. Rimuru who was also on the list of victims due to the explosion...
True Past by dream7896
True Pastby Dream
What happens when the ultimate life form discovers that he was not created But he had parents, a brother, an uncle, aunt and cousin. A family Shadow has been lied to, b...
Twin the Hedgehog: An Adventure of Temporal Proportions! by twinightatom892
Twin the Hedgehog: An Adventure of...by twinightatom892
(Under Construction, so older Chapters may be changed as the Story continues.) **[On Hold for now]** (Temporal Force Saga) 1st Book: Twin the Hedgehog: An Adventure of T...
An angel from hell (Blue Exorcist) by ghosts4371
An angel from hell (Blue Exorcist)by ghosts4371
Story starts with the camping trip where amimon takes shemi, and rin reveals his blue flames to the other exwires. All photos are not mine and belong to there rightful o...
Jebakan iblis  by SayyidRP
Jebakan iblis by SayyidRP
Ladya, Alex, Meisina, Fandi dan Maya lima orang mahasiswa tersebut sama-sama mengambil jurusan ilmu keperawatan dan mereka tengah ditugaskan oleh dekan, Pa Erland mengun...
LAMPAU by RaynaldiG
LAMPAUby Raynaldi Gunawan
Cerita Lama Yang Menjadi Misteri
Hamparan 255 by satsuria
Hamparan 255by Satsuria
Kita tau Tuhan menciptakan nabi Adam sebagai manusia pertama, itu adalah sejarah dalam buku Tuhan Hamparan 256 yang masih terbuka di meja bercahaya, yang isi bukuNya ter...