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Take Me Home • h. styles ✔ by tryptopatz
Take Me Home • h. styles ✔by patrick
A story about Harry set in a post-apocalyptic world, trying to find his way back home.
The Lone Loud Survival by KalobBurnett2000
The Lone Loud Survivalby KalobBurnett2000
It has been ten years since the Krippin Virus struck the world, Lincoln was bitten, but rather then hurt his friends he uses his abilities to save them and help get th...
A Lone loud's  survival. by sliverdagger
A Lone loud's survival.by @silverdagger
During nsl when the krippin virus started turning those infected into savage animal-like vampire's called darkseekers. 6 year old lisa finds out that her 11 year o...
The Loud Loud Survival: Creaturepidea by KalobBurnett2000
The Loud Loud Survival: Creaturepi...by KalobBurnett2000
This is basically a creature wiki for the new coming story The Loud Loud Survival.
PROJECT HYBRID, A Lone Louds Survival Prequel  by sliverdagger
PROJECT HYBRID, A Lone Louds Survi...by @silverdagger
This is basically a creature wiki for a story I'm working on. This is a creature wiki you should read before reading a lone loud survival
Survivors by KPellegrino
Survivorsby Kaynen B Pellegrino
Almost two years after the apparent "cure for cancer" that killed 5.4 billion people around the world and turned most of the survivors into Vampire like monste...
The Dark Arrives. by GhiraWar
The Dark Arrives.by GhiraWar
The threat of darkness always surrounded the two brave souls, who are stuck in a world where they are the last two "humans" alive. Recently, strange weather b...
Reign of Blood (The Vampires of Vegas Book 1) by AlexiaPurdy
Reign of Blood (The Vampires of Ve...by Alexia Purdy
"Never tease anything that wants to eat you. My name is April Tate and my blood is the new gold. Vampires and hybrids have overrun my world, once vibrant with life...
The Lone Loud Survival: Antagonists by KalobBurnett2000
The Lone Loud Survival: Antagonistsby KalobBurnett2000
This story will feature antagonists in The Lone Loud Survival. The animals in my creaturepedia aren't antagonists. these guys however? Some are cruel sadistic, some pret...
Humanity - A Solivagant's Tale by Tahieuba
Humanity - A Solivagant's Taleby Tahieuba
The Great Explosion of 2015 wiped out two thirds of the world's population. Some blame ISIS. Other's North Korea. The truth; a nuclear war broke out and the world plunge...
ANTAGONISTS  by sliverdagger
ANTAGONISTS by @silverdagger
this story will feature antagonists in a lone loud's survival. the animals in my creaturepedia arent antagonists. these guys however? Some are cruel sadistic, some p...
The Last Legends: A Novella by Gandalfstormcrow
The Last Legends: A Novellaby Lycaon's Child
Zombies. Of course zombies. After months of surviving alone, Alec Matheson spends his days hunting these creatures, defending his home every night as they come in droves...
The City That Never Sleeps by zombie_inspiration
The City That Never Sleepsby zombie_inspiration
A survivor and his dog are all that lives in the what used to be one of the most busiest cities of all time. Now it's a ghost town with little efforts to change that, in...
Infringed by lukewoodworth
Infringedby lukewoodworth
The dead have risen once again to over run the world with fear and chaos, but a group of allies must break Government rules in order to survive. Each chapter is fairly s...
Resonant (A Vampires of Vegas Prequel) by AlexiaPurdy
Resonant (A Vampires of Vegas Preq...by Alexia Purdy
Surviving is worse than death... As the first days of the end of humanity tumble across the city of Las Vegas in the form of an overwhelming viral infection, turning al...