Iambic Stories

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A Collection of Sonnets by potpourrii
A Collection of Sonnetsby lizzie
An assortment of Shakespearean sonnets written about anything and everything.
The Phoenix on the Roof by WinterlyHeights
The Phoenix on the Roofby Wintərly Heīghts
"Still the phoenix sits upon / The world in fearsome form, / With a crown upon her head / And the beauty of a storm." North America, 1699: A phoenix nests on...
Robin Hood and the Great Archery Contest by johnbwes
Robin Hood and the Great Archery C...by johnbwes
Based on numerous sources this Poem tells the story of the great archery contest that made Robin Hood famous. In which Robin Hood must win an archery contest to gain the...
just a ton of random shitty poetry i write at like 1 am by thatpanfander
just a ton of random shitty poetry...by thatpanfander
↑exactly what that says↑ kinda (jk, really) depressing, so don't read too many at once! I hope you enjoy it!
The Canon Whisper'd Through the Swaying Leaves by readwithjeremy
The Canon Whisper'd Through the Sw...by Jeremy West
A collection of expository poems and allegories. Meant to be read after "As Ever Like the Sun & Moon at War". Mobile users are encouraged to read in landscape.
Broken (My Shakespearean English Sonnet) by JennyFromTehBlock
Broken (My Shakespearean English S...by Jen Block
Wikipedia : A sonnet is a poetic form which originated in Italy. The term sonnet derives from the Italian word sonetto, meaning "little song". A poem of four...
Fresh by FletcherStafford
Freshby Fletcher Stafford
Naivety is inescapable for some, we do what we can to grow wise, but sometimes encounters with such are... humorous.
Standalone Poetry by readwithjeremy
Standalone Poetryby Jeremy West
Because sometimes I feel like it. They'll probably always conform to a format because I'm not great with free verse, so I strongly encourage looking up the rules of any...
Timeless Alloy by Kalil2112
Timeless Alloyby Kalil2112
Even though I am entirely in favor of everyone understanding and interpreting a poem in their own way, I thought I should add a description to this poem specifically, se...
Lies Give One No leisure... by DrivenByWill
Lies Give One No leisure...by DrivenByWill
Bad actions have bad consequences
The Hundred Word Horror Show by RonaldoKatwaroo
The Hundred Word Horror Showby Ronaldo Katwaroo
A collection of grim poetry and micro-fiction written in no more than 100 words awaits you with Ronaldo Katwaroo's collection "The Hundred Word Horror Show." G...
The Beggar's Coin by t-h-ballard
The Beggar's Coinby Theodore Ballard
"And so the Beggar born anew Shed himself of humanities' awful hue And ascended to the Heavens A Saint."
A Place for Poems by authorKMHL
A Place for Poemsby KMH Lamb
A short collection of my poems
An Ode to Virgil by bralf28
An Ode to Virgilby bralf28
An Ode to Virgil Van Dijk in Poetic Form
Rainy-day Sonnets by PurpleGeode
Rainy-day Sonnetsby Dani
Just some random thoughts written down for you. Some happy, some sad, some chalk full of mood. Feelings, emotions, dreams hoped to come true. Sonnets I wrote so that oth...
Cut by Arkeanax
Cutby Arkeanax
A Shakespearean Sonnet I made whilst a senior in high school. Shakespearean Sonnets consist of 14 lines; 3 quatrains, and a couplet and have a rhyme scheme of A,B,A,B C...