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Two Secret Diaries || Hyunin by Talentedhyunjin
Two Secret Diaries || Hyuninby Talentedhyunjin
Through Hyunjin and Jeongin's thoughts written down in their secret diaries, they both discover unknown blossoming feelings. The story begins just before their debut a...
Somehow || Taegyu ✔️ by waengingkaistwin
Somehow || Taegyu ✔️by Waengingkai’s twin
Beomgyu , a closeted gay and secretly a Wattpad fan fiction writer is in need of inspiration for his next story. However due to lack of love experience , he's stuck. Tha...
my side || Hyunin by jisungscafe
my side || Hyuninby ellie
[ON-GOING] "Innie...I want you. I don't wanna share you." In which Jeongin is Hyunjin's side. Hyunjin thinks he's the only one allowed to be in a relations...
coup d'etat ➸ hyunin  by freckledlix
coup d'etat ➸ hyunin by f e r d
"dirt and gold are found in the same place but that doesn't give them the same value." notable achievements: peaked at #1 on hyunin peaked at #1 on hyunjeong p...
𝙈𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙮 °•♡•°𝙃𝙮𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙣°•♡•° by L3VANT3R
𝙈𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙮 °•♡•°𝙃𝙮𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙣°•♡•°by 🧋
Hwang Hyunjin is a 25 years old CEO, and father of the little boy Byul. He is currently looking for a babysitter, nothing special, just someone that can stay with his k...
Soulmates (Hyunin/Hyunjeong) by Kcwaiinnie
Soulmates (Hyunin/Hyunjeong)by Yang Jeongin
Jeongin has always been the shadow of his twin brother, Jeonghui; both born as omegas from the same mother, despite having the same face, their lives were very differen...
Adore You | Hyunin by nkyslia
Adore You | Hyuninby vivi
Hyunjin okul dönüşü yolda bulduğu minik balığı evine getirmişti fakat bulduğu şeyin sıradan bir balık olmadığından haberi yoktu. [düzyazı]
MIXTAPE | hyunin ✓ by TAR0BUNS
MIXTAPE | hyunin ✓by 𝐯𝐞𝐞.
[social media au] in which yang jeongin, a well known actor, stars in a film alongside an up and coming actor. or in which hwang hyunjin cannot tolerate his co-star for...
-  by ChimTaeKookAholic
- by 𝗖.𝗧.𝗞.𝗮𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗶c
jeongin messages the wrong person
DRAMA CLUB | hyuninby rin
hyunjin loves bothering jeongin about practically anything, even more so when he discovers jeongin is playing the role of a girl at the next school play. lowercase inten...
social media love - chanlix by chvnn1e
social media love - chanlixby stan stray kids
where chan is an underground rapper and a member of 3RACHA or where felix, together with hyunjin and minho, is in a dance group • mostly fluff • swearing • side ships: m...
Friend Me (L.M X H.J)✅ by strayoutofbts
Friend Me (L.M X H.J)✅by Angel
Lee Minho decides to sign up for snapchat to make friends, feeling lonely and desperate to meet someone new. * A nice goofy boy will make the right intuition on saving...
crimson red |minsung| ♡ by wangxiann_
crimson red |minsung| ♡by biblebuild <3
"understand what i'm saying, sweetcheeks?" "sweetcheeks?" han thought to himself.. he could not say anything other than just nod, words did not want...
On Track ( Stray Kids , Minsung , Hyunin , Changlix ) by babyenergeric
On Track ( Stray Kids , Minsung...by ily minsung
Don't go Don't leave me Please turn around and look at me Please don't go If you go further away I might fall apart by myself... [ Completed ✅ ]
suddenly | minsung by jeonginscola
suddenly | minsungby jeonginscola
suddenly, minho viewed jisung differently. and just like that, a warm feeling surged through his heart. warm like the coffee minho had specially made for jisung the day...
~°•Baby☯️Hyunin•°~ by L3VANT3R
~°•Baby☯️Hyunin•°~by 🧋
i don't want to give you spoilers so...read the book if you want to know what it is about!♡ ⚠️🔞WARNING🔞⚠️ This book will contain cursing and a lot of "sex scenes...
lockdown ♡ hyunin  by SVNGSHlNE
lockdown ♡ hyunin by lou ☆!
jeongin was NOT short, but the last roll of toilet paper was placed at the tallest shelf and sadly, had no ability to reach it. to add up to his embarrassment, a tall (...
glitch | stray kids by chanbangsgr8
glitch | stray kidsby 💓
"They say people are born different, but why does it feel like we're all the same?" In a world where all people have been brainwashed into thinking and doing...
Dearest Despised/ HyunJeong by Caramel-cupcakes
Dearest Despised/ HyunJeongby 🫧Liela🫧
Jeongin and Hyunjin have always been worst enemies, competing to prove that they were better than the other since childhood. So after they finish school and go their sep...
My Side - hyunin  by peachpoof
My Side - hyunin by peachpoof
"we're not divided, we're each other's strength all your words are by my side you just calm me down" After his dad got laid off from his big city job, Hyunjin...