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The Emerald Green Ninja and the Jade Green Princess-Llorumi by Llokita369
The Emerald Green Ninja and the
This takes place before Lloyd finds out Harumi's evil. So this is a prequel to Greenphoenix vs Llorumi books 1,2,and 3. Also I do not own Ninjago or the characters. Also...
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George x Harold strong love by AlyssaCruz1834
George x Harold strong loveby FireSear
George and Harold were old best friends but were separated as kids and in the final year of high school they meet again but in an unexpected way and many things had chan...
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hard, jeremy hutchins by Harrington-
hard, jeremy hutchinsby ella🥑
a story in which a girl is forced to like a boy for her friends benefit, only to fall in love with him h a r d this is my own idea so please don't steal x oh and i'm slo...
George x Harold family life by AlyssaCruz1834
George x Harold family lifeby FireSear
George and Harold are happily married and they have twin daughts and this story will be about them facing the challenges on raising two kids of their own and see if they...
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If I Stay.   Book 1 by SavvyG_1885
If I Stay. Book 1by SavvyG_1885
A Long distance relationship with Jeremy Hutchins isn't what most people get, after a young girl and her friends go to a mall 4 hours away from her house now to her home...
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The Experience || Jeremy Hutchins by Nikki_Seavey
The Experience || Jeremy Hutchinsby Nikki_Seavey
Do you ever feel like the saying 'Love at First Sight' isn't real, well I thought so too. I thought it was all bull crap until I EXPERIENCED it.
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Little Did I Know by tomboyremainshidden
Little Did I Knowby capri
Destiny, a girl who has a bit of fame from tiktok goes to an event she dreamed she'd never make it to(4.2k). She meets someone who will change her life forever.
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Jeremy or Dylan?💕😭 by alex_dayton
Jeremy or Dylan?💕😭by alex_dayton
just read it
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Virginia: the Old Dominion by gutenberg
Virginia: the Old Dominionby gutenberg
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You Said Forever I guess You meant Never... by Tb2001-55
You Said Forever I guess You Tb2001
When Ariella Is The New Rising Fame Star and Meets Justin Bieber Will She become more than friends with him Or? And How will She handle The hate...
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more then just a crush  by Cassiewrites101
more then just a crush by Cassie Soos
You have been good friends with Jeremy Hutchins for a very long time and he never once introduced you to his friend Ben and you never knew why but you guessed he had a g...
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Inner Reflection by KellyHutchins4
Inner Reflectionby Kelly Hutchins
Finding self worth.
Captain Underpants - Romeo and Juliet by QueenDiva81
Captain Underpants - Romeo and 🌺
A tragic story named Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare takes place in the Captain Underpants universe. George Beard (Montague) is the only son of Lady Barb...
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Love War (Captain Underpants Fanfic) by TheDepressedSans
Love War (Captain Underpants TheDepressedSans
George Beard is a fourth grade student at Jerome Horwits Elementary school. he loves pranks and jokes and to make comic books with his best friend, Harold Hutchins. Haro...
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Adopted  by kscooter137
Adopted by kscooter137
I am: A Poem of Struggles by MiniHype
I am: A Poem of Strugglesby A. L. Hutchins
This poem is about struggles and achievements. Read along as this poem takes you on a journey through a boys life. NOTE: I wrote this poem, and own the cover and all ma...
Insta  by kscooter137
Insta by kscooter137
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