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[Đồng nhân] Husky và sư tôn mèo trắng của hắn by yuan19042005
[Đồng nhân] Husky và sư tôn mèo yuanyuan1904
Wordpress : Đây đơn giản chỉ là một cái ổ quắn quéo Husky của Vân thôi. Trong này có thể có đồng nhân Vân dịch, tranh Vân vẽ hoặc đồng nhân Vâ...
Animal love (Smile Dog X Wolf reader) <With a ask or dare> (On hold) by Chris_Afton
Animal love (Smile Dog X Wolf (つ﹏<。)Crybaby(つ﹏<。)
Smile finds love with you and he has a big crush will he claim you as his mate? •Girls only• (With a twist come and ask questions)
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The Thief by TheBookThief11
The Thiefby TheBookThief11
When a mysterious girl manages to steal from Natasha Romanoff and escape unnoticed, the avengers set out to track her down. But why is this girl living on the streets an...
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FURst is a Curse  by EmoWolfy666
FURst is a Curse by .....”silver”..
You're an edgy teenager trying to get through highschool. Things change when you move into a new school that your childhood friend goes to. It's your first week of schoo...
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Anime nerd and the jock (boyxboy) by Robin-love
Anime nerd and the jock (boyxboy)by Brook Williams
Uri is a 15 year old boy, who is openly gay, he is an outcast for being a gay 'ugly' nerd on the positive side he is actually incredibly cute if he loses the glasses and...
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That's Miss Fatty To You (Book 1 in the Undesirable Trilogy) by Ourbrokenworld
That's Miss Fatty To You (Book 1 Charis (Kat)
"Lil, what have you done to me?" He whispered to me in a husky voice next to my ear. His breath tickled my skin and made goose bumbs rise all over me. "I...
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Natural Affinity by CrowR1
Natural Affinityby Crow Rider
Fredrick Jones is an ordinary teenager. He doesn't go outside much, but when he does it's usually to relieve stress. However, what would happen if he were to find someth...
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OUTWORLD: Sun Dogs by VincentJSomers
OUTWORLD: Sun Dogsby VincentJSomers
OUTWORLD: SUN DOGS takes place in a universe populated by animals. A mission to reignite a long-dead star leads Fox science officer Sorcha O'Riordan into a world of horr...
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Kayla's life by xXxXGamer_GirlXxXx
Kayla's lifeby XxXxGamer_GirlxXxX
This is the story of Kayla's life. She lives on a farm. Not any farm, a farm Where she's forced to breed, love dogs she doesn't even know. She'll have her puppies taken...
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Goku harem by Sonzash2013
Goku haremby Sonzash2013
Sadly i cant write a story because im bad at writing stories so yeh so im counting on people who like this story to write the story for me. If they dont do it i will can...
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Obsessions ( Second Book ) by whiskeysheeran
Obsessions ( Second Book )by whiskeysheerann
Second book. The first book is ' Forced Mating '
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A Husky's Life by WolfHusky88
A Husky's Lifeby HuskyMum
It's not easy being a 3 year old husky-malamute cross. There will be turtles, fish, crazy neighbours and lots of fun! Oh, and the owners too. [This is a book written f...
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Art Challenges by Katy15307
Art Challengesby Katy
I'm giving Inktober a go for the first time! I know Wattpad isn't really the place to post art but me and @phoenixsong870 decided we should do this so here I go. I...
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Husky and His White Cat Shizun(photo+meme) by phuepps
Husky and His White Cat Shizun( Phue
just sharing the precious photo and meme of our shizun and his little dog
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Balto x reader (The movie) *Discontinued* by Darkrose0324
Balto x reader (The movie) * Elsa Darkrose
(Y/n) is the sister of Jenna.Both (Y/n) and Jenna live with their owners.Rosy get sick.Turns out no medicine the doctor have help.(Y/n) then heard that there will be a d...
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Husky Và Sư Tôn Mèo Trắng Của Hắn  by hongtran088
Husky Và Sư Tôn Mèo Trắng Của Hắn by HỒNG TRẦN NHẤT MỘNG
Lời ít mà ý nhiều văn án: Ta vốn muốn ôm sư huynh về, khởi liêu ôm đi ... Sư tôn? Vương bát công x bá vương thụ La trong dong dài văn án: Mặc Nhiên cảm thấy chính mình b...
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My Only One by NIGHTFURY118
My Only Oneby ICYWOLF
Emma is your normal furry. She is black and white husky with red hair and a green tipped tail, ears and paws. Her life before she went to her new school was horrible her...
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Trying to impress Matt by xxitunes22
Trying to impress Mattby xxitunes22
Rain is desperate for Matt to see her as something more than his best friends little sister. Though, she would never admit that to anyone. However, what happens when Mat...
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The End of Everything by Horsecrazykay17
The End of Everythingby DaughterofPoseidon
"I don't know how to be okay anymore," I scream with such anger but mostly hurt. "Everyone keeps on telling me things will get better! Everyone always tel...
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Hybrid War |A Team Crafted FanFic| by candyflossed
Hybrid War |A Team Crafted FanFic|by (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
A long time ago, hybrids and normal humans lived peacefully. There were no chaos, death, or fear. However, that peace did not last long. The humans then suddenly sent a...
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