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Bullied by zach herron  by love_life_be_youxox
Bullied by zach herron by ♥
Daniella has been bullied by zach herron and the boys for about three years now you jonah,Zach and jack used to be friends but somehow that stopped. WARNING THIS BOOK U...
  • hurting
  • fallingformybully
  • scars
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Poems to the could have beens  by lilshakespear
Poems to the could have beens by Rose
This is a collection of poetry I have written about the men in my life that have shown me what love is. They've knocked me down, which has allowed me to slowing get up a...
  • loving
  • breakup
  • collection
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Based on Us by wxlfiecindy
Based on Usby Artbyellina
Based on Us Instagram biebeffect
  • honey
  • milkandhoney
  • deep
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Wanted By His Diana by sweetchoclate9
Wanted By His Dianaby rose
It was almost over between them. Nothing was remaining. Everything was broken into pieces. At least that is what he thought. Martin left Diana. Diana lost her memory and...
  • hurting
  • pulling
  • secretary
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A Escondidas by Halayna123x
A Escondidasby Halayna
Sequel to Smile. Vienna has moved on from her life, enjoying everything about it and is a physiotherapist for FC Barcelona; she's forgotten about the past but what happ...
  • spain
  • denissaurez
  • neymar
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Brothers Boss by Z__Leoo
Brothers Bossby Z._leo
No spoilers...
  • reckless
  • ruthless
  • cheating
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The Sun and The Moon  by rosewiththorns227
The Sun and The Moon by Missu227
"Now how are you going to survive this pain !?" Yelled my brain. "Poetry." My heart whispered.
  • heartbreak
  • inspiration
  • broken
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Somewhere Between Moving On and You by legoguywrites
Somewhere Between Moving On and Youby J.P. Adrian
Pinaasa at niloko. 'Yan ang kinahantungan ni Kei Sawada. Dahil ang love life niya ay love life rin pala ng iba. Kaya nang magwakas ang 8 months, 1 week at 3 days na para...
  • inlove
  • hurting
  • hurt
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Heartbroken Quotes by Shamalamamoomoo1234
Heartbroken Quotesby Mep_raerae
Here's to the ones who cried themselves to sleep, hiding their tears, forcing laughters, faking smiles, trying to hide it from everyone. Here's to the ones who are stron...
  • sad
  • mad
  • quotes
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Hunk Series 1: Rafael Montry (Completed) by Istine_Averess
Hunk Series 1: Rafael Montry ( I.A
Woman here, Woman there! I do everything even when I know I'm the next CEO of montry condominium, But suddenly changed! I have a sister and a friend of my new trip, her...
  • loving
  • averess
  • restricted18
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Alpha's Second Chance (Completed) by thecandygir34
Alpha's Second Chance (Completed)by CandaceJ
(I'm freaking out. My highest rank is #242 in the werewolf category. Do you know how many people write werewolf books. Ive never been ranked before. This is so cool?) Br...
  • second
  • interracial
  • pain
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the texts unread ✓ by niharikxx
the texts unread ✓by ,
→A texting story some words are better left unsaid. they are meant to be sent to you through texts, but they are not meant to be read by you. | © niharikxx |
  • textingstories
  • textstories
  • hurting
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Sad Short Stories by just_to_be_here
Sad Short Storiesby B
Sad things. Can be triggering. Bye~
  • suicideawareness
  • lonely
  • tears
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Dark side of his moon by ImMyOwnWorstEnemy
Dark side of his moonby 𝓡𝓮𝓭
Throw me to the wolves. I dare you. Watch when I return leading the pack.
  • myfault
  • sad
  • lone
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The Mark of an Alpha by amarcello
The Mark of an Alphaby Annamarie
" I believe everyone has a fate. Why are you are stopping yours?" He sighed, his full lips enhancing with the movement. Then he spoke. "My fate shouldn't...
  • pack
  • romance
  • supernatural
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In the arms of a cold heart by bree4178
In the arms of a cold heartby Tyler
Lauren Jauregui is always in trouble at school. Always being sent to the principal's office, and is pictured as the bad girl at school. One secret Lauren has though.. Sh...
  • hurting
  • trust
  • selfharm
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Sleepless Nights by haletales
Sleepless Nightsby haley
Late night healing of a wannabe poet. Highest Rank: Health #1 Hurting #1 Poem #11 Discovering Yourself #503
  • hurting
  • healing
  • health
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Saved by my Mate by Mad_Maid
Saved by my Mateby Mad_Maid
Elisa Jones is abused by people at school and she is also abused at home by her father. She is about to give up hope. When she moves to a new place with her Father she i...
  • rejection
  • mate
  • abuse
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thoughts... by imparkerb
#19 B
these are just short storys I made up or experienced. it's NOT A WHOLE BOOK. these are just some stories I write in my free time but if you want to read it, you're welco...
  • thoughts
  • love
  • wattys2019
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Misunderstood Minds by bytheroses
Misunderstood Mindsby Salma Darwiche
At words poetic, you might find me pathetic - I deliver truth, not all things aesthetic - Inking the words I can't utter - Penning all that I stutter
  • rants
  • teen
  • highschool
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