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Loving me is no problem  (Swae Lee and Jhene Aiko love story) by lily_flawless
Loving me is no problem (Swae Lily Norine
Jhene is living an abusive life from her step dad. She soon runs away and finds Swae Lee. Now let's see what happens next.
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Depression Quotes by the-dark-wonderland
Depression Quotesby IG||@the.dark.wonderland
:-What the title says-:
  • depressed
  • snk
  • sad
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The Roomates Love Trial by czlbybrzck
The Roomates Love Trialby czlbybrzck
This story is about a young girl who moves into the trap house. She finds her self into unsettling situations and love circles. Will she ever figure out what's really ha...
  • aaron
  • read
  • colbybrock
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Reality Glasses by NaomiAbel9
Reality Glassesby Naomi Abel
Louis Stapleton, a young high school student, has been living in his perfect bubble, with the perfect family, friends and school, never really worrying about anything ot...
  • teacher
  • reality
  • glasses
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Colour My Shadow by GiveACatAPen
Colour My Shadowby GiveACatAPen
Rosa has always been able to see Shadows - grey, human-shaped, silent beings, who are invisible to everyone except her. She's always wanted to talk to them, and when she...
  • baking
  • natasha
  • shadows
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Bound Together by Andrea_Julia_forever
Bound Togetherby Andrea_Julia_forever
Andrea and Julia are bound together trying to live on the legacy of their friend, Lea, after she passed away. But, it soon becomes much harder when they meet distraction...
  • rats
  • penthouse
  • shmexy
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ROBLOX: Flood Escape by LucyArganbrightGamer
ROBLOX: Flood Escapeby LucyArganbrightGamer
Imagine this: your in a falicity that is being flooded because of over powered. You have to climb up stuff, push buttons, and get out of the falicity. It's all here.
  • roblox
  • escape
  • hey
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I'll Be Your Strength *Nathan Sykes Love Story Finished* by jennasykes
I'll Be Your Strength *Nathan Jenna Sykes
  • fists
  • down
  • trouble
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When The clock Strikes 12 the final chapter Coming out early! Tonight! by broganj
When The clock Strikes 12 the Broganj
When the clock strikes 12
  • hurry
  • now
  • wtcs12
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Help by aknenlaling
Helpby aknenlaling
Need help for story ideas takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. Possibly a murder mystery. Thank you!!:)
  • help
  • hurry
  • thankyou
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The Betrayal by Morelik12
The Betrayalby Morelik12
She doesn't even know what do first? Help her before its over .
  • before
  • hurry
  • its
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STAR HUNT by AddictInBlack
STAR HUNTby XxxxxxxX
I want to learn everything. June 8,2018
  • truestory
  • hirap
  • passion
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Zafarna by Sweeti
Zafarnaby Kirsty
  • magic
  • strange
  • beautiful
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03-23-16❤️ by matthew_loves_alexis
03-23-16❤️by matthew_loves_alexis
  • god
  • hurry
  • yes
From lost silver point of veiw by GeminiMew
From lost silver point of veiwby GeminiMew
In the urban legend of lost silver you only get the gamers point of veiw but what about lost silver the story is about him right we should know his point of view!!
  • creepypasta
  • pasta
  • halfacelibii
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Against Time by KyleWynn
Against Timeby Kyle Wynn
When time's controlling nature is ripped from the tips of my fingers and may control what I am to do next. Will time allow me to carry out my goals?
  • rush
  • hurry
  • time
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Kidnapped by One Direction? (One Direction Fanfic) by JadabugBribug
Kidnapped by One Direction? (One Bribug& Jadabug
There were two best friends, Jade and Brianne. What seemed like a normal day, was not at all... Everything was normal but then Jade and Brianne get kidnapped. But.. by w...
  • escape
  • zach
  • phones
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Hurry Stories by RyanNNaye
Hurry Storiesby RyanN Naye
As some of you might have had some times, I would like to write ''hurry stories''. Hurry stories are that kind of things you never say or write just because they are inn...
  • anything
  • time
  • stories
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Baeography  by Subfreeze93
Baeography by Harman
Lara's life. From what I know
  • bae
  • biography
  • only2partsinonemonth
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