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Kyoya's New Little Sister by TheFandomLair
Kyoya's New Little Sisterby TheFandomLair
[Completed as of 11.15.16] Mai, that's all she knew. Her name was Mai, her mother told her to wait in the park. She had been sitting there for 3 days. Her mother said sh...
Another Suoh..?||Boy x Boy||OHSHC by Endr_exe
Another Suoh..?||Boy x Boy||OHSHCby Local God
What if Tamaki Suoh had a brother? An OLDER brother at that. What if Tamaki didn't want any of the hosts to know? What if said older brother came to Japan from France du...
The Twin's Triplet {OHSHC} by lovekitty411
The Twin's Triplet {OHSHC}by LK411
Yoru Hitachiin is the unknown triplet of Hikaru and Kaoru. Mr. and Mrs. Hitachiin got divorced when they were 5, and Yoru went to live with her dad while Hikaru and Kaor...
Honey's Sweet Baby Sister (Ouran OHSHC) by kate_inspired
Honey's Sweet Baby Sister (Ouran Kate_inspired
Kaito is the only girl with her brothers Mitsukuni and Yasuchika. Also she's the middle child. She was given a boy's name in hopes she'd go beyond her family's expectati...
Ouran Preferences by Broken_Wound
Ouran Preferencesby Broken_Wound
Just some preferences with the host members, including our dear Haruhi. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ouran, any of the characters or the pictures/gifs I use. P.S. I also ha...
An Iris in the Roses by rosesclement
An Iris in the Rosesby Rose
Iris returns after six month of living in Europe after she 'persuades' her father to let her go home to Japan. She has known Kyoya her whole life and met Tamaki soon aft...
The Silent Support [FNC Rekkles] by imperfectivity
The Silent Support [FNC Rekkles]by Evie Baines
They were just two people that played League: one pro player and one casual gamer. He was outspoken and she was mute. He had a team of friends and she was alone. They on...
•I Bite• [OHSHC x OC/Reader] by viv0th0t
•I Bite• [OHSHC x OC/Reader]by viv0th0t
[DISCONTINUED] Nagai Hayato, a new transfer student arrives at Ouran. When she arrives, she's not afraid to show off her tail and ears. When some boys conversation catch...
Ouran High School Host Club Transcript by lovekitty411
Ouran High School Host Club LK411
This is just the dubbed transcript of the show. \(^.^)/ I also do not own ohshc
A Remake (Kyoya Ootori X OC) by Vitamin_Angel
A Remake (Kyoya Ootori X OC)by Victoria Kiefer
Amelia Diane Jones, a retired saxophone player, previously engaged to Kyoya Ootori, now goes to Ouran Academy, and finds her ex-fiancé and best friend on the first day t...
WA: 0878 8586 7177, Rumah Siap Huni Tanamas Grand Wisata Bekasi by PutriWilda12346
WA: 0878 8586 7177, Rumah Siap PutriWilda12346
WA: 0878 8586 7177, Rumah Siap Huni Tanamas Grand Wisata Bekasi
Mai's New Club by TheFandomLair
Mai's New Clubby TheFandomLair
[♡Sequel to Kyoya's New Little Sister♡] Years later after adopting the Ootori name, Mai enters the lustrous private school, known as Ouran Academy. She is the top of her...
[✔] legends never die // skt faker by fakersgf
[✔] legends never die // skt fakerby rena !!
One loss won't shatter a dynasty... ... but it can definitely shatter a person. //trigger warnings; dark, angst, mentions of mental health issues// © fakersgf 2017 - pl...
Alistair the Amazing | an OHSHC story  by eboni_right123
Alistair the Amazing | an OHSHC eboni
"I have one leg," he shrugged and chuckled, looking away. A small smile covered his fair features. "I'm not depressed," In which a boy teaches the cl...
[Faker x Peanut] Beginning of the end by Mi_xxx_xx_xxxxxxx_Mi
[Faker x Peanut] Beginning of Mi_xxx_xx_xxxxxxx_Mi
Nhân dịp LCK Spring 2018 Beginning of the End đang diễn ra. Làm cái fic kỷ niệm chung kết thế giới 2017 cái nha :))))) Cảnh báo: Có ngược, có yếu tố 18+, hy vọng là HE C...
Royal Protection OHSHC Fanfic boyxboy by AmeelWolfe
Royal Protection OHSHC Fanfic Ameel Mari Wolfe
This is a boy x boy fanfiction. I you don't like it don't read it. If you do and I'm bad at what I'm writing then corrective criticism is alright but please do not be ru...
Changes by TheFandomLair
Changesby TheFandomLair
Kurosaki Nanami was pretty much an average girl, well except for her neko ears and tail. She goes to Ouran Academy. No, she isn't a new student. She has been going to sc...
Đậu in my eyes by Mi_xxx_xx_xxxxxxx_Mi
Đậu in my eyesby Mi_xxx_xx_xxxxxxx_Mi
Đây là nơi chia sẻ tranh, hình ảnh, clip.... về Đậu do mình vẽ hoặc sưu tầm được. Mang tính chất tự kỷ cao
MUDAH DIAKSES, Hubungi 0812-1244-2489, Perumahan Mewah Dijual Di Bogor by jualrumahmurahbo
MUDAH DIAKSES, Hubungi Jualrumah Mewahbogorwinata
Perumahan Mewah Dijual Di Tanah Sareal Bogor Cluster Grand Alfian Manakib Dekat Masjid Al Falan Tanah Sareal, Perumahan Mewah Murah Di Tanah Sareal Bogor Cluster Grand...
First Snow || Faker.Peanut by -bluetaoreune
First Snow || Faker.Peanutby 白夏 jei
Every year's first snow Wangho thinks about his ex boyfriend, Sanghyeok All right reserved to -bluetaoreune