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Car Crash (DISCONTINUED)  by ilikeyouhowyouare
Car Crash (DISCONTINUED) by ilikeyouhowyouare
[ BOOK 2 IN THE 'FAST CAR SERIES [ A NATASHA ROMANOFF DAUGHTER STORY ]] [THIS BOOK IS D I S C O N T I N U E D] _____________________________________ "(HOW DID YO...
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumans by Butterscotch-Shibe
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumansby Butterscotch-Shibe
Poland is a country with an unpleasant history and many conflicts. Now with the fall of communism, he has managed to pull through the difficult times and move on from th...
The heart of the alliance (HetaliaXreader) by Aemtha
The heart of the alliance ( Zero/Aemtha
A not so young country, Gleonia, named (Y/n) popped back up in the world and I mean came back from the dead kind of thing. Shocking all countries except her brothers, Bu...
Runaway Maple leaf by _FandomLover332_
Runaway Maple leafby FandomLover .
The country's move in with their 'family's' for a year to see how they would react to each other after living under one roof. Matthew also known as Canada can't take his...
My Life In Code by writeon27
My Life In Codeby Ansley
Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfrie...
expanding petals ( gerpol ) by Kichona963karasu
expanding petals ( gerpol )by kichona karasu
Poland was invited to a slumber party that could be his doom. everything is all cupcakes and rainbow until petals start falling out of his mouth, what will he do? ( My f...
World Academy Experience (Hetalia x Reader) by OsaLotte
World Academy Experience ( Osa Lotte
•#1 in 'hetalia' 8/16/18• "This school takes a select few students from many different countries of our world. They pick out which ones might be suitable. Ones that...
Hogy lett volna ha..... szjg ff. by emmaah34
Hogy lett volna ha..... szjg emmaah34
Mi lett volna ha Reni és Cortez hamarabb összejöttek volna mint dec 20? Írjatok/írhattok alkalmakat, amikor szerintetek már összejöhettek volna, és én leírom, hogy akkor...
Hetalia Headcanons [COMPLETE] by _Sours_
Hetalia Headcanons [COMPLETE]by Please Read below!
This just includes headcanons on the show (duh), which I honestly didn't expect would become popular. If you want to request, comment. If ya have a submission, PM me. En...
Vampire Hetalia X Reader (Old Ver.) by Aph_Drabbles
Vampire Hetalia X Reader (Old Ver.)by Aph_Drabbles
You are a first year college student studying abroad in Europe. This has been your dream for years, reality sinking in as you arrive to Precision Academy. Everything goe...
My cute Birdie by Yaoifangirl3206
My cute Birdieby UsUkForever❣
Prussia wondered why France has been so busy the last few months. He decides to go to France's house. And there he meets his little birdie. They cause trouble around the...
It All Began With A... (Hetalia x Reader) by Kirkland_
It All Began With A... (Hetalia ☆andrews☆™️
After having a bad start to a birthday party, you, Reader-chan, make some unlikely friends and soon discover that the storm isn't just a storm... You quickly become frie...
Dark Horse: A Song-Inspired Yandere! Cardverse! UkUs FanFiction by ForgottenWind
Dark Horse: A Song-Inspired ForgottenWind
**Author's Note: First and foremost, I do not own Hetalia or the pictures, I only came up with the story because (and other cardverse hetalia fans may agree with me here...
A Nation's Secret  by Dream_yt_shipper
A Nation's Secret by Destiny
The Nations just suddenly woke up inside America's conference room. They have no idea how they'd get there , but it got something to do about a book laying at the top of...
New Life by Aether_Down
New Lifeby Corin
None of them had ever expected to see America again. It had hit them all hard, Prussia most of all. But, when a young boy seeks them out, they may discover a miracle. Ho...
Germany x Italy x Child Reader by SofiaCTa
Germany x Italy x Child Readerby Sofia.C.Ta
Germany and Italy have been living with girl name (Y/N) (L/N), who is an immortal human for a while. What happens in one of the conference meetings that England tries to...
My first times by VicaIzsk
My first timesby Viktória
- So? - I whispered in his ears and I could smell his scent. - What? - Do you feel yourself in danger? - I don't see why should I - he said leaning even closer so th...
Don't Go by IceBelaaa
Don't Goby Glucose
Holy Rome has to leave Italy to go to war and when he comes back, he's not the same as he was... France, no! ☆ 13 chapters is not a coincidence ☆ Lol I don't know what I...
(Finished) A New Start...? (Hetalia x reader) by NataliaLovesIvan
(Finished) A New Start...? ( NataliaLovesIvan
Your the sister of Russia but you leave for training and none of the countries know about you except your brother and sisters.After 1 year they have told horrible new. T...
Summer Love (England x Reader) by Alice_Never_Fails
Summer Love (England x Reader)by Lurina di Angelo
What happens when someone you don't know adds you on Facebook? Will you accept or ignore their friend request? What if your best friend introduced you to that person lat...