Romeo and Romeo (bxb) by stayonbrand
Romeo and Romeo (bxb)by Land of Yesterday
"If you don't try something tonight, you may never get another chance. And if you try something tonight and it doesn't go well, you probably won't have to worry abo...
  • wattys2018
  • romeo
  • romance
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Cry Wolf by just_anutha_gurl
Cry Wolfby HorseGirl2016
We've all heard the story about Red Riding Hood and the Wolf haven't we? Red Riding Hood is an innocent little girl who ventures into the forest to take her grandma some...
  • awesome
  • action
  • huntermate
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Tales of Zestiria the X by AKYokai
Tales of Zestiria the Xby AKYokai
__________________________________ Y/n- your name L/n- last name D/n - dad's name E/c- eye colour H/c- hair colour H/l- hair length S/c- skin colour
  • sorey
  • slowupdates
  • adventure
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You lied, Sis by OtakuWeebRoblox
You lied, Sisby Weeaboo Markus
Layla and Katy are sisters and their bond is unbreakable, they spend all their time together, they're always for each other...until the month of June.
  • humorish
  • itried
  • general
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Sweet Love Of Mine Natsuxlucy by Kawaiipotato2131
Sweet Love Of Mine Natsuxlucyby Jiminie Lover~
Natsu and lucy are best friends, they are always there for eachother Natsu protects Lucy, lucy feeds natsu and cares for him, they couldn't be the better pair of friends...
  • true
  • nalu
  • humor-ish
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Perfectly Imperfect  by xXAnonymizWriterXx
Perfectly Imperfect by AnonymousWriter
Two girls experience a lot in their youth. Now as teens they have secrets they must protect. What happens when two males fall in love with them? Will their love not hel...
  • sad
  • humorish
  • family
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