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Romeo and Romeo (bxb) by stayonbrand
Romeo and Romeo (bxb)by Lucky Strike
"If you don't try something tonight, you may never get another chance. And if you try something tonight and it doesn't go well, you probably won't have to worry abo...
  • romance
  • gay
  • bxb
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Three's A Crowd by Lucien-LaLAME
Three's A Crowdby Kelcey Cyr
The tall blonde Courier, Ramona, is on a journey to find the Platinum Chip along with the people who shot her in the head. Along the way she meets a pair of of siblings...
  • originalcharacters
  • courierfemale
  • falloutnewvegas
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The Alpha's surprise by Maley_kat
The Alpha's surpriseby Maley_kat
Meet Makaylah or Maley for short. She is a very stubborn, loving, caring, and pretty sarcastic person.Her and her wolf are special. Here she is having a birthday party w...
  • humor-ish
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Random story by random2003
Random storyby random2003
Two friends, one life.
  • humorish
The Lonely Girl by kidzlovin
The Lonely Girlby kidzlovin
there once lived a girl who was 12 years old her parents were dead due to old age
  • fictional
  • non-selfish
  • celebrities
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It's Gonna Be Okay by just-for-kicks
It's Gonna Be Okayby Lily
A journal to reassure myself when I'm overwhelmed by the creeping sense of impending disaster and the all-encompassing fears both specified and vague that colonise in my...
  • rockmusic
  • humorish
  • journal
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Dimensions Apart by Pasta_and_Sin
Dimensions Apartby Pasta_and_Sin
Therese used to work for the Black and White Organization, a long forgotten extension of the governments, kingdoms and different realms of different dimensions, but well...
  • romance
  • thriller
  • anime
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Ugh! My Life Just Changed! by Just__Sophia
Ugh! My Life Just Changed!by SophieDophie
Well this is about how a girl's life is basically turned upside down by certain things that you will relate to... So enjoy! Part of story " Do i really like him?? H...
  • relatable
  • cringeworthy
  • humor-ish
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im weird [On Hold}·-· by Rosaliabraca
im weird [On Hold}·-·by Rosaliabraca
I NEED to be in a mental asylum ANYWAYYYY hello fellow eathlings *says in white girl accent* hola come estas ok I can't say anything else in esponal or whatever it is so...
  • funtom
  • humor-ish
  • loling
Mneveth by drogonfire
Mnevethby fire_inmy_heart
When young Linsey Jones found a small lost dragon she thought her life was weird then. Ten years later, the young dragon has grown some and has discovered the crystals...
  • adventure
  • humor
  • farm
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Weird Crep I Have Said by DaRealHaruHasMoved
Weird Crep I Have Saidby GONE
Or as my friend would call them " Pheonix quotes"
  • epicfails
  • weirdquotes
  • humor-ish
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Mew 2 by MeowZers211289
Mew 2by MeowZers211289
The newest version of Mew, had to delete the other one.
  • humor-ish
  • pictures
  • videos
My surprise filled  life by readaholic0
My surprise filled lifeby Cody!!!!!!
It's about a boy who's parents were killed by vampires that was 7 years ago.He is bough t by A bisexual master that is a perverted pedofile,or at least to cody he is. Th...
  • humorish
  • romanceish
  • slave
We Have Ghosts by greyghouls
We Have Ghostsby Grey Ghoul
nanowrimo story for 2016 c: 3 seniors in high school are brought together from across the U.S. while being forced to work with the supernatural to stop a rising demonic...
  • supernatural
  • teen
  • idkanymore
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The Life And Times of Goffrey; Wattpad's Very Own Giraffe by HyacinthumAvem
The Life And Times of Goffrey; Methy
Goffrey The Giraffe's biography.
  • ithink
  • lol
  • goffrey
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The Death of Ali by AmranZulkifli
The Death of Aliby Amran Zulkifli
Ali cuma mahu keluar pada hari dia cuti kerja.
  • absurd
  • humorish
"Baryotik" by Potat0fied
"Baryotik"by Potat0fied
Baryotik-ugaling pang baryo o asal taga baryo "Sabi ng lolo ko nung bata pa ako. . . maganda daw sa syudad. . . pagkatapos ko magarl, pupunta ako sa syudad!!" ...
  • humor-ish
  • curiosityquillspress
  • romcom
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