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The Hamilteam  by lippylu02t
The Hamilteam by lippylu02
Warning: This book will make no sense to the average reader. It's a book full of inside jokes and the crazy antics I get into work my friends. I hope they enjoy.
KurokoNoBasuke, Random Stories by KagamiTheTiger10t
KurokoNoBasuke, Random Stories by KagamiTheTiger10
Akashi,Midorima,Aomine,murasakibara,kise and are favorite phantom six man Kuroko is back and bringing u more stories..... well actually I brought u the stories but whate...
Hey there kitty kitty //JJ x Yurio by pappychatt
Hey there kitty kitty //JJ x Yurio by pappychat
Only Jamie... by notme16t
Only Jamie... by notme16
-there is something very beautiful about loving a person, and that beauty scares me. -Jamie. -------- -------- Jamie Summers being the plain boring girl wi...
Death's Ward [NaNoWriMo 2016] by FlamingOreost
Death's Ward [NaNoWriMo 2016] by FlamingOreos
Rayne Cauffield was fairly normal until she didn't die on a Monday evening. To say that Death was unhappy with her would be an understatement. Though, in fairness, it wa...
Existentialism by fanna-tastict
Existentialism by fanna-tastic
Currently ranked 58 in humor Alistor Stockholm is a successful, part time blogger and a not so successful, full time column writer in a leading magazine - Exist. Alist...
How to Conquer Life by Gooeypants25t
How to Conquer Life by Gooeypants25
Tip #1: Haters gonna hate *Smile at them smugly and say, "Jealous?"* Emily White has officially become the go-to girl for advice. From romance to bullies, Emily knows...
Mr. Croissant and Ms. Donut by natanazuraht
Mr. Croissant and Ms. Donut by natanazurah
May or may not be your average arranged-marriage fanfic. She's the shy girl who's weak and fragile; exactly like a Donut. And then, there's him. A guy who's a exa...
Im Inlove With My Class Enemy by rosemarieamar07t
Im Inlove With My Class Enemy by rosemarieamar07
Isang ordinaryong babae ang palaging inaasar ng isang lalaki. Sa di malamang dahilan ay parang nahuhulog ang loob niya sa lalaking yun. Palagi silang nagbabangayan,nag...
Rare Beasts by MehtabAhmedButtt
Rare Beasts by MehtabAhmedButt
Meet Regan and Rega : the diabolical duo you'll love to hate! $omething unspeakable is happening to the beloved pets of the children of Tod's Limbs...... €reepy twins...
My older brothers! 😱😎 by LynnLaheyt
My older brothers! 😱😎 by LynnLahey
This is Jessica Johnson who lives with her annoying,overprotective,sarcastic but still loving older brothers.
Lovaeble  by helloitslilat
Lovaeble by helloitslila
Memories are a recollection of things remembered from the past. So what happens when one loses theirs? Here's a Spartace story! Hope you like it!! A/N: this is NOT A...
Don't Mess with Loco Tex by FighterTiger214t
Don't Mess with Loco Tex by FighterTiger214
He was a boy, she was a girl. And they're not exactly what you'd expect... Picture this: Average American high school. Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, goths, skaters...
Shit Yoongi Says 2 by sugarrssit
Shit Yoongi Says 2 by sugarrssi
Book 2 of Shit Yoongi Says ^^ Note: Min Yoongi finally get his Daesang. Spread the words, thank you. Started: 031216 P/s: just so you know, I love to insert med...
What Happens At School by Hail_Mary_Tupact
What Happens At School by Hail_Mary_Tupac
I know the cover has nothing to do with the title, but the story's about what happens at school. Some is real, some is fake, but most is real. I'm gonna talk about the d...
Creepypasta texts!!!! <3 by aliviaxs2016t
Creepypasta texts!!!! <3 by aliviaxs2016
It's a group chat and it's creepypasta and marble hornets. Also I have jeffxben ,ticcimask, Jane x clockwork, bloody painter x puppeteer, and hoodie x ej . And I have L...
what would wolfparri be like? by theautumn1t
what would wolfparri be like? by theautumn1
you guys are probably thinking what in the world is wolfparri it is a combination of wolfyplays3 and appari. my friend is probably going to be be crying and laughing and...
My Dearest Diary by LeeHeart999t
My Dearest Diary by LeeHeart999
Author's Note: This is my first time in writing so stay tune. I dedicated it for my beloved followers and for my close people to become proud of me. I didn't tell it...