Destroying Clichés with the help of a Drug Dealer by Funny-Banana
Destroying Clichés with the help Funny-Banana
The day Lai Yan jumped off the building, he regretted nothing. Most people die by getting hit with a truck or of terminal illness but his situation was different, he WAN...
  • boyxboy
  • transmigration
  • comedy
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Oh I'm Sorry by GalaxysDiamond
Oh I'm Sorryby GalaxysDiamond
"Oh I'm sorry, what was that? All I heard was blah blah blah blah I'm an insensitive dick." "My apologies, I didn't quite catch that. All I heard was blah...
  • comedy
  • siblings
  • clumsy
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27 percent by livflower
27 percentby livflower
May Springer enters her Senior year of high school with high hopes for her future, maybe she'll make some friends this year. Maybe she'll get higher than a -A on a test...
  • highschool
  • poor
  • goodgirl
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불화. || DISCORD. || BTS CRACKFIC. by OverlyObsessedOtaku
불화. || DISCORD. || BTS OverlyObsessedOtaku
jimout: y'all have been snorting too much cocaine hoe-suck: shit, I've been discovered- namjohn: e x p o s e d jungcockles: I mean, we all knew at least one person in th...
  • jungkook
  • btsrapmonster
  • funny
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Boyfriends Aren't My Thing | ON GOING by Nithusha882
Boyfriends Aren't My Thing | ON Nithusha882
~Highest Ranking:#165 in Humor {10.04.18} "Are you sure you wouldn't want to be anything more than just neighbours? One night stand? Fuck buddy? Friends with benefi...
  • neighbors
  • lovetriangle
  • girlxboy
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〝 BE PATIENT YOU FUCKING SHITS AND I'LL LOAD UP YOUR MATCHES. ( idol producer fanfiction. ) © DOKIDOKIKUN, april 2018.
  • idolproducer
  • chenlinong
  • caixukun
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Dad Jokes || Jin by KimSaehyun_bts
Dad Jokes || Jinby KimSaehyun_bts
Jinnie:what did the sofa said to the other sofa? Y/N:huh? Jinnie:your sofapart ;) You Just Blocked The Username Jinnie --- Jin ff | texting story Started:Mar 22, 2018...
  • fanfic
  • texting
  • kimseokjin
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I Fly Kicked The Bad Boy by yaanacc
I Fly Kicked The Bad Boyby yaanacc
Wilma Juraez is nerdy and weak - or at least that's what everyone thinks. In reality, she's actually a 9th degree black belt in taekwondo, and she'll let everyone know w...
  • player
  • relationship
  • goodgirl
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lo ultimo que pense que ocurriria ×Isaak Presley y tu× by Mikigamerz
lo ultimo que pense que Mikigamerz
___ Rodriguez, es una chica de 15 años. viene de una familia muy rica, pero ella es totalmente lo contrario a su familia, no es la tipica encaprichada de "si quier...
  • isaakpresley
  • isaakpresleyytu
  • jennaortega
My Boyfriend's Best Friend  by mrs_mellie175
My Boyfriend's Best Friend by mrs_mellie175
Senior sweethearts Heaven & Michael had a huge chance to become King and Queen for their upcoming senior Prom. Things starts to run down hill when Michael's best friend...
  • fanfiction
  • prince
  • cher
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The Strange Type by marveluser
The Strange Typeby marveluser
Maybe if Haruhi hadn't brought him to the Host Club none of them would have grown attached to him the way they did. (M/N) is Haruhi's strange neighbor as well as friend...
  • hikaruhitachiin
  • haninozuka
  • honey
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HEART by tennasmith
HEARTby tennasmith
Alexia Hart is studying in Australia, the last place where she expects to find a missing piece of her life, but that's exactly where she finds it. Of course, it's not al...
  • teen
  • lost
  • romance
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It's difficult loving a demon | Diabolik lovers by -Harmonies
It's difficult loving a demon | -Harmonies
"She's literary a demon, how do we love her?" "We have to break her." Brooklyn is known as the demon of the town. she causes so much trouble, how m...
  • boi
  • diabolik
  • lovers
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Spoken Words (Poetry) by Spoken_WordsReader
Spoken Words (Poetry)by Spoken_WordsReader
This is all about spoken words...Some of this are mine but some are just from what i've seen on videos💻🎥 Hope you like it guys Don't forget to like, comment, & share P...
  • inspirable
  • sad
  • funny
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Sweet's Party by lourdejisoos
Sweet's Partyby lourdejisoos
18+ shit for you!!! Characters; Hansel Bravo Skyflakes Oreo Presto Dewberry Rebisco Chocomucho Choco Topps ....more
  • boyxboy
  • sweetsparty
Rosaline Meets World - Zay Babineaux by katelyngil
Rosaline Meets World - Zay katelyngil
In which Rosaline Sanchez is starting eighth grade and falls for an old friend. [Girl Meets World] [Season 2-3] [Zay Babineaux/OC]
  • sherrisaum
  • auggiematthews
  • zaybabineaux
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STAHP by Confodense
STAHPby Confodense
A group of youngsters come together to create "STAHP", although some of the chapters were written without their consent and without them knowing at all. A book...
  • tag
  • thicc
  • jackson
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Best Friends In Leather Jackets  by Svan_Wright
Best Friends In Leather Jackets by Svan_Wright
Highest rank: #52 in humor Two fucked up teenagers with a mutual love for leather jackets, what could possibly go right? She is the new girl, he is the school's bad boy...
  • football
  • gay
  • soccer
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