Nanba React 『#2』  by SerVamp-of-Madness
Nanba React 『#2』 by SerVamp-of-Madness
In this book am I going to show ya what reactions the characters of Nanbaka would have to: Fanfics x Reader stories Lemons (x Reader, Character x Character etc) Ships ...
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  • yandere-1313
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The Background by Kuu_Tsu_Senpai
The Backgroundby Kuu_Tsu_Senpai
Do you ever feel like your life is just meant to highlight other people's lives? Well this story will either be relatable, make you feel better about your own life, or i...
Prank Call Backfired by gordyme123
Prank Call Backfiredby gordyme123
Hello!! Is this Sarah?? Hello!! Is this Sarah??? Excuse me??Do I sound u like Sarah Oh shit shit !!!! Aria Willams ,17 year old, innocent girl is forced by her friends t...
  • crying
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UNIT B ♚ CHATROOM by callin-
UNIT B ♚ CHATROOMby callin-
❝our group name might as well be called loud boys❞ ━ in which mr raining dude give the final UNIT B a chatroom of their own but of course isn't that gonna lead to chaos...
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Trust Me by reader3398
Trust Meby reader3398
"You don't understand. You don't hear the voices as you walk down the hall. You don't see the fingers and the glares. You don't fell unwanted and unloved. You get t...
  • nerd
  • drama
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ѕι leѕ втѕ éтαιт ѕυr yтв by deanude
ѕι leѕ втѕ éтαιт ѕυr yтвby deanude
YouTube est un site web d'hébergement de vidéos sur lequel les utilisateurs peuvent envoyer, évaluer, regarder, commenter et partager des vidéos, allons étudier les diff...
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Guess Who's Back by Angellolipop1234
Guess Who's Backby Angellolipop1234
I'm known as the badass of the school everyone either fears me because of my amazing threats or my wonderful comebacks, some people fall for me, and others try to hurt m...
  • humor
  • romance
  • teenfiction
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The Shipping Kingdom! by AngelicRose13
The Shipping Kingdom!by AngelicRose13
Hiya! Welcome to the Shipping Kingdom! This is where Queen Julia Uchiha (@Silverwolf735), Duchess Kat Uzumaki (@naruhinalover4ever) and I, Princess Kaity Uchiha (Angelic...
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My Bed And Exams  by noorulameera
My Bed And Exams by noorulameera
As our physics class ended we heard an announcement made through the speakers - " sorry for the interruption. There is an assembly for class 9 to 12 in the audito...
  • magnet
  • bed
  • funny
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average life for the maple leafs by PrincessofTwilight
average life for the maple leafsby PrincessofTwilight
just a spoof of a fanfic for the Toronto Maple Leafs. if you were looking for some Mitch smut, you've come to the wrong place, buddy. this is intended to be for enterta...
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Nữ Hiệp Quái Chiêu Tập 4 by hashimkwon
Nữ Hiệp Quái Chiêu Tập 4by hashimkwon
Sau cuộc đột kích để lấy lại tấm bản đồ bất thành, Dịch Lâm Hy cùng nhóm bạn đã bị Hội học sinh trường Phổ Tu tóm được. Thánh Dạ đánh cược với Khấu Sa là sẽ thắng trong...
  • nuhiepquaichieu
Saving The Gifted by GotxAxSecret
Saving The Giftedby GotxAxSecret
He immediately spoons me, and now I'm unable to move. "If you're not out of my room in 3 seconds, I'm going to cut you" I warn him. He nuzzles my hair, "...
  • dylanobrien
  • teen
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Chocolate by Dirh-chan
Chocolateby Dirh-chan
Es 14 de febrero y Elías decide hacer un regalo para Chise .... pero .... no sale para nada como lo esperaba.
  • fanfic
  • 14febrero
  • mahoyome
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Story Time📖 by T-And-Tae
Story Time📖by T-And-Tae
A little story so you can know more about us. These stories is true events that have happened in the pasted enjoy. And hopefully we can save you from some of the idiotic...
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My Fake Chat. ft Monsta X by ImDunavailable
My Fake Chat. ft Monsta Xby ImDunavailable
This is the first chat thing I've ever made so it might not be perfect, I'm still working on it but there are chapter that are finished. I hope you like this but its ok...
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Cuộc sống cùng những sát nhân by Karry---Katori
Cuộc sống cùng những sát nhânby Karry---Katori
Kể về một cô gái tên là Karry,cô rất tốt bụng,sẵn sàng giúp đỡ bạn bè mình,năng động,xinh đẹp và vui vẻ,nhưng ẩn sâu trong cô thì là một con người gần như bị cô lập ở t...
  • creepypasta
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Bir Küçük Kaçırma Vakası by Lisa_Turner
Bir Küçük Kaçırma Vakasıby Lisa_Turner
İpek aklı beş karış havada bir kızdır. Onun için hayatta önemli olan tek bir şey vardır : Yiğit Aras... Bir gün arkadaşı Merve'nin aklıyla gittikleri paragöz bir falcın...
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