Chọc Tức Vợ Yêu - Mua 1 Tặng 1 by Anancaeda
Chọc Tức Vợ Yêu - Mua 1 Tặng 1by Anancaeda
Tác giả:Quẫn Quẫn Hữu Yêu Thể loại:Ngôn Tình, Hài Hước, Sủng Do truyện dài nên tớ gộp 15 chương gốc thành 1 chương trên wattpad nhé Lục Đình Kiêu tuyên bố với con trai...
  • sung
  • hước
  • tinh
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[chuyển ver]-[KookMin]Chọc tức vợ yêu-Mua một tặng một by CamHuyen95
[chuyển ver]-[KookMin]Chọc tức vợ CamHuyen95
Rice cực cuồng truyện này nha,nhưng Rd chuyển bộ này lâu quá,bé chờ muốn mòn dép rồi nên đành tự chuyển tự đọc thôi ạ!Lần đầu bé chuyển ver nếu có sai sót mong mọi người...
  • hiendai
  • kookmin
  • army
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Who stole my nudes? [SPEW #6] by catsiders
Who stole my nudes? [SPEW #6]by catsiders
Alguien tomó un nude de ella, ahora debe descubrir quién fue antes de que filtre la foto por toda la preparatoria. Su amor platónico. Su compañero de laboratorio. El h...
  • romance
  • adolescente
  • nudes
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Prank Call Backfired by gordyme123
Prank Call Backfiredby gordyme123
Hello!! Is this Sarah?? Hello!! Is this Sarah??? Excuse me??Do I sound u like Sarah Oh shit shit !!!! Aria Willams ,17 year old, innocent girl is forced by her friends t...
  • breakups
  • funny
  • fights
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normies ; bts by seokjesus
normies ; btsby seokjesus
❝ shut the hell up jimin, you effing normie." "what the hell is a normie?" "it's a piece of shit that jumps on the bandwagon when it comes to others'...
  • hoseok
  • jimin
  • taehyung
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UNIT B ♚ CHATROOM by callin-
UNIT B ♚ CHATROOMby callin-
❝our group name might as well be called loud boys❞ ━ in which mr raining dude give the final UNIT B a chatroom of their own but of course isn't that gonna lead to chaos...
  • unitb
  • boy
  • marco
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THE MIXNINE HOUSEㅣtop 9 boys by chogiwhychogiwhat
THE MIXNINE HOUSEㅣtop 9 boysby chogiwhychogiwhat
❝ keeping up with the kardashians who? ❝ ❝ i only know keeping up with these 9 Korean dumbasses. ❝ in which she gets hired as the maid and is 0.00001% close to snapping...
  • funny
  • twice
  • choihyunsuk
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Trust Me by reader3398
Trust Meby reader3398
"You don't understand. You don't hear the voices as you walk down the hall. You don't see the fingers and the glares. You don't fell unwanted and unloved. You get t...
  • death
  • comedy
  • badboy
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groupchat [PRETTYMUCH] by beanz-
groupchat [PRETTYMUCH]by beanz-
❛ they all kinda looked at me funny at first but um...actually, you know what, they still do look at me funny. ❜ - porter
  • austin
  • porter
  • prettymuch
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Mafia Girl by Xcaffine_booksX
Mafia Girlby Xcaffine_booksX
She was ruthless. She was cunning. She was bad. She was Valentina Martinez. She was the daughter of a Mafia. She shut out anyone who tried to pry her walls away from her...
  • badboy
  • badass
  • funny
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Guess Who's Back by Angellolipop1234
Guess Who's Backby Angellolipop1234
I'm known as the badass of the school everyone either fears me because of my amazing threats or my wonderful comebacks, some people fall for me, and others try to hurt m...
  • teenfiction
  • highschool
  • humor
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The Shipping Kingdom! by AngelicRose13
The Shipping Kingdom!by AngelicRose13
Hiya! Welcome to the Shipping Kingdom! This is where Queen Julia Uchiha (@Silverwolf735), Duchess Kat Uzumaki (@naruhinalover4ever) and I, Princess Kaity Uchiha (Angelic...
  • narutoships
  • shippingroyalty
  • teamships
My Bed And Exams  by noorulameera
My Bed And Exams by noorulameera
As our physics class ended we heard an announcement made through the speakers - " sorry for the interruption. There is an assembly for class 9 to 12 in the audito...
  • school
  • bed
  • enjoy
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A) Bad Boy. B) Harry styles. C) None of the above! by gAhdar
A) Bad Boy. B) Harry styles. C) gAhdar
Bad boy. New girl. Harry styles. We've all heard it before. The girl who just isn't your 'average' girl. The girl who just doesn't think she's pretty but she obviously...
  • parody
  • werewolf
  • comedy
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DuckTales Life by GamerAzialle
DuckTales Lifeby GamerAzialle
A bunch of randomness with our favorite ducks as they play fun games. AND SHIP WARS, this is not for someone who easily get triggered when he/she sees something against...
  • huey
  • ducktales
  • cringe
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I HATE Valentines! by Mind_is_Inspiration
I HATE Valentines!by Mind_is_Inspiration
Elizabeth hasn't been asked out in over 15 years, so she's completely over the whole romance thing. I mean all she can sum it up to is that she HATES Valentines Day. But...
  • hearts
  • cynical
  • hate
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siempre supe que no podria ser capaz de dejarte by Sakuracelia90
siempre supe que no podria ser Sakuracelia90
Sasuke era un jugador de futbol sumamente importante, quien disfrutaba al máximo su vida de soltero. Ahora que será el mundial deberá de regresar a Japón para jugar con...
  • sasusaku
Lảm nhảm vài chuyện ở lớp tôi by Yaoi_Yuri_the_best
Lảm nhảm vài chuyện ở lớp tôiby Yaoi_Yuri_the_best
Vẫn là em, Blondia, và đây là fic lảm nhảm về mấy (chục) chuyện ở lớp em, 6a18, trung học LC Vinschool, chắc chắn là sẽ có nói xấu đủ các kiểu rồi, chỉ vài (chục) lần là...
  • 6a18
  • lop