Catfished by Tendachocolate
Catfishedby Lisa Monáe
******Very Mature Content****** ******Recommended for Readers 18yrs and UP****** Do we ever really know who's on the other end of the computer screen? Just typing away...
  • adultromance
  • erotic
  • longdistance
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Duck Walks (ForthBeam Stories) by freeze2melt
Duck Walks (ForthBeam Stories)by Dove. X
The book is titled after the famous "Duck walk" that follows after sex. Includes a lot of fluffy moments, romance, humor... and maybe, the exciting parts too...
  • tee
  • beam
  • bl
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Close friends  by _Niggers_
Close friends by _Niggers_
Mo mamba
  • drama
  • intersex
  • love
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Si tan solo fuera sexo (Edición de lujo 2018) by miii87
Si tan solo fuera sexo (Edición Miriam Ojeda
¿En que momento la vida decide cambiarlo todo? Jacqueline Amorós es una chica con una vida normal, hasta que alguien de su pasado regresa de manera accidental. El miedo...
  • romance
  • erotico
  • amor
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Sexy Goku's book 3 by Sexy-Goku
Sexy Goku's book 3by Santa Goku
The third book of the sexy saiyan
  • gt
  • sexy
  • gokublack
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A New Assassin (Akame Ga Kill x Reader) by DragLuard
A New Assassin (Akame Ga Kill x BloodChamp
After a failed experiment which should have made new super soldiers, the Empire created a being that is beyond any human and Danger Beast. They created the being who tou...
  • akamegakill
  • readerinsert
  • harem
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Squad Goals by SpartanAly
Squad Goalsby SpartanAly
Six different lives come together in one institution. Join the slice of life of the girls of IZ*ONE as they embark on a journey they will make them feel happiness, pain...
  • romance
  • miyawakisakura
  • joyuri
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Capítulo Especial #6 | Pre-Only one step | Desirée Arjona. by JinxMoon
Capítulo Especial #6 | Pre-Only JinxMoon
Nuevo capítulo especial de Only one step. Este ocurre antes del primer libro, cuando Jake y Henry aun iban al instituto, y tenían entre 13 y 16 años. Se recomienda haber...
  • novelajuvenil
  • only
  • amor
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Delaney's Guide to Dangerous Dating by 1dream41d
Delaney's Guide to Dangerous Datingby Andrea
Delaney's had it with boys. After a year of unsuccessful dates, she's decided to kick things up a notch. What's the best way to find a guy than date every damn guy in...
  • guidetolife
  • romance
  • college
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Gold (Yuzuru Hanyu) by zakilou
Gold (Yuzuru Hanyu)by zakilou
After his injury, Yuzuru can't skate, and is left with a lot of free time in Canada. For the first time he isn't worried about his injury, and befriends a girl from th...
  • humor
  • yüzü
  • ice
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cantante de dragon slayer by aktsugiroukuro96
cantante de dragon slayerby kuroyasha
Singing Dragon Slayer » Durante la fiesta, después de derrotar a los dragones y Future Rogue, aprendimos algo sobre nuestro favorito Dragon Slayer de pelo rosado. ¡Tener...
  • cana
  • natsux
  • canto
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Bear and Bunny by FlickerAmethyst282
Bear and Bunnyby FlickerAmethyst282
"Apologize." "Wha?" He was in disbelief. "Apologize for what?" "Apologize for skipping the session." I grinned. "And being r...
  • love
  • friends
  • bunny
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Was you | Dylan Sprouse by isabelnortiy
Was you | Dylan Sprouseby Isabel Gutiérrez
Cuando mamá murió por cáncer anhelé morir con ella, quise correr a los brazos de mi padre que nos había abandonado, pero en cambio mi hermano menor, por quince minutos...
  • dylansprouse
  • comedia
  • amanda
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Preguntas frecuentes y otras noticias by _EleanorRigby
Preguntas frecuentes y otras Eleanor Rigby
Para que todos aquellos que no tienen Instagram, Facebook o Twitter (o en su defecto no me quieran seguir) estén al día, averigüen las fechas de publicación, el listado...
  • espiritual
  • drama
  • romance
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The Girl Everybody Hates by T22isabella
The Girl Everybody Hatesby Trish
She is the bad girl. He is the good boy. She is wild, misunderstood and hated. He is tamed, appreciated and loved. He got heart broken and she comforted him. Everybod...
  • humor
  • cute
  • teenfiction
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☼euphoria || Ponyboy Curtis fanfiction by hufferpoof
☼euphoria || Ponyboy Curtis b i t c h
Who would've thought a Valance could ever be a greaser. i. [HIGHEST RANKING #1 IN OUTSIDERS] ii. [CURRENTLY EDITING] → D...
  • twobitmatthews
  • ponyboy
  • fanfiction
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How To Break : Best friend's Wedding.  by cotton_blossom
How To Break : Best friend's Aashi💫
Started - 23 November 2018 Status- ongoing The first story in the #HTB franchise. Books are going to be stand alone. A Sandhir short story of ten chapters❤ .*.*. We've...
  • lovemarriage
  • marriagebreaker
  • marriage
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Once Upon A Time, I Was A Hoe by bashfulcreaturez
Once Upon A Time, I Was A Hoeby bashfulcreaturez
Amethyst came into high school with a pure mind and a set plan. She'd get good grades, make new friends, and it would be a breeze. Freshmen year, she her innocence was...
  • feminist
  • independantladies
  • loveyourself
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The Bad boy, the Baby and Me by crystally_rain
The Bad boy, the Baby and Meby Crystal
"What the hell, Ashton? Let me go!" I hissed, ignoring my wildly beating my heart. "Don't test my patience. I will kill that jerk if he dares to touch you...
  • bestfriends
  • chicklit
  • featured
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Prince & The Fam Book 30: A Short & Sweet Thanksgiving  by mrs_mellie175
Prince & The Fam Book 30: A Mrs. Nelson
A pleasant thanksgiving with the Fam isn't what it seems👀
  • shortstory
  • fanfiction
  • funny
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