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Ekk Villain {Completed } by Purna_Chatterjee
Ekk Villain {Completed }by Purna Chatterjee
Written By Alexa Nee
The Sakamaki Brothers Little Sister?! (Reader Insert) by I_Effervescence_I
The Sakamaki Brothers Little ✨Bittersweet✨
It's said that Subaru is the youngest of the siblings? What if that's not true? What if they had a younger sister? What if that girl is you?! How will they react? Read t...
Heroic Acts - A BNHA Reader Insert (DISCONTINUED) by RosesCurse
Heroic Acts - A BNHA Reader Roses Curse
Young (y/n)'s life was normal until one day she lost everything, even her life. What she didn't expect was to wake up in a different world. Will she accept this new wor...
High School Rejects by DarciBuchanan
High School Rejectsby Darci Buchanan
Summer has just ended and all teens are heading back to school at Holdridge Oak University. After a long summer of fun and games the teachers are cracking down on the Ju...
Humanity; Leverage FanFiction by SarahRCubitt13
Humanity; Leverage FanFictionby Sarah R. Cubitt
"The Rich and Powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. And sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide..." "Leverage!&quo...
⤵Always In Progress⤴ by Small-Kitten12
⤵Always In Progress⤴by K•☄
I have no description ×EDITING×
Coach's Daughter by anonymous_novels
Coach's Daughterby Anonymous:)
"Coach's daughter? I'm not about to let that stop me"
Comedy Relief  by HFSElevenHolmes
Comedy Relief by Thunderbird
This is a series of jokes to get you through your day.
Undertale AU x reader oneshots(Under Editing) by MidnightX14
Undertale AU x reader oneshots( BunBun
Yeah, I'm starting to get back at writing oneshots without disruptions or anything. Also, I'm gonna make my chapters more longer. Anyways, enjoy everyone
Wings Of Fire Moments by Raspberry679
Wings Of Fire Momentsby rose
Who do you Ship? Glorybringer? Starspeaker? Claril? Ripnami? Winterwatcher? Cute moments I made up and other stuff
Our Family (TMNT FANFIC) by hople152
Our Family (TMNT FANFIC)by CrystalNinja
Hamato Yoshi looses everything he once loved in a devastating fire. His wife, baby daughter, and home are know gone so he moves to New York city to get a fresh start l...
💝💝Rishbala Drabbles💝💝 by aishu0074
💝💝Rishbala Drabbles💝💝by Aiswarya
Hi friends, This is a book where you can read drabbles on Rishbala.. I published this book to post all drabbles on Rishbala.. Ok.. So drabbles means short scenes.. A sm...
New Beginnings by Natty411
New Beginningsby Nat.-.411
"Hey arse wipe." I yelled while picking up speed till I was in front of him. I grabbed his collar, pulling his lips down to mine. He didn't move for a few seco...
The Covert Operation by Consulting-Writer
The Covert Operationby ĸrιѕтιɴe ιvory ѕoѕα
Cassidy or Cas, has to balance her life. She has to be the normal girl at school who can't walk down the hallway with out tripping and her super spy life. What happens w...
I don't have a cold heart... ( Edward x Witch! Reader ) by xXxXMakaylaXxXx
I don't have a cold heart... ( xXxXMakaylaXxXx
1. Your a witch ( but have a perfect noes ) 2. Your new 3. Edward has a HUGE crush on you ~ Sneek Peek ~ I lifted up my wand, Only to get a reaction of, " I can rea...
A Day with Bhalla's by tinkerkupkakes
A Day with Bhalla'sby tinkerkupkakes
we all know the present situation of the current YHM , it's like we are watching altogether a new show with divan and some of the old cast . So thought of writing a fan...
Travlyn  One Shots by MarissaAlberta
Travlyn One Shotsby Marissa
This is a travlyn one shot book some will be longer or shorter then others No copy right intended All charectors belong to aphmau . She is amazing go watch her videos on...
To Be An Adult (on hold) by breteena
To Be An Adult (on hold)by breteena
Carleesia Williams or Carly, is a young 19 year old who just got out of high school, who lives alone. her friends believe she is a sweet normal girl, but they don't know...
quotes by wolf-17
quotesby savannah hood
feeling down here are some inspiration quotes