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The kings rebel *on Hold*  by KelseyStrandquist
The kings rebel *on Hold* by Kelsey Strandquist
over 100 years ago vampires and werewolves took over the earth. Putting human into slavery, sold as pets or killed. A group of witches couldn't stand to see this happe...
human slave  by Jasern
human slave by Jasern
take over was magic. Humans were the only sentient species that wermt born with their own magic, so they found their own way to steal others magic and use spell books. ...
SLAVE (Wattys 2017) by leahshepherd1134
SLAVE (Wattys 2017)by Leah maria cathren shepherd
hi my name is maria otherwise known as slave girl my family was killed by vampires and me and my little sister were seperated and taken to be slaves to those monsters
His Runaway Mate by shini_roseeey
His Runaway Mateby shini_roseeey
"I love you" said as he looked me with his eyes. "Really?" I asked him "Yes" he determined answered "Liar" I said
Dripping blood by suad_bae5
Dripping bloodby suad bae
Note : I'll update whenever. Follow me on Instagram @Suad_bae5 (Different stars from different time) (S) (Jacey) "Although you are far away from me but, I can still...
Longing For You by XDjustheretoreadX
Longing For Youby Mel
Centuries ago, werewolves fought amongst each other for power. Brothers killed brothers, family betrayed family all for the race to get to the top. Lycans are the strong...
Darkness by SexyHisoka666
Darknessby Angel
Aya Dunn her family murdered. She is sent in her brothers place to protect a vampire prince. Aki Dunn is Aya's twin brother. He has a weak body and would die if sent...