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Wilson's Girl by AgitatedAndMedicated
Wilson's Girlby Agitated&Medicated
Wilson has been dating Jo for a few months but has yet to fully introduce her to House. Any plans of doing so on his own terms are thwarted when House moves in due to a...
About Last Night - HouseMD FanFiction - James Wilson x Original Character by fanwrittenthings
About Last Night - HouseMD fanwrittenthings
Claire Byrne is a medical student who just moved from Ireland to New Jersey to pursue a career in ophthalmology and also, to explore new places to live. While working at...
Get what i need by Dream50505
Get what i needby Dream
24 year old Maddie learned years ago, when she was 6 years old and her mother passed away. That you can't always get what you want. But when having to move in with her u...
The Edge of Desire by Smosher27
The Edge of Desireby Smosher27🌹
Evangeline Roper is the eldest daughter of arms dealer Richard Roper. She lives on her fathers island in Majorca with bodyguards around the clock. However, things turn s...
House X Reader by kaiskillercult
House X Readerby Jweai
This will be one big story with lots of parts because I'm not creative enough to come up with different stories. Enjoy the y/n life in the world of House M.D
The Heart's Echo • A House M.D Fanfiction by GoodGraciousMe
The Heart's Echo • A House M.D Imadewaffles
A former surgeon moves north to work at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. There she discovers what she had been missing her whole life, as well as a new versio...
Similar Souls by writeyourfantasy
Similar Soulsby Meryem Elma
Summary: There is a new intern in House's team. House is annoyed by her. But soon he will understand that they have almost the same past. (English is not my first langua...
My Life, My Light is Coming Home by espoirmerveilleux
My Life, My Light is Coming Homeby ericajanebarry
This is what I think happened after the last scene in Help Me faded to black. If TPTB had stayed true to this incarnation of Huddy, S7 would've been an entirely differen...
Transcendence by Evil_Narcotics
Transcendenceby Evil_Narcotics
Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are two of medicine's most brilliant minds. Both share the qualities of competency, rivalry and an ego, greater than the flames enveloping...
Lisa by espoirmerveilleux
Lisaby ericajanebarry
This is post-series Huddy. I don't have a vision as to the catalyst behind their getting back together. I did NOT watch the final season. I was thoroughly disgusted with...
Day & Night by ChloeReds
Day & Nightby C. C. Red
After years of working together, Chloe Thomas and Johnathan Pine had done nothing but have ideal conversation. But when the protests begin to cause extra work for the ho...
Nobody Said It Was Easy (Part 2 of It's Tuesday) by aloncha_1114
Nobody Said It Was Easy (Part 2 vic the fangirl!!
At the end of the first story, we had left off with Jen, Cameron's childhood friend, ask her if she has moved on from the death of her late husband. This part of the sto...
The House in the West... by FindleyDay
The House in the Findley Day
Gregory House, its the year 1809, a talented genius doctor travels the globe by ship to help a tedious effort to eradicate the small pox virus. Will his talent be put to...
ON HOLD Inhumane by britishaddict
ON HOLD Inhumaneby C.E.B.
House, M.D. fanfiction. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! This story is about what happens when someone important to the hospital dies. Takes place around season five.
Friendship by ThiliaEstel
Friendshipby Benedicted
You can't always get what you want... but sometimes, if you try, you may get what you need :-) Set 4 months after the end of season 8
Prescription Passion  by FrankPraguetti
Prescription Passion by The Scripted Kingdom
After spending a few days together alone, Doctor Gregory House and Doctor Remy "Thirteen" Hadley find new meaning in their lives... *Takes place after the Epis...
The Last Chocolate Croissant by vansoffthewallyall
The Last Chocolate Croissantby anon
Charlie Saywer is a 17 year old flirtatious girl who lives in Napavine, Washington. Charlie has always flirted with boys, and men, to keep her heart satisfied. She never...
Broken | Lucas North - Spooks/MI5 Story [Featured] by MorrighansMuse
Broken | Lucas North - Spooks/ Liz
*Wattpad Featured Story* A year before MI5 spy Lucas North ends up in Russian prison for 8 years, there is Alexa George, a woman he rescues as a favor to his boss, Harry...
Detox Just to Retox by icefeathxr
Detox Just to Retoxby Gabriela Køhler
Wynter Novak starts her new job as diagnostic doctor at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital because her best friend Rose got her an interview with Dr. House. After sh...
House MD by FilmFanatic54
House MDby Film Fanatic
Just a random fanfic about Dr House I decided to write. I've never written fanfic before so not sure what I'm doing. It's pretty cringe.