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Delphi by TriciaDehler
Delphiby Trish L.D
"The power that comes from loving you is more potent a thousand love stories, the feeling of your lips is greater than the taste of ambrosia, and those eyes...those...
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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That! by blackjadepuppy
Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!by Kitty Angel
Adelaide is a very smart girl; certainly smarter than anyone at her school. And she knows she's both too intelligent and too strong-willed to ever be hypnotised, especia...
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Hubris by TriciaDehler
Hubrisby Trish L.D
"We are the true thing to fear and we will remind her of that fact with the power of our weapons and the hatred in our hearts." (Book 3 in the Ichor Trilogy) (...
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Woes of Hubris & Salacity | Poetry by microwavedcoffee
Woes of Hubris & Salacity | Poetryby [not relevant]
a collection of poems written out of spite. out of salacity. out of a form of pride that has surmounted all enough to be declared my own downfall. all rights reserved. c...
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Kristen hancher Video's by emaanali691
Kristen hancher Video'sby ❤ EM ❤
Kristen hancher musical. ly video's
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The Myth of the Harmonia by Eurolyn
The Myth of the Harmoniaby ✿𝐸𝓊𝓇𝑜𝓁𝓎𝓃✿
**Reminder** This is based on Greek Mythology, in no way are the events in this book non-fictional. These are just the opinions and imaginations of the author. Read a br...
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The Lycan Prophecies: The Beast of Gevauda  by TealTyphoon
The Lycan Prophecies: The Beast Reid
The Beast of Gevauda has been a significant piece of the small city's history. Back in 2010, sightings emerged, giving the towns people the idea of their very own legend...
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Cherry Orphan by Thrillwriterdotcom
Cherry Orphanby Les Mason
Cherry Orphan--a tantalizing coming of age journey across a young boy's threshold of discovery. Try to imagine that young boy: an only child who has never held a girl's...
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Tempe Minor by AgathaChristieLover
Tempe Minorby Fraulein Burstner
Tempe Minor, an organisation that strikes fear into the heart of the Universe. Ruthless purveyors of justice, or kamikaze terrorists the population can't decide. Made of...
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For Fear of Crows by AliceLawrence2
For Fear of Crowsby Alice Lawrence
"But fear not my sword nor mighty lord, you will not be killed by the likes of I, you will survive every battle you fight, it is by your own hand you shall die.&quo...
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Hubris by flashfictionfridays
Hubrisby Austen Woodward
An act of defiance against the Gods.
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UNAFRAID by GabrielleValeza
UNAFRAIDby Gabrielle Valeza
Updated Saturdays and Sundays, 05:00 pm, Philippines time. Fighting... What do people think about fighting? Do they think of fighters as brutes? Why? So many questions...
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State of Grace by vpngry
State of Graceby vpngry
"Tell me, now. What will happen if I touch you skin on skin?" Kalasia demanded to know, she hated to be kept in the dark about matter concerning her. The look...
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Hubris { #twistfatechallenge } by myth_iz_amaze
Hubris { #twistfatechallenge }by myth
" Hubris means deadly pride, Percy, thinking you can do things better than everyone else...even the gods. " ~Rick Riordan, The Sea Of Monsters ~ One of the wi...
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Letters to Someone by Hamilton_Lovers
Letters to Someoneby Hestia and Kai
Dear Nobody, I'm scared. I'm not supposed to be scared, I'm not supposed to close up around people or ramble for years about random things or sit and stare at nothing. B...
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Beware The Siren's Song by MarioCastelli
Beware The Siren's Songby Mario Castelli
"No Siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener, as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the Siren." -Henry Taylor
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Views Through Old Men's Eyes by pdoneil
Views Through Old Men's Eyesby BlackRavenRising
Social commentary on the world first from the prospective of young man then the rebuttal by an old man. 1. The young man has the prospective that his vision is clear and...
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[ a true story with no true ending] ❝ONE DAY I WILL BITE THE HAND THAT BEATS ME. ❞
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The Writer by MadnessVsTheMundane
The Writerby MadnessVsTheMundane
Into The Abyss by SandManKyloRen
Into The Abyssby KAL Larsen
Reflecting on me, myself and I.
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