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Faith by hrfbluerose
Faithby hrfbluerose
Poems. Faith is as unpredictable as the wind, always rising, falling, twisting, turning. It’s a constantly changing journey that will never come to an end. These poems a...
My Short Stories by hrfbluerose
My Short Storiesby hrfbluerose
Ave Maria: Death comes to us all. This is a reality of life that all one day come to face. But loosing someone we care for brings an onslaught of memories, grief, and th...
All My Secrets by hrfbluerose
All My Secretsby hrfbluerose
Story. Natalia has a lot of secrets that she keeps from everyone. She has trouble letting people in, because every time she does, she only gets hurt. But when Nick comes...
Goodbye, Valentine by hrfbluerose
Goodbye, Valentineby hrfbluerose
Poems. Every girl seeks the one. That one guy who will cherish her more than all others, who will fight to show her she is worth it. This is the guy she dreams about, wh...