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Inevitable by MJ_Gryffindork66
Inevitableby MJ
After the war, Harry Potter becomes a talented Senior Auror with a penchant for injury in defense of his colleagues. Draco Malfoy leaves the country for five years and...
A Wolf's Love {Drarry} by UniKitty321
A Wolf's Love {Drarry}by UniKitty
The summer before fourth year, it was when Draco's entire world flipped around. How? A Spell. With no need for a creature inheritance, Draco Now a werewolf, needs...
Friendly Competition by JayseHasNoGrace
Friendly Competitionby JayseHasNoGrace
Harry is going to be the new Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. He needed a change from the way his life had been going. Unfortunately, he finds out Draco...
Raspberry Jam-Drarry by villian123
Raspberry Jam-Drarryby Liv
Draco tries not to think of his upcoming transition and the unwanted partner chosen for him by his father. Then he finds he may have a choice after all. Will the faith h...
POTTER, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? | drarry by verdilac
DRARRY + DRACO IN THE MUGGLE WORLD / - follow draco as he discovers a diverse assortment of muggle things, and getting terribly confused by it. ft. an agitated harry pot...
Text Fic Drarry (En) - Saving the enemy by Learmony
Text Fic Drarry (En) - Saving the...by Learmony
Text fic. Takes place after the war, Draco and Harry return to Hogwarts for their eight year and start texting each other. Or the story where they're helping each other...
The Dark Legacy (a drarry story) by pureblood_elegance
The Dark Legacy (a drarry story)by pureblood
Everyone knew that Draco Lucius Malfoy was an evil prick who was raised to serve the dark lord. What people didn't know, is that inside, Draco was caring and kind- and f...
Operation: Drarry by redbloom6
Operation: Drarryby Zayalize Garcia
Pansy believes that Draco and Harry are destined to be together and made it her mission to make it happen, coming up with schemes for the sake of 'Operation: Drarry'. He...
The Fall of Darkness by redbloom6
The Fall of Darknessby Zayalize Garcia
The war is over, the battle isn't won. Dark Veelas, and Death Eaters have paired together to attack people, striving for vengeance for Voldemort. Harry and co. find that...
Drarry by callalilly1
Drarryby Calla
Look at the tittle. If you don't know what it means, go away. No, I'm just kidding. Please read my book. Mostly one-shots and short stories.
truth or dare - drarry by luminary-
truth or dare - drarryby tay
when the 6th years start coming together every Saturday night, what happens when a series surprising dare is issued to the schools biggest enemies, harry potter and drac...
A Saviour Uncaused (Harry Potter, Drarry) by ATemporarilyLostPhyz
A Saviour Uncaused (Harry Potter...by ATemporarilyLostPhyz
Harry hurtles through timelines to try to save Malfoy's life after a friend turns on him. But Harry did not expect what happens between them. He has to figure out what h...
Cash and Burn (Sequel) by redbloom6
Cash and Burn (Sequel)by Zayalize Garcia
Sequel to "What a Terrible Mess". After leaving the Thronton House, our group returns to Hogwarts to finish out their last year. Everyone starts acting strange...
His Anchor by winterquote
His Anchorby .
Everything changes for Draco when, after Sectumsempra, Potter visits him in the infirmary.
Veritaserum || Drarry by wingardiumleviosassy
Veritaserum || Drarryby el
It wasn't until the beginning of December when some fifth-year Ravenclaws came up with the ingenious idea to spike the soup with Veritaserum. They thought it would be ab...
Felix Felicis || Drarry by wingardiumleviosassy
Felix Felicis || Drarryby el
Another potion-themed oneshot, in which Draco takes Liquid Luck to find out how Harry Potter possibly could have managed to get his name in the Goblet of Fire.
Forbidden romance (Drarry) by Drarryislife325
Forbidden romance (Drarry)by Drarryislife325
Draco has a crush on Harry but Harry doesn't know until Draco is attacked by a werewolf and turned into one. Turns out his soulmate is Harry...and Draco can't hold his w...
Battle Scars by Bunnylovescake
Battle Scarsby GaySinsAndDoubleChins
"Who are you?" "Potter, what is it?" "Um, my son?" -=-=-=-=-=- Cover is mine Warning; bad writing and M-preg
After all these years.. A dramione fanfic by Muznaaa
After all these years.. A dramione...by ...
Dromione fanfic WORTH reading. I hope to not let you down...