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Sad poems by imnotfine_
Sad poemsby .
All poems are mine unless Stated otherwise. (Possible triggers)
Free~BAKUDEKU(completed)  by Diane_help_me
Free~BAKUDEKU(completed) by Diane
It started off as a regular year at UA, everything was normal till I started getting hard feelings for this one guy, Katsuki Bakugou. I started getting bad feelings, lov...
The Things I Want To Say by reezaherron
The Things I Want To Sayby 𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒔𝒆 🦋
alexandra's thoughts and feelings about life. Started: November 23, 2019 Completed: Still On-going (Journal like book)
a secret she's been hiding deep within (poetry) by Dark_Hearted1442
a secret she's been hiding deep Wanda Taylor
she writes to express her self and is not good with emotions she always hides them and fakes a smile to make others happy
My Mind in Poems by booksbandsports
My Mind in Poemsby leo
I enjoy writing poetry, these are just my thoughts poured out into poem form. Will update whenever inspiration strikes me. Enjoy!
Why am I doing this? by xXNochieXx
Why am I doing this?by Eternal✨nothingness✨
I'm lonely ok! I have just 2 real life friends. But no one fricking talks to me. Idk what I wanna do here. Probably some random Stuff and screenshots of my chats (of cou...
Introvert Overload by Horror-Child
Introvert Overloadby Another Person At The Moment
This is a book about introverts. A introvert by definition is a person who is one to be alone or doesn't wish to go out. They rather spend their time alone then spend th...
Romantic Songs/Songs That I Love by ClaraTroltenier1
Romantic Songs/Songs That I Loveby Clara Romanova-Dawson-DeWitt...
Songs that I love + romantic songs. First song book. If you have any requests, I'd be happy to take them. Updates every Friday.
Anxiety Attacks by emilyg02
Anxiety Attacksby emilyg02
This is my personal experience on how it feels to have anxiety attacks in different situations. This is how I feel so this does not apply to everyone. If you are trigger...
My 2020 by strangerthings3795
My 2020by themazerunnerstan
This is just a short little thing about my 2020 because I feel like I really need to write about it.
Journal, music by -Hahahuha
Journal, musicby -BoopBoopMotherfcker
How I feel through music (may be exaggerated) Or some other things..
How I met my husband imagine by cinommom40
How I met my husband imagineby cinommom40
How you feel in love with your husband imagine.
Datamourshipper: My Rant Book by DatAmourShipper
Datamourshipper: My Rant Bookby JustAnAmourshipper
What the title says it is. Basically a book where I rant or vent out thoughts that have been overthinking on my mind and such. Hopefully you all will get to see what kin...
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Failure is an option <Completed> (Book Of Hope)  by AzuraFlake
Failure is an option (Book Of ☄️LostInStars☄️
I want to tell the world that "failure doesn't mean you are worthless" but that it means "you tried and now you are one step closer to success" For s...
:') by grandmahpusemm
:')by grandmahpusemm
I know I'm sad I just don't know how to tell anyone or do anything about it
Wall breaker by KendraRudy
Wall breakerby Kendra Rudy
just a poem inspired by someone special in my life.