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Marked by tehilaliam
Markedby Tehila Liam
The Anggitay spy Terrian is feeling the weight of physical needs, however, she cruelly withstand when Owen Earhart, a soldier from the Beses' Group, attempts to acquire...
Liesmith No Longer by Hi_dere_banana
Liesmith No Longerby Readasaurus
Loki knows pain. He's dealt with much worse than Odin, that sentimental fool. He knows that whatever his punishment will be, he will bear it with ease. But, to Loki's gr...
Quickly by morvinhenderson75
Quicklyby morvinhenderson75
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Love, Miss C by MissCStone
Love, Miss Cby MissCStone
There are three things you have to know before reading this book: 1- There are absolutely no rules. 2- I shall do whatever I want whenever I want however I want to. 3- T...
Stand by fredrickcrook55
Standby fredrickcrook55
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Image by blaseiolambe95
Imageby blaseiolambe95
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Development by flanreggio60
Developmentby flanreggio60
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Evidence by jillanaprice56
Evidenceby jillanaprice56
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Another Pokemon Story by detectivesunshine
Another Pokemon Storyby RITZ
Venus is basically just your average trainer, champion of only two regions, just recently defeated Team Galactic only to find that they are back. She has a relatively i...
Born by sheltonlax22
Bornby sheltonlax22
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Kill by conancowper26
Killby conancowper26
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Beat by sidwellargon52
Beatby sidwellargon52
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On by marigoldesteiner68
Onby marigoldesteiner68
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Receive by eirenedeschner41
Receiveby eirenedeschner41
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