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Destiny: Izuku Midoriya's story by GYRAZAL1234567
Destiny: Izuku Midoriya's storyby GYRAZAL1234567
Idk. I'll write a description later
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A Traitorous House on Traitorous Earth: Shattered Past Book 3 by FactOrFunction
A Traitorous House on Traitorous UWantARefund
The Fallen; A proud, honorable, warrior race, reduced to nothing but a shadow of its former self. Their homeworld of Ralterra produced the finest warriors the galaxy had...
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His Twisted Story. by ThatRandomCatdog
His Twisted ThatRandomCatdog
*This is the remake of Rogue's story* "Did I ask for this eye? Nah. Did I ask for the power of a wish dragon and a worm cursed to be bound to me? No, but oh do I l...
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Spark of Paracausality: The Kell of Kells✔️ by Queen_Wicked_YT
Spark of Paracausality: The Kell クイーン・ウィキッド
[Completed] The Wolves are lone, but wishes to be united. Soon It's going to change. A new Kell wishes to dominate over the Kells by rank. An ancient prophecy that was b...
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The Crucible by bleububbletea
The Crucibleby Bleu
Four drunken friends take on the formidable crucible. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. Warning: Cussing. (Side warning- this is my first attempt at a short story...
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Destiny Fanfic by VoidStalkerLK
Destiny Fanficby VoidStalkerLK
Hey guys just a side project I thought of doing while I waited for things
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The Rogue's Reckoning (*Discontinued*)  by ThatRandomCatdog
The Rogue's Reckoning (* ThatRandomCatdog
They say a free man with everything to lose, is the most effective fighter of all. Of course, what of a free but broken man? When you've lost everything but your life, y...
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Guardian's oath by Zero_Rayn
Guardian's oathby Zero Rayn
A spinoff story based on the game destiny. My own character awakes in the new world, but to find what exactly?
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Page 17 by ShadowheartMC
Page 17by ShadowheartMC
Ruling House (pt 5 of prequel) (Recommended theme: Kell Rising)
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It is obviously not original, are only the lyrics
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Inevitable Affection by MsMario317
Inevitable Affectionby Linny
This is a Destiny Fanfiction with Romantic Themes between a Female Awoken Guardian and Vafkis(The Fallen Vendor from the House of Wolves DLC). If you dislike these types...
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Just a Warlock by SmazzyNinja
Just a Warlockby SmazzyNinja
The last thing Red remembers is dying, then he's awake and running away from Fallen and finds himself at the Tower where he's assigned to a patrolling team that gets why...
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Pillar of Grace by Descend34
Pillar of Graceby Descend
Another Destiny story which is still in process of being finished. This too was written for a friend. I take a lot of request.
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