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Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girl friend scenarios, Imagines, and Headcannons by myroxy35
Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girl friend THE FANDOM QUEEN 2K18
Basically, Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girlfriends scenarios. These will not be in order (Note: The pronouns used will be he/his cause that's how it is in the manga.)
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New Beginnings by 101Salocin
New Beginningsby Nicolas Aun
A girl was turned into a gem and sent into a parallel world, where gems live on the remaining land after devastating assaults from certain asteroids changed everything...
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Houseki no kuni one shots by GHouLexKiller
Houseki no kuni one shotsby Yandere Lover
I won't take ocs x canon character I can take reader x oc of mine, if you were curious. I'm obsessed with the anime even if it's only one season so far in the animated...
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Land of Academia (Houseki no kuni/Land of the lustrous x MHA/BNHA Crossover) by SteampunkandSquidy
Land of Academia (Houseki no Inventor and Squid girl!
While Class 1A was fighting against a villain. Izuku Midoriya had to land the last punch but was too late and transported to a different place which led him to the beaut...
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Art stuff by mochibat
Art stuffby mochibat
Collection of art I made
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Aquamarine by _smol_nerd_
Aquamarineby syaheeda.
When can I meet him? When can I meet the rest? When can I stop hiding? Aquamarine is one of the gemstone that was formerly a human being that have been a test subject...
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Pink Shards (Houseki no Kuni) by jammatown919
Pink Shards (Houseki no Kuni)by Jamma
Padparadscha's time is running out. Rutile throws their morals to the wind to save them. (The cover and Houseki no Kuni itself do NOT belong to me and I don't claim to...
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Houseki no Kuni X Warrior Reader by Ultra_Instinct90000
Houseki no Kuni X Warrior Readerby Silver Wolf
(Y/N) is a smart, clever, calm yet prideful warrior with a righteous heart, he has fought and faced the impossible time and time again, but one day, when (Y/N) was about...
Harpball's Oneshot Collection (x reader) by harpball
Harpball's Oneshot Collection (x A Multi-fandom Fangirl
I guess you could call this a Various x reader? Basically a book where I post oneshots that I don't want to make a entire book for.
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Season tales-Winter tales side story by Jingqiao25
Season tales-Winter tales side JQWrites
[ As of 18th of April 2019---#1 on #landofthelustrous ] When winter ends, Antarcticite melts away, and Aki is left alone... or is she? Meet Moonstone, the himedere paper...
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A wolf meets redemption ( Houseki no kuni x male zen Aku reader by Whiteowl818
A wolf meets redemption ( Whiteowl818
In a forest a boy was walking through the forest trying to find a wolf pack to study till he stumbled across a tomb so he entered it and saw a black flute on it he picke...
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Murano  ムラーノ「Houseki no Kuni 宝石の国」 by VarelaDCampbell
Murano ムラーノ「Houseki no Kuni 宝石の国」by VarelaDCampbell
❝¿Sigo siendo Phosphophylite? La pregunta respecto a mi identidad no puede ser menos indiferente para mí... por lo menos ahora. Hay varias cosas que atacan todas al mism...
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Pink Diamond by DepressedAndAngry
Pink Diamondby trash
Dave shifted uncomfortably as everyone stared at him. He knew that he was rare, there wasn't anyone else like him, but was the staring really necessary? He tried to cal...
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Houseki No Kuni - What Could've Been by GhostOfSilence04
Houseki No Kuni - What Could've GhostOfSilence04
Once weak and unsuited for battle, an amalgamated Phosphophilyte works to fix his mistakes. To Lunarians he is their future but to Gems he's a traitor to his kind. Will...
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The Misadventures of (Surname) (Name) in The Land of the Lustrous by Chibi-chan-16
The Misadventures of (Surname) ( Freesia-16
As the title says, - (Surname) (Name) suddenly finds herself in a strange world much different from her own. How she got there remains a mystery, but how will she get b...
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sapphire[houseki no kuni x oc] by randomhooman12
sapphire[houseki no kuni x oc]by ramdomhooman12
this is my first story, sorry it's cringy. this story is about a gem named sapphire,you could say their different from the other gems. they were a human before becoming...
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All that Glitters by -S-and-J-Studios
All that Glittersby -S-and-J-Studios
Izuku Midoriya was quirkless for 5 years, until one day. He wasn't. Izuku Midoriya has a quirk called "The Lustrous" it tuns his body into rock, into an actual...
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In Regards to the Moon by ParadoxeZero
In Regards to the Moonby Zero-Chan
Moonstone. A gem that has been questioned by the others for a long time. Where did he come from? No one really knows. No one even dares to ask. When this gem is spotted...
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Houseki no Kuni One-Shots by jammatown919
Houseki no Kuni One-Shotsby Jamma
Just some one-shots. I'll do requests and my own ideas. Houseki no Kuni doesn't belong to me. This was made for fun and to improve my writing skills. The cover is offi...
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Houseki no Kuni Discord Servers by Terror-Chan
Houseki no Kuni Discord Serversby light switch
I haven't seen many HNK discord servers out there, so I made a list that has all the servers I'm in.
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