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- Dendritic Shards - [Houseki no Kuni Fanfiction] by Scorching_SeaSalt
- Dendritic Shards - [Houseki no Scorching Some Sea Salt
"Promise me, you'll never lose a shard." "..." "I don't want you to forget me, I want you to stay with me and hold me." "..." &qu...
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Memory Crystal by Tsurumi_Tetsurou
Memory Crystalby Tsurumi Tetsurou
Blind, brittle and weak, unbeneficial for combat. Despite that, they had the intelligence and sensitivity to assist them when needed. With such an abnormality, they coul...
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Fragile (Bnha Reader insert) by Radio_Cherry
Fragile (Bnha Reader insert)by MilkyWay
In a world where 80% of the population has quirks, you're one of the 80%. Though, to you your quirk only made you weaker. After all, you're just a Cinnabar Gem. ❆ Update...
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Aquamarine by _smol_nerd_
Aquamarineby syaheeda.
When can I meet him? When can I meet the rest? When can I stop hiding? Aquamarine is one of the gemstone that was formerly a human being that have been a test subject...
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Anime Pick Up Lines Book III by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Lines Book IIIby チ ェ ル シ ー
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| yes, Yes, YES. Anotha one. ♪ **PLEASE CHECK OUT BOOKS 1 & 2
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Gem Love 💎houseki no kuni x reader💎 by LoliGlaceon312
Gem Love 💎houseki no kuni x am coot 🌟
no description for this one QuQ 💎~💎~💎~💎~💎~💎~💎~💎~💎~💎 Started: March 2, 2019 Ended: ???
Glimmering Gem [A Houseki no Kuni x Reader Fanfiction] by 3i790X
Glimmering Gem [A Houseki no 3i790X
"We are immortals, as long as we have the shards, we are able to glue ourselves up and continue on with life" Isn't that boring? Meet [Y/N], a peculiar gem bor...
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Houseki no Kuni X Male Reader by Creeper_Corporation
Houseki no Kuni X Male Readerby Krystal 『©』
Prioritization: ⭐⭐⭐ All characters to this Anime are Female ( Except Adamant Sensei. In the anime, they are Genderless) Y/N is a 3rd year high school student. His every...
New Beginnings by 101Salocin
New Beginningsby Nicolas Aun
A girl was turned into a gem and sent into a parallel world, where gems live on the remaining land after devastating assaults from certain asteroids changed everything...
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Season tales-Winter tales side story by Jingqiao25
Season tales-Winter tales side JQWrites
[ As of 18th of April 2019---#1 on #landofthelustrous ] When winter ends, Antarcticite melts away, and Aki is left alone... or is she? Meet Moonstone, the himedere paper...
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Houseki No Kuni?Land of the Lustrous: The Lost Rainbow (X Male Reader) by RyuuReigns2620
Houseki No Kuni?Land of the Jacob Mitchell
(Y/N) (L/N) had no memory of who he was as a child. But he was found by a couple and became their son. As he lived a normal life, he started going downhill. At one cloud...
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DISSOLVE          ,BNHA+HNK. by w33b00_
DISSOLVE , - ̗̀ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ̖́-
[ @_wendydydydy ] BNHA × HOUSEKI / GEM! OC ☀️ ; boku no hero academia ; houseki no kuni au ❝ i'm wandering through the night with passing...
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AU! Houseki no kuni x reader OneShots by Dat_One_Cinnabun
AU! Houseki no kuni x reader Crystal_Lynn
Hello every one.....Welcome to my AU! one shots full of hnk characters In another universe!
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Houseki no kuni one shots by GHouLexKiller
Houseki no kuni one shotsby Yandere Lover
I won't take ocs x canon character I can take reader x oc of mine, if you were curious. I'm obsessed with the anime even if it's only one season so far in the animated...
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Happy Birthday Prussia! by XxHousekiShipsxX
Happy Birthday Prussia!by アーティスティックさーら LPSGalaxy Produc...
Happy Birthday Prussia! His actual birthday is on 1/18, but I decided to celebrate Today. My sincerest apologies if it is late. I am not as awesome as Prussia. Also ther...
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In Regards to the Moon by ParadoxeZero
In Regards to the Moonby Zero-Chan
Moonstone. A gem that has been questioned by the others for a long time. Where did he come from? No one really knows. No one even dares to ask. When this gem is spotted...
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The Misadventures of (Surname) (Name) in The Land of the Lustrous by Chibi-chan-16
The Misadventures of (Surname) ( Freesia-16
As the title says, - (Surname) (Name) suddenly finds herself in a strange world much different from her own. How she got there remains a mystery, but how will she get b...
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Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girl friend scenarios, Imagines, and Headcannons by myroxy35
Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girl friend THE FANDOM QUEEN 2K18
Basically, Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girlfriends scenarios. These will not be in order (Note: The pronouns used will be he/his cause that's how it is in the manga.)
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All that Glitters by -S-and-J-Studios
All that Glittersby -S-and-J-Studios
Izuku Midoriya was quirkless for 5 years, until one day. He wasn't. Izuku Midoriya has a quirk called "The Lustrous" it tuns his body into rock, into an actual...
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Houseki No Kuni Incorrect Qoutes by SteampunkandSquidy
Houseki No Kuni Incorrect Qoutesby Inventor and Squid girl!
This is probably gonna be something I just made and yeah..... thats pretty much it..
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