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Mafia best friends  by aspenranger101
Mafia best friends by lwkrxi
Alyssa has always been quiet, and never wants to attract uneeded attention. Henry was a fun loving extrovert who attracted attention everywhere he went. He also happened...
Fuck yes by Hot_writing
Fuck yesby Hot writing
🔞fuck me make me moan yes daddy!
Mr.Anderson by Thamae15
Mr.Andersonby Mae
Mylah Greg is a senior at Shellon High school. she had many crushes in the past but this particular one she can't have. Mr. Anderson is a History teacher at Shellon. He...
Him & I by stephaniekjami
Him & Iby Samantamcarrera
Are they playing a dirty game? Will they get caught. Who will win? Will anything bad happen?
My Teacher  by yourfavfariy
My Teacher by theirfairyrain
So this is my first Story and just wanna say english is not my first language. So this story is about a new girl she fell in love with her teacher but how would it end...
Sex and more with a Dilf. by hot_writer69
Sex and more with a future_Milf
A fanfic about a Dilf teacher and a young desperate student. the only way to get there grades up is to bang there Dilf maths teacher. POV: you are a 13 year old girl wh...
teacher one shots - smut by dismaldaysdotcom
teacher one shots - smutby 😁👍
lemme know if you wanna see more than smut?? i love writing wholesome things too 😩🙏
Learning To Love {Fem! Teacher X Male! Reader} by Archdrive
Learning To Love {Fem! Teacher X Herochurl
Alright, this is the first of the Misc books. I hope you all enjoy it! Character: Yuiko Okuzumi from Miru Tights Misc: 1/2 SC Book # 8 Completed on: 2/13/20
One Shots by Reina72561
One Shotsby reina
Um..yknow..smexy time Different stories, different characters I'll try and leave descriptions out for the reader to imagine what they want to! Snip of the first story: I...
My Doctor ( Taehyung X reader) [Completed]✓ by scarlett_480
My Doctor ( Taehyung X reader) [ marsia ahmed
"I have a stomachache here. Doctor please check me," Taehyung said. "Stop doing live drama, Dr. Kim !!" y/n said. "It's hurting ! Ah..!!" ...
Take It Or Leave It by AvaMchiggins
Take It Or Leave Itby Ava Mchiggins
A school girl has the opportunity to hit it with her hot science teacher. She never thought she would ever get to experience anything like it.
One Day (TeacherxStudent) Editing And Finishing by problems_1
One Day (TeacherxStudent) mcCan'sWife
She's known to be cold, but she's more known to burn, for the ones, who show her a glimpse of love. They both knew they could never be, he was her teacher she his stude...
Crushing on my Co-worker by JumpmanJhope
Crushing on my Co-workerby 👑Queendom👑
What would you do if you old bully not only moves to your town but now works at your job? Keanna Carter is soon met with this question when she recognizes that her new c...
Teacher x (Y/n)student smut by Nika_pancakes
Teacher x (Y/n)student smutby cake
Exactly what the title says :3 Ps: this is just fiction and fantasy and if that happens in rl then jail for the teacher kay thx
StandFort by imxnkwx
StandFortby imxnkwx
"There's nothing normal about this school" said Xyla "watch your back Jinx Adams, girls here are psychopaths, you wouldn't wanna suddenly go missing"...
The Teacher by thekawaiiblonde03
The Teacherby thekawaiiblonde03
Kennedy Love, 15, meets a hot teacher, 28, who meets her standards. This is hard for anyone to do. His name is Mr. Brandy. Kennedy and Mr. Brandy seem to have the beginn...
Physics by welcumtothegayparade
Physicsby harmless lesbian who is into...
I shouldn't have posted this
One Touch by jesusiscool123
One Touchby jesusiscool123
What happens when you have never been interested in any boys until you meet your new neighbor - who also is your new teacher? Well Katie has to find exactly that out. W...