A Fetish For Perfection by CourtneyBre
A Fetish For Perfectionby Courtney Bre
Ryker's a man with a fetish for perfection, but when the walking ball of chaos that is Natalie Walker is hired as an intern at his company it's no surprise that she driv...
  • chicklit
  • intern
  • oppositesattract
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The Mission by lotsofloveforRM
The Missionby ^_^
This is a Rocket x Reader fanfic. It's about how you meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy and beat Ronan. Spoilers if ya haven't seen the movie. Hope you enjoy
  • guardiansofthegalaxy
  • romance
  • awesomeness
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These immortal butterflies  by rebel_spells
These immortal butterflies by Rebel_spells
Lena is beautiful and smart girl in her 20s.. She lives with her two roommates and they live their lives to the fullest...They're young, they party , they're enjoying li...
  • jealousboyfriend
  • wattysbeginners
  • possessiveboyfriend
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Rants and Reads by onceuponalivie
Rants and Readsby onceuponalivie
This is just a simple story per chapter book from the things i had to write for school. Poems, stories, resolutions... it'll all be on here. Enjoy At least that was what...
  • diary
  • random
  • hotmess
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Hot Mess by klmcmanus
Hot Messby Kimberly 💛
My names Mallory and I am a hot mess...minus the hot triple the mess. ~Mallory is a girl who can't seem to get anything right. She is like the worse bad luck charm ever...
  • teenfiction
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • mallory
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In The Spotlight by KiwiAndKoalas
In The Spotlightby KiwiAndKoalas
|| Award winner for best chick-lit/romance || #5 hotmess 180518 #70 in romcom 250518 #93 in hollywood 170518 •-xXx-• Mckayla Silva has had enough. Enough of her stupid...
  • independent
  • money
  • work
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in love with my kidnapper (manxboy)  by fairy_attack
in love with my kidnapper ( fairy_attack
A story that talks about a teacher that has a dark past that he tries to hide....but after he met Alex his world changed upside down making him go back to his old self...
  • hotboys
  • tatto
  • hotsex
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Gangster love (boyxboy) by fairy_attack
Gangster love (boyxboy)by fairy_attack
Eren Jeager: An average 18 kid his job is a cashier he lives in a small apartment that he can't afford Levi ackerman: A rich multi-billionaire and gang leader for the m...
  • lovestory
  • ereri
  • hotness
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Tom Holland and Reader (explicit version) by Sheena_Stalwart
Tom Holland and Reader (explicit Sheena Stalwart
This is the raunchier side of a "choose your own adventure". You and Tom are working on a movie together. Your friendship progresses into something more. Are...
  • tomholland
  • spiderman
  • tomisjealous
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Lucius Malfoy and me fanfiction by FTT_HPP_YT
Lucius Malfoy and me fanfictionby Firelight The Therian
This the story of what would happen if I met Lucius from HP :)
  • dracogetsjealous
  • bleachblondehair
  • babytimexd
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Soulmates? (A Klance Ice Skating/Soulmate AU) by actual_klance_trash
Soulmates? (A Klance Ice Skating/ Bucket Chan
Ok so this is like a doodle but for a story (is this valid phrasing idk) and I suck at writing at the moment. I might update this or it might just be a little nothing w...
  • klance
  • fluff
  • lgbt
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Madame Macabre Lyric Book by ErinCattail
Madame Macabre Lyric Bookby Erin Lloyd
I love Madame macabre's music and I will be writing the lyrics to some of her songs in this book. All song lyrics here belong to their rightful owners as well s the art...
  • lavendertone
  • wontsay
  • totheark
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Loving Mr. Perfect by Mrunals01
Loving Mr. Perfectby Mrunal Sambrekar
Opposites attract? Yes they do! I must have lost my mind to fall in love with a person completely opposite to me, who was oblivious to my feelings and still...
  • mrperfect
  • cosy
  • coporate
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ME by TheImperfectLife
MEby Emi
Alright now I may not be that interesting, but ask anybody who knows me and they'll tell you I have a lot to say. This book will just be a book for the most randomist re...
  • stories
  • hot-mess
  • ugly-mess
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Inner beauty Offenderman x reader by user20222747
Inner beauty Offenderman x readerby Middnight moon
OFFENDERMAN X READER YEESSS!!!!!! PREPARE FOR THE MOST SEXUAL STORIE I HAD EVER MADE!!! and your super not Beautiful to most girls But That all changes when You meet up...
  • yoai
  • badboy
  • katanabitches
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