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The 9th Demon King by AngelsInTophats
The 9th Demon Kingby I need sleep
In this fanfic, Rin was taken by Astaroth when he was 5 to Gehenna. Yukio still becomes an exorcist/teacher and Shiro doesn't die. Rin is raised by his eight older broth...
  • rin
  • yaoi
  • hotdamn
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Passion Fruit and Lima Beans (completed) by Elemental_Horn
Passion Fruit and Lima Beans (comp...by Elemental_Horn
This passionate concoction is about true love and first love. Katrina Singh has fallen in love, BIG TIME. But heartbreak follows in the harshest way possible. Now she's...
  • tragedy
  • heartbreak
  • yawn
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Step Brothers by SeraphinaRivera
Step Brothersby ♡ Seraphina ♡
Leo is an ordinary guy who lived most of his life in Italy. With his parents divorced and living in different countries, he travels a lot. But when his mother offers him...
  • adorably
  • love
  • derek
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Changing Tides by lazyfangirlworld
Changing Tidesby lazyfangirlworld
Prince Sidon X OC ~In which the fiery soul meets the charming one of a prince~ All she could see was darkness. A longing, to feel once more. To feel the sun's rays again...
  • botw
  • phoenixoc
  • xoc
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Secrets Are Meant For Two by Kinkybitch10
Secrets Are Meant For Twoby Marnie
A secret meant for two, but known by three. Not one, but many secrets will be known. Known by many more than two. (Unfinished)
  • secrets
  • lips
  • mmm
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He saved me  by HaileeSnaps
He saved me by HaileeSnaps
Megan and Raf are two completely different people, he was the bad boy of the school and she was just well normal who not many people knew. But how does it end up when th...
  • fightforlove
  • cute
  • hotdamn
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equius is 200 percent nigga and nepeta is asian so its extra hawt
  • homestuck
  • equiusxnepeta
  • nepeta
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That one guy!? by slays4real
That one guy!?by slays4real
There's two main perspectives in this story, Preet and Dylan have chemistry from the first time they met but what are they gonna do about?! Btw pls no hate this is my fi...
  • bitches
  • babe
  • preet
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New Jersey Love by ElePhant_EaRsS
New Jersey Loveby Quiet Girl
Lavalette New Jersey, a small town, quiet during winter, busy during summer. (Like really busy) Anna, Matthew, And 8 other students are chosen to go into sex ed for...
  • dorm
  • hotdamn
  • sexed
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CAPTAIN | connorxtroye by davidstephenn
CAPTAIN | connorxtroyeby davidstephenn
You've craved his attention, his body. You've worked hard to get it, and now you have. You've got his time, will you use it right. Now you have his attention, but can y...
  • lgbt
  • connorfrantafanfiction
  • tronnor
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6 am storys im sorry by h3ntai
6 am storys im sorryby lauren (is lame)
i hate mysefl sorry
  • sendhelp
  • madokamagica
  • anime
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X-Men Chili Cook Off by NerdyBirdy55
X-Men Chili Cook Offby Eleanor Barton
I don't even know tbh
  • chilific
  • hotdamn
  • toohot
Him. by MoonLLLights
Him.by ALL
"He changed me" This book may contain bad language and sexual stuff and also its my first book so don't judge Kay bye
  • omlharry
  • andharry
  • ilikelarry
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Psycho-Ghoul by MelloDragonAr
Psycho-Ghoulby MelloDragonAr
Title not indicative towards kaneki (or is it?). Basically it's the story of tokyo ghoul but set in a world of dominators and the Sybil system controls the CCG (but the...
  • hotdamn
  • crossover
  • humour
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Friends And Slightly More by TiaZose00
Friends And Slightly Moreby TiaZose00
It's always been no strings attached. No commitments. No emotions. Just a physical relationship. Oh and of course their friendship. Feelings don't extend beyond that. It...
  • boylove
  • loveislove
  • fangirl
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Derek From Jumpstreet by derekfromjumpstreet
Derek From Jumpstreetby derekfromjumpstreet
I don't know if I am even going to write this but literally this kid is great and deserves to be written about because unlike Alex from target he didn't just bag items h...
  • hotdamn
  • derek
  • bae
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HOUSEMATES (boyxboy) by legomonsters
A really old draft from a few years back I found in my laptop before sending it to its final destination. In summation, GAY COLLEGE KIDS NETFLIX AND CHILL LOTS OF IT ROO...
  • whipandnaenae
  • hotdamn
  • likereally
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2 Truths, 1 Chilli | C. Xavier by Klover12345
2 Truths, 1 Chilli | C. Xavierby Klover
What will happen when everyone finds out?
  • wattys2017
  • chillipocalypse
  • toohot
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