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Back to you - Hotchniss by jisbons
Back to you - Hotchnissby jisbons
Two years after leaving the BAU in order to work at Interpol, Emily Prentiss returns to Quantico. She soon learns that time doesn't exactly heal all wounds and that some...
home sweet home - a hotchniss story  by hotchnisspaget
home sweet home - a hotchniss paget.prentiss
Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss are becoming best friends over their shared trauma. The rest of the BAU sensed their blossoming relationship but will they get together...
Just Friends? by michigan_47
Just Friends?by Spencer ❤️🏳️‍🌈
Hotchniss I wrote this years ago so it could be really bad
DeAged  by Tobs2006
DeAged by Tobs2006
What happens when the BAU are chasing down a man who turns people into little kids? Who will be turn into a kid ? What's going to happen to them? Read to find out. ps...
Hotchniss  by WriterUnboxed
Hotchniss by WriterUnboxed
He leans his head back and although she can't see him she can feel his breath on her neck. "I need you to promise me something," he whispers. "Anything,&q...
safe with me - Hotchniss by jisbons
safe with me - Hotchnissby jisbons
Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner have been in a secret relationship for three months. It's their little thing, their secret, and it works out pretty well. But what hap...
forever after all 🤍 by pagetswifeprentiss
forever after all 🤍by pagetswifeprentiss
when emily prentiss leaves for interpol, sometning would always feel off.. something is always missing from her life. and when aaron hotchner comes and visits her in her...
behind closed doors by agenthotchniss
behind closed doorsby agenthotchniss
Set in S7, post-doyle, post-fake death. Nothing was the same when she returned. They had spoken a few times, but it was strictly about work. They both knew they needed t...
Hotchniss by MariskaandPaget
Hotchnissby MariskaandPaget
Aaron and Emily have always had feelings for each other. But, have never admitted to each other. Hotch is in a relationship with Beth. And Emily in a relationship with s...
Undercover Love  by WriterUnboxed
Undercover Love by WriterUnboxed
"He's got a type, Aaron." "Absolutely not." A glare is fixed over the team," no. I won't make a decision like that for her." Emily clears h...
hotchniss one-shots  by cm_swiftie_13
hotchniss one-shots by bethany
hotchniss oneshots. some will be longer, some shorter, some will be based on actual episodes, some will be completely made up etc. if you have any requests please comm...
Hotchniss One-Shots  by Paget1969
Hotchniss One-Shots by Paget Valerie Brewster
One shots about Hotch and Emily's relationship. Jack will be included too
Hotchniss One Shots by SpiderGirl_04
Hotchniss One Shotsby ✨acciogweasley✨
Just a basic collection of Hotchniss one shots and short stories. Some steamy and some fluffy. Get a blanket and some hot chocolate. You could be here for a while.
Conversations (A Hotchniss fanfic!) by criminal_minds__x
Conversations (A Hotchniss fanfic!)by CriminalMinds__x
Hey guys! This is my first continuing fanfic! It establishes a relationship that continues to grow
Emily And Aaron by Hotchniss1969
Emily And Aaronby Emily Hotchner
This is a hotchniss story. There will be a little bit of the team in here, but mainly Aaron and Emily. There might be some sexual content or strong language. Please Enjo...
a second chance - Hotchniss by jisbons
a second chance - Hotchnissby jisbons
[TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with eating disorders. Do not read if this could trigger you!] Emily and Aaron Hotchner have been married for nearly 13 years. They hav...
It started in Paris - a Criminal Minds FanFiction by cxskett_lxrx
It started in Paris - a Criminal Lara🌻
Emily Prentiss is an Agent at the Behavior Analyst Unit from the FBI. Someday a Guy from her past named Ian Doyle showed up and tried to kill her. She survived but she h...
Trials and Tribulations  by radicalstorm
Trials and Tribulations by K
Life in the BAU is far from easy, especially for Emily Prentiss. Follow the journey of her career and friendship with the team and her confusing relationship with unit...
"Little do you know" - Hotchniss by jisbons
"Little do you know" - Hotchnissby jisbons
Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner are best friends. They have been really close for a long time, always being there for each other. Their close friendship already scared...