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New Friends To Be Acquired by IAmRedXD
New Friends To Be Acquiredby I’ve lost my mind
Hosuh ends up at a high school party, thanks to his 'friends.' When hiding in a bedroom to avoid people, a guy rushes in, locking the door. Everything started with the...
Stosuh lemon by MisterMandarin
Stosuh lemonby Walnut-chan
Warning! Explicit sex scenes! This book will contain lemon oneshots about Stosuh. Stosuh is meant to have the smex. Stosuh is love, Stosuh is life.
what a wonderful world..  by hahscrewyall
what a wonderful world.. by lo
Warning : there are scenes where I describe how someone gets injured really badly This book also had gavlias, stosuh, janiel and thelly which is Nelly and theo
It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [Discontinued?] by SequinSnake
It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [Discon...by TTATT
Disclaimer - I don't ship the real people, rather the personas they choose to put on their digital characters :) Slowburning fan fiction :0 AU where Stephen doesn't leav...
Hosuh x Stephen by Skyler_busy_Reaper
Hosuh x Stephenby Leftover
A Hosuh and Stephen love story! Might include smuts and lemons if you do not like it please leave! thank you!
The Moon And Back -Stosuh by dolphinplays11
The Moon And Back -Stosuhby Amber...?
Warning: No smut Will include Stosuh, Anniel, JayCat. DanPlan, please don't kill me.
Danplan - (Hosuh x Stephen) by JazzyScares
Danplan - (Hosuh x Stephen)by Jazzyシ
[Disclaimer, this is discontinued. But I am making other books so please check them out if you'd like (They're stosuh related) Hello hello, welcome to the shipping univ...
My little snowflake (HosuhxStephen) by Thatweird_rat
My little snowflake (HosuhxStephen)by ㋛
*Title cover edited by me* This is my first fanfic so don't judge it ;-; ayyyy it's been a year you fools this has no plot what so ever :]
Stockholm Syndrome (Danplan, Hosuh X Stephen) by HerbNerd
Stockholm Syndrome (Danplan, Hosuh...by HerbNerd
When Hosuh is kidnapped by Stephen and Jay, he has to wait for Daniel to save up to pay his 1k ransom. How long will he have to wait at gunpoint? How will he escape? Wil...
Danplan Oneshots!!💕 by LyricalWings
Danplan Oneshots!!💕by LyricalWings
*changed front cover I hope u like abs* Welcome aboard the Danplan train! You've probably been searching for a story where several grown men are forced to fall in love w...
Less than lovers - Stosuh by SequinSnake
Less than lovers - Stosuhby TTATT
This story is very, very slow burn so if this is your fancy, it's the place to be!! :oD This story will NOT have smut in it- the best it'll get to is "Hardcore Fluf...
Sorry Hosuh, no. by panlie
Sorry Hosuh, no.by m
"Sorry Hosuh, no" is what Stephen wishes he could say after Hosuh brought in three stray kittens off the street, although Stephen has a crush on Hosuh and want...
Stosuh fluff by MisterMandarin
Stosuh fluffby Walnut-chan
it's fluff. About Stosuh. Requests are open. Warning! Boy x boy! If you're not into that, then don't read!
Stosuh Oneshots (Danplan + ActuallyStephen) by e_demon
Stosuh Oneshots (Danplan + Actuall...by E
When I got into the fandom I told myself I'd never get into the fan fiction. Then when I started reading fanfic I said I'd never write any. Here I am, because if you wa...
DANPLAN ONESHOTS (Read description)  by GayHoomanHere
DANPLAN ONESHOTS (Read description...by GayHoomanHere
Could Be His (Stosuh) by Maisy_Mai453
Could Be His (Stosuh)by MasMai
Hosuh was the Quiet type, but when he moves to a new town to start a new life, things get a little out of hand. For one, he has to live a week with this weird kid names...
|DISCONTINUED| What is mine, is mine. - Danplan mafia au story by ImExceptionallyAnna
|DISCONTINUED| What is mine, is mi...by Anna Bee
Hey, this story is inspired by Roro-Wolfie Two Mafia kings fall in love with two boys, both completely normal. Please consider voting!
{◇The Echo◇}DanPlan AU {COMPLETE} by ChristianTwin21
{◇The Echo◇}DanPlan AU {COMPLETE}by ChristianTwin21
{◇The Echo◇} Is a DanPlan fan Wattpad story. Daniel sees a certain person in his dreams, some visions, reflection, & shadow, he likes to call him his Echo, for HE follow...
A Demon's Lovely Angel (Discontinued) by _Sxlxris_
A Demon's Lovely Angel (Discontinu...by Obsessed Shipper
Stephen and Hosuh are in highschool. Dan, Hosuh, and Stephen are all best friend (Of course) but Dan and Stephen like Hosuh. Stephen is what you call a physhco. When he...