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Coffee and Clementines // Stosuh Hanahaki AU by BubblegumDayss
Coffee and Clementines // Stosuh H...by ♡
-He swore he forgot how to breathe when he saw a few bloodied, powder blue petals flit down to the damp metal.- -- Stephen takes too long to come to terms with his own f...
⚠️ActuallyOddPlan ONESHOTS⚠️ by AngstyRatt
⚠️ActuallyOddPlan ONESHOTS⚠️by no
any ActuallyOddPlan ship you want to see ⚠️I WILL NOT WRITE SMUT OR ACTUALLYINCEST⚠️ Art in cover is by @mrj_artdump on ig
The Angel with a Messed Up Mind || SEQUEL || JAYPHEN [DISCONTINUED] by Sawamura_Koushi
The Angel with a Messed Up Mind ||...by bubblegumpinklips
This is the sequel to "Messed Up Minds Go with Messed Up Lives" Most of the warnings go for this book, too. Enjoy my pandas!!
Sibling Reunion by Gavin_Simp
Sibling Reunionby Salem
January 11th 2020: Gavin Ng and Stephen Ng have a devastating argument, causing a huge rift in their relationship. February 16th 2020: The older sibling doesn't show up...
Stosuh One Shots by graybetches
Stosuh One Shotsby Graybe
One shots, probably gonna be mainly fluff with some angst. I take requests so dm me if you want me to write about a specific topic :) Cover art by @mirarelyn on Instagra...
ActuallyOddPlan / DanPlan One-Shots by BubblegumDayss
ActuallyOddPlan / DanPlan One-Shotsby ♡
A collection of oneshots of the on-screen personas portrayed by the members of ActuallyOddPlan varying from cute, wholesome ships to very concerning amounts of TW's for...
aop+dp 🍋  by hahscrewyall
aop+dp 🍋 by lo
This is just smut tbh don't judge me if I suck (dick) (jk-) at this. Also please no comments my dad can see it and find out-
Burn Out ( Danplan ) by tinypaperdead
Burn Out ( Danplan )by Tiny Paper
Joe had to leave for some family business, leaving Stephen having to finish their assignment alone. What he didn't expect was the burn out. And the nightmares. [ COMPLET...
Danplan Aladdin AU by LanceTheLoverBoy
Danplan Aladdin AUby Ver
Hiya! This will be my first AU! A Danplan Aladdin AU! I hope you guys enjoy! #danplanaladdinau ❗IF YOU DONT LIKE STOSUH THEN THIS STORY IS NOT FOR YOU! NO DRAMA❗ Date st...
Danplan/AOP oneshots by fading_presence
Danplan/AOP oneshotsby Mei
story contains: fluff, smut, hurt/comfort, and anything else ya'll request
my headcanons by hahscrewyall
my headcanonsby lo
I know I'll lose some of my followers but idc, if you follow me its because you like what I make and his I write my storys
Among Us AOP Au by danplanfan67
Among Us AOP Auby ActuallyMe
Hosuh, Stephen, Gavin and all the others are stuck on a ship in outer space. To escape they have to do simple tasks all around the ship. But...something's not right. Thi...
Nothing But Chaos. | AODP ChatFic by DanPlanAuthor
Nothing But Chaos. | AODP ChatFicby DanPlan + Danganronpa
yes, I'm making a chatfic with them! Hope you enjoy their chaotic shenanigans!
Pretty boy (Hosuh x Male! reader) by rozirun
Pretty boy (Hosuh x Male! reader)by rozi :)
You're an employee at a local boba-tea shop. One day, you encounter an absolute angel. Cutesy stuff ensues. [please note this takes place before the drama happened back...
sherbet - a stosuh fanfiction by pinkycat103
sherbet - a stosuh fanfictionby pinky ♡
♡ slowburn!! ♡ just a fluffy fanfiction between our favourite people, Stephen and Hosuh! ...until i somehow managed to turn it into an apocalypse au :)) highest ra...
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Danplan/ActuallyOddPlan Oneshots by Gavin_Simp
Danplan/ActuallyOddPlan Oneshotsby Salem
Banned ships: Gavin x Stephen (ew) Joey x Hosuh (ew) Daniel x Elias Pau x Anyone Allowed Ships: Literally anything except the ones above Request away! Cover belongs to @...
high school sweethearts {stosuh}  by germaphobeboi
high school sweethearts {stosuh} by lee ✨
pastel!hosuh x punk!stephen also high school au :3 (cover pic is mine!) THERE IS SOME TRIGGERS!!! SELF HARM, HOMOPHOBIA, ABUSE, AND ANGST AND A LOT MORE SO PLEASE READ...
Actually Crackfic by StabreadlecochicaPie
Actually Crackficby Starnight
superhero + school actually stephen au? I don't know why I made this please save me
Truth, Dare, and a Twist (An ActuallyOddPlan Smut Fic) by authorinformal
Truth, Dare, and a Twist (An Actua...by stupid hørse
"We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift." ~~~ I highly doubt any of them saw this com...
18, jaysuh by ahegaoshou
18, jaysuhby 似叡次 ۵✞
-and he knew that he couldn't let someone of the likes of jay get the best of him, but god, was he intrigued. STARTED 070720 FINISHED N/A