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Stosuh lemon by MisterMandarin
Stosuh lemonby Walnut-chan
Warning! Explicit sex scenes! This book will contain lemon oneshots about Stosuh. Stosuh is meant to have the smex. Stosuh is love, Stosuh is life.
Jayphen by Toxic_Biscuit
Jayphenby Toxic Biscuit
Sooooooo I searched everywhere, I LITERLLY MEAN EVERYWHERE!!! But I can't find any more fanfictions about them, so basically im gonna write one. Hope you enjoy this! o(^...
The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He's Gay From a Picnic by actualplanstan
The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He'...by stan that stans
He didn't like men, at least he didn't think so. Yet when he saw how Hosuh's eyes smiled in time with his lips, he couldn't help but stare, thinking of how beautiful he...
Caution: Do Not Touch | Stosuh Story (Ft. Actually Stephen and OddJayAlter) by 0Muse0
Caution: Do Not Touch | Stosuh Sto...by Gay With Standards
(DISCONTINUED) Stephen doesn't like Hosuh. He doesn't like how quiet Hosuh is, he doesn't like how Hosuh always plays with his ponytail, he doesn't like the way Hosuh li...
New Friends To Be Acquired by IAmRedXD
New Friends To Be Acquiredby I’ve lost my mind
Hosuh ends up at a high school party, thanks to his 'friends.' When hiding in a bedroom to avoid people, a guy rushes in, locking the door. Everything started with the...
AcTuAlLyOdDpLaN sMuT by Hosuhmellow
AcTuAlLyOdDpLaN sMuTby I quit
Sorry I'm bad at this- but danplan smut and a au Also follow me on Instagram okay.stephenn
DanPlan Inccorect Quotes by SackFullOfPotatoes
DanPlan Inccorect Quotesby Tato
This book consists of 750 Incorrect Quotes in total. Some are sent in by readers, some are found on tumblr or other places, and some are made up. This book does contain...
DANPLAN ONESHOTS (Read description)  by GayHoomanHere
DANPLAN ONESHOTS (Read description...by GayHoomanHere
• DanPlan Scenarios • by okaytokito
• DanPlan Scenarios •by scaramouche
Danplan scenarios but it's just Stephan, Hosuh, and Jay 👌 ( Danplan Oneshots , Danplan Preferences )
New Perspective [BNHA Fanfiction] by FlorenceEdurot
New Perspective [BNHA Fanfiction]by Mischievous Apple LOL
Is it really wrong for a quirkless child to dream of becoming a hero? Most people would say Yes, right? Well, how about a quirkless Celestial mage, hm? Izuku had been q...
•Her• (Danplan x reader) by Its_Queen_Rei
•Her• (Danplan x reader)by Rei
It would seem that the female had made four men to fall for her. Who would win the battle though? It's unknown. Let us all just wish them luck.
It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [Discontinued?] by SequinSnake
It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [Discon...by TTATT
Disclaimer - I don't ship the real people, rather the personas they choose to put on their digital characters :) Slowburning fan fiction :0 AU where Stephen doesn't leav...
Lovely - Stephen x Reader (DanPlan) by Yuki_Yookie
Lovely - Stephen x Reader (DanPlan)by 🍌Yukari🍌
You meet him once online by your friend Dan. But then run into him in public by a small accident? What will happen to you nOw??
stosuh oneshots!  by germaphobeboi
stosuh oneshots! by lee ✨
this includes angst, fluff, and smut. (MoStLy sMuT tHo) :3
Stephen x hosuh| I knew you loved me  by Fangirl_gon_wild
Stephen x hosuh| I knew you loved...by UwU
⚠️Gore warning, also, i had to cancel, so technically not fully completed (This was before the drama, I'm aware that Stephen is no longer apart of danplan) The classic t...
Danplan Oneshots by okaytokito
Danplan Oneshotsby scaramouche
I do Daniel, Hosuh, Jay, and Stephan!
I Just Folow Where The Wind Takes Me (Danplan X Reader) by Sucker4everything
I Just Folow Where The Wind Takes...by Sucker4everything
This is another book an AU. This book will be different.The ending will be who do you chose as your lover like Dan x reader or Stephen x reader or hosuh x reader or even...
Finding Her Again (danplan x Reader) by -Froggy_Chi-
Finding Her Again (danplan x Reade...by ✨MJ✨
High school Best friends, Daniel Steven Hosuh and (Y/N), had a fun senior year until one night at a party (Y/N) dragged the group to. Things are fuzzy for everyone for...
danplan incorrect quotes  by hahscrewyall
danplan incorrect quotes by lo
There will be some ships in this and its not only the 3 boy's.
The Moon And Back -Stosuh by dolphinplays11
The Moon And Back -Stosuhby Amber...?
Warning: No smut Will include Stosuh, Anniel, JayCat. DanPlan, please don't kill me.