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Shards by randomwordythings
Shardsby Kay Wilson
Being the daughter of the most powerful people in the country places a high societal value on Octavia from the public. The glamour of this status wore off for her years...
  • scifi
  • abducted
  • dystopian
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Bang! • A BTS Gang FF by skrraaa
Bang! • A BTS Gang FFby aaarrks
When Park Yuna finds herself in a horrifying situation, how will she cope with the consequences? (WARNING : Will contain violence, swearing, and some kinky shit. Have a...
  • violence
  • leader
  • bts
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Obscure by luv_clyde
Obscureby Gypsophilia
• Completed • An 18 year old girl risks her life to escape from her country but what happens when she approaches a killer for help.. This is my first story and I will up...
  • fiction
  • drama
  • killer
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you're mine. (Billie x reader) by painfully_awkward
you're mine. (Billie x reader)by ;)
"your mine." she whispers in my ear "my hostage..." he finger tips graze my neck as she slowly backs away from me, leaving me trembling on the cold f...
  • kidnapperxreader
  • hostage
  • lgbtfiction
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hostage | s.r by katielees4
hostage | s.rby ModeratelyDelusional
❝ it's okay to be afraid of the monsters, it's just not okay to let them win ❞ { criminal minds } { no set season }
  • aaronhotcher
  • derekmorgan
  • amandaseyfried
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Hostage (a Marichat fanfiction) by EtherealMagicQueen
Hostage (a Marichat fanfiction)by ❤︎Hiatus❤︎
(ON HIATUS UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2019) (Cover creates by -Hiraxth) Marinette has been transported from kidnappers to kidnappers almost all her life. Only when she was a litt...
  • torture
  • childabducting
  • childhood
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They Call Him Beast by glammaddict
They Call Him Beastby Jasmine
He was everything those wicked rumours whispered him to be. Deadly, cruel and beastly, so far removed from humanity that he terrified anyone stupid enough to get too clo...
  • shifter
  • dark
  • posessive
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If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You Kidnap Me?! by xLimewireJunkiex
If You Didn't Want Me Why Did xLimewireJunkiex
Schuyler was kidnapped walking home from her job a couple streets away from her house, by a group of guys that seem no older than her. they were hoping for a girl named...
  • read
  • attacked
  • didnt
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Billie Eilish ( photos ) by xannybillie18
Billie Eilish ( photos )by Xanny.billie 💋
If you're ever bored at some point and want to look at pictures of this beautiful human being, here you go !!! Go Read Part 2
  • crushimagines
  • random
  • copycat
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Seducing Danger ✔️ by LittleMinx94
Seducing Danger ✔️by Alexandria Lee
"To give and receive love, you have to be in touch with pain" For Katerina Sanders, pain seemed to be the only thing she was in touch with in this world. She...
  • death
  • completed
  • prostitution
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After Hours by MonaChiedu
After Hoursby Ramona Morris
Destiny Parker is a 31 year old African American woman stuck working a nine to five job and balancing the role of mother and the horrors of finding a good man. To make m...
  • urban
  • daddy
  • acceptance
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The Antihero by myloveforwords
The Antiheroby myloveforwords
'I should have been the one to leave, not her' I said truthfully. 'You are right' He tiled his head and kept looking at me. 'Why are you doing this Armaan? Don't you rea...
  • dark
  • fanfiction
  • empowerment
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Stockholm Syndrome // KTH. ff by BTSfanfictionxx
Stockholm Syndrome // KTH. ffby ivvv
Stockholm syndrome (Noun) : feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. "I'll never leave if...
  • lovestory
  • stockholm
  • hostage
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A Different Kind of Animal by RosalieTarr
A Different Kind of Animalby Rosalie Tarr
Imprisoned in an underground laboratory his entire life, eighteen-year-old Leonardo finally escapes, entering the real world for the first time. Overwhelmed by all the n...
  • scientists
  • laboratory
  • suspense
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Frank is so utterly tired of his life, the routine of being broken down and told to just take it, and there are a hell of a lot of people he'd happily do away with in a...
  • petekey
  • death
  • mikeyway
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Asleep by MikaelaBender
Asleepby Mikaela Bender
In a time when kidnapping is a common occurrence, Nora is about to become her father's science experiment. Taken away from her family, Nora is trapped inside of a dream...
  • science
  • captured
  • malepov
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Blinded || Larry by larryshaft
Blinded || Larryby larryshaft
[Complete] "The only thing keeping you alive.. is that blindfold wrapped around your eyes." Louis agrees to house-sit for his parents during their weekend geta...
  • larrystylinson
  • louistomlinson
  • larry
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Chasing Danger by ashley96mc
Chasing Dangerby Ashley Kelly
HIGHEST RANK: #1 thief: First she's his captive. Then she's his partner. This is an origin story of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, complete with crime, mystery, and tons...
  • money
  • criminal
  • badboy
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*Jenzie* Someone Will Love You, But Someone Isn't Me by Ship_Love_Stories
*Jenzie* Someone Will Love You, Kayla
Kenzie is the baddest it gets, and she's not your average teen, she's involved with some dangerous people, but will that all change when she meets Johnny? Will he be the...
  • ganglove
  • kidnapped
  • friends
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Darkest Days {Spencer Reid} by FangirlofMany9503
Darkest Days {Spencer Reid}by Hannah
"You have to help me. You're the only hope I have of escaping." *** This was not the first time Dr. Spencer Reid had been kidnapped. But it was the first time...
  • spencerreid
  • reid
  • lovestory
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