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Soulmates (Hosie) by asian_writer1196
Soulmates (Hosie)by AsianWriter
Although not common, some werewolves become marked with a symbol once they've found their soulmate. In order to satisfy the wolf, it must get what it wants which is to c...
she - hosie au by leena_mikaelson
she - hosie auby elle
where two girls find each other on the internet started: 24 / 01 / 20 ended: #2 in legacies (13/05/2020) #1 in social media (17/09/2020)
Surreptitious by SA-Wolfie
Surreptitiousby Wolfs
A Hosie-centric continuation of season 2. With Hope still trapped in Josie's subconscious, the young siphon is experiencing intense transcendental dreams and rather inef...
Just stuff I write when I'm bored and don't want feel like updating other story. #1 in Kaylee Bryant tag - 05/02/2020
The School Loser - hosie by ms_boredom
The School Loser - hosieby ms_boredom
Josie Saltzman, the school loser, and Hope Mikaelson, the golden girl. After years of bullying, can they come together and work on their project without catching feeling...
didn't mean to get so close (and i know that i should probably go)   by thegreendude12
didn't mean to get so close (and i...by Jason Ortiz
At just 16, Josie Saltzman was one of the best youth soccer players in the country. Josie Saltzman was also just 16 when she suddenly wasn't anymore, and she blamed Hope...
Hosie Dusk till Dawn by bubble_gum2020
Hosie Dusk till Dawnby bubble_gum2020
It started off as stolen moments when nobody was looking. Soon, it became their little secret. Josie never kept something this big from Lizzie before.
She's My Mate-Hosie by Legacieshosielover
She's My Mate-Hosieby Legacieshosielover
Hope becomes good friends with Josie. But not long after being around Josie, Hope starts acting weird around Josie. Josie notices the changes in not only her behavior...
She's Mine by kpowd20
She's Mineby kpowd20
Hope shows up to save Josie more than a couple of times. Where will this new bond go? Will either of them admit their feelings for each other? Will Hope open up to Josie...
The Mikaelson Gang by Aurorajc15
The Mikaelson Gangby Aurorajc15
So Hope has a twin in this and there are more differences in the story than from the show butt in the end Hosie is reigning supreme
Square one by rainbowheelies
Square oneby Smoosh
Set after Penelope leaves, does somewhat deviate from shows plot in some ways, there will be some inaccuracies. Please don't kill me I will being trying my absolute bes...
The new teacher by ZeeHavi
The new teacherby Zee
Hope's heading into her senior year of high school. She meets a woman the night before school starts and they find out they have a lot in common with each other. Little...
Feelings - A Hosie Story by FandomsInsanity42
Feelings - A Hosie Storyby FandomsInsanity
A story about Hosie that any readers and fans of the ship will enjoy (hopefully). It will focus on their ship whilst also including other characters in certain places (s...
Hosie- Anger by msherry27
Hosie- Angerby msherry27
After a failed mission with alaric a very angry hope is faced with a very loving josie. What will happen. Smut warning ⚠️
Everything Has Changed/ Hosie by traficanta_de_inimi
Everything Has Changed/ Hosieby traficanta_de_inimi
Josie is the captain of the fost football team and she is the sweet nice popular girl at the Salvatore boring school. She works at a bar/restaurant part time after schoo...
High school love by soulpreath
High school loveby soulpreath
A story about Josie Saltzman and Hope Mikaelson falling for love with each other more everyday Completed but sequel is now available.
The merge (legacies smut) by LiamWilliams563
The merge (legacies smut)by LiamWilliams563
Lizzie is trying to find a coping mechanism for dealing with The Merge. Josie is surprised by what the latest one is. This story takes place after 2.01.
Let Me In by Tellingtouch
Let Me Inby Tellingtouch
Hope is an introvert and shy. Josie just wants to get to know her and be her frined, maybe more.
The Bodyguard (Hosie) by AlexandriaMaxim
The Bodyguard (Hosie)by Alexandria Maxim
Josie Saltzman's life is in danger. Her father, Mr. Saltzman hired a bodyguard to protect her. But she hates being watched, so she does everything she could to make her...
Magic by alicemayamery123
Magicby alicemayamery123
They meet a new monster who happens to have a thing with hurting people or revealing secrets big or small so when the monster gets to hope a secret only one other knew i...