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The Dragon Shifters by XDemalitionX
The Dragon Shiftersby Jocelyn mack
Rhea is 19 and works at a animal clinic. She seems like you're average girl, exept she has the ability to turn into a dragon. She lives in a world where werewolves, vamp...
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My Story Ideas by LunaTree
My Story Ideasby Luna
Just some random story ideas!
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Nettle Witching by JediOnHorseback
Nettle Witchingby Lili Carlton
Updates on Fridays - Death magic is still death magic even if you use it in another way. One can never truly stray from what they are meant to do or who they are meant t...
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Horses and Kisses(Chris Evans x Reader) by NatalieGoshen
Horses and Kisses(Chris Evans x Natalie
(Chris Evans x Reader)Just little old you, born and raised in a small town. You spent most of your time working hard, but someone cane alone to help you play hard as wel...
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Riders:New Hope by Sapphirus_Prime
Riders:New Hopeby Sapphirus _Prime
So you remember the riders from Prime and I and And prime and I flamin up right? Did I tell you that there was a downfall? Every Rider ran, to the universe. Hiding. That...
Innisfail by Graph_
Innisfailby Graph
The Hayes family motto might as well read Stòlda mar a bhí riamh - stubborn as ever. Reunited at last for a wedding and a funeral, it'll be a miracle if they can put up...
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Sun flower *Fillie* by Juststoriez03
Sun flower *Fillie*by Idk..😂
Millie has been a Orphan for longer then she can reamber. While Finns a rich Spoiled brat he's selfish and Rude. But there's something nobody knows about him. His mom an...
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The one by 18savagek
The oneby 18savagek
Livvy has moved from the city to the country and at first she hates it until she discovers a abandoned horse in the stable in the new yard and they bond is she THE ONE
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Mund in the Rain by EqineEvelyn
Mund in the Rainby JUSTgoDRARRY
a caretaker for kaësi's (a horse which wings appear when needed) falls in love with one named Mund. but a little girl falls in love with him too so her mother buys M...
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The horse tamer by 18savagek
The horse tamerby 18savagek
Vivian has always loved horses often helping out in her local stable evergreen,she always dreamt of having her own horse but she's never found the perfect one,but when a...
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Not sure what this is tbh! by showjumperlil
Not sure what this is tbh!by Liliana (lili) o’leary
Umm This story will probs be random little story's and my sketches and about my day feel free to comment ask questions n' shit, umm not rlly worth ready but I'm in hosp...
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Bluestone by equineoxer
Bluestoneby Annika S.
A former star showjumping stallion at the Stable of Red Leaves makes the rash decision to escape and become a wild horse, which transforms his life catastrophically. War...
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My artwork by JokerHorse
My artworkby JokerHorse
Not a story, but I want to spread my art elsewhere other than instagram, make sure to check me out with @Jokerhorse as my name
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Making The Team by equestrianteamgirl
Making The Teamby Equestrian Team Girl
Making the Team (an Equestrian Team Girl novel) follows Phoebe O'Brien as she tries out and makes her school's equestrian team . . . .
Cowboys by KookiesNBananaMilk94
Cowboysby Viper
A teen whose mom owns a ranch with 20+ horses falls in love with her best friend's cousin. Most of the horse's names are my personal horses. Tilly is the horse I ride th...
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Horses in the wind by TeganGillis1
Horses in the windby BuddyBoo
Lizzy finally got her dream horse, a wild horse she named Thunder. But one unfortunate night when a storm spooks him he runs off.Will he come back or will she never see...
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Oc (Adopts) Book! by Lil_horsegirl
Oc (Adopts) Book!by Lil_horsegirl
It has been a very long wait for this book to come out, but I finally decided to do it! Nothing much to say... It's on the front cover... All probably change the cover...
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Where the Thistle Grows Wild  by sungirl22
Where the Thistle Grows Wild by sungirl22
in this collection of poems, 16 year old Eden stays for a month at her grandparents' cattle ranch in Tennessee, far away from her hometown in Wyoming. She learns how to...
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Clash of magic by 727fandomwriter
Clash of magicby 727fandomwriter
You may have heard of a different story of which a young warlock became the servant to a prat. That prat ended up becoming the king of all Camelot. Some might even say t...
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Fall Down or Fly by ILYoung335
Fall Down or Flyby I.L.Young
Ashley Edwards has lived a normal and happy life with her family and horse Phoenix. That is, until one of her father's friends drops by in the early hours of a Sunday mo...
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