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Slasher Imagines by MyFantasticImagines1
Slasher Imaginesby DesstopStop
A whole book for my Slasher stuff from my slasher account on tumblr @xoxoslasherimagines
  • mybloodyvalentine
  • texaschainsawmassacre
  • thedevilscarnival
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There's a Reason Horror Movies are Rated R by rottenbunni
There's a Reason Horror Movies are...by No Eyes + Dead Guys
Here we have any average house hold of your typical, infamous horror movie killers; Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Ghostface. But what will happen whe...
  • fridaythethirteenth
  • freddykrueger
  • jasonvorhees
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Slashers x Reader One-Shots by Red_scarfed_person
Slashers x Reader One-Shotsby Kuku~ (Eli)
This book will be full of many Slashers! Any requests are welcomed any time! Unfortunately, I can't upload too often, though I will try to! Check out other cringy storie...
  • leatherface
  • slashers
  • jason
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Ghostface Preferences and Imagines  by Kileyvan
Ghostface Preferences and Imagines by Kiley Rose
Includes Billy Loomis, Stu Macher,and Mickey Altieri, and Roman Bridger. I do take request. Feel free to PM me.
  • screamtrilogy
  • billyloomis
  • romanbridger
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Slasher movies. Father Scenario's by Kittywriteshorror
Slasher movies. Father Scenario'sby Kittywriteshorror
The famous slasher is your dad, what will happen? Many scenarios of you growing up under your fathers wing.
  • michaelmyersxreader
  • freddykruegerxreader
  • 80shorror
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Slashers ||Book Two|| by diccals
Slashers ||Book Two||by Norman Bates
[REQUESTS CLOSED] The sequel to my first Slashers x Reader book. Filled with romance, smut, violence and swearing.
  • timburton
  • brahams
  • xreader
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It'll Be Okay. [Tanaya X Female Reader] by Emosher
It'll Be Okay. [Tanaya X Female Re...by Emosher
All the slashers have went into hiding. Police are after them to arrest them. Even Tanaya. When he is the most wanted killer world wide, how will he manage to keep his r...
  • drama
  • friendship
  • sadness
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Bowers Has a Girlfriend? by dragon_chief_
Bowers Has a Girlfriend?by Valeska Laufeyson
"Yep. And she's even more psychotic than he is." "I've heard that she locks people in hot cars to get them to apologise-" "She is strong; she ca...
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  • horrormovie
  • drain
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Leatherface x Female Reader by palmcorder
Leatherface x Female Readerby MORGAN
Cover art by: https://www.deviantart.com/tencha Chapter 4 art by: http://uncle-cucky.tumblr.com POV of reader; Your tire deflates in the middle of nowhere, unknowingly n...
  • kidnapping
  • texaschainsawmassacre
  • xreader
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I'll Protect You by richiesmissing
I'll Protect Youby 🎈
This is a story based on the charcters/story of Stephen King's It. It will contain sexual content, strong language, and violence. *note that this story is based on the e...
  • imagines
  • horrormovie
  • pennywise
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