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Benny-Mortal by BennyTheFrenchGuy
Benny-Mortalby BennyTheFrenchSpider
Another Story of Benny Co. In this One, a young boy named Benjamin, had to clean the basement of his house, And like good old horror movies fashion, Something was in the...
Candles by probablysamie_
Candlesby probably samie
A short story. A boy and his father seem to live alone. The boy's father has a room with candles in it. Each candle has 3 things in it. A date, two or three letters, and...
Short Scary Stories (Requests are open) by Pancakekraken
Short Scary Stories (Requests are...by 10thTARDIS713
Just a book of short scary stories cause I can't write anything else. Happy Spoopy Season!
The Take of the Soul [Darkiplier Fanfiction] by ItsMeJadeNguyen4356
The Take of the Soul [Darkiplier F...by Jade Nguyen
Hey! Welcome to my story 'The Take of the Soul'! I hope you enjoy and have fun!!!! Please remember, I imagined all of this and decided to do this story....and it is fan...
Paws & Claws by _SmallLeaf_
Paws & Clawsby _SmallLeaf_
This is a oneshot me and fellow Wattpadian, @FandomsRuinedMyLife0 created a while ago in a comment section of book we both read. After several request to continue it, or...
Carrie and Azaleth (working title)  by SmirkySeaPanda
Carrie and Azaleth (working title) by
This story is basically me trying to pull a Rick Riordan on the Cthulhu Mythos. Just the first chapter so far.
Dangan Ronpa (TJ's Style)  by TJwritesthings
Dangan Ronpa (TJ's Style) by TJ (Hailey)
Based off of the famous game 'Dangan Ronpa', I have decided to make tons of characters based off of my friends, and kill them slowly and painfully, while making the othe...
|:Project 094:| by BlueprinceCuteWolf
|:Project 094:|by BlueprinceCuteWolf
Blue has been sent to Isla Sorna to investigate the dinosaurs who may still be alive there. He was sent there by Dr Henry Wu. Being the new scientist and a troop he is s...
A Hero's Reality by Venuslii
A Hero's Realityby ❃.✮:▹ p00lq ◃:✮.❃
I'm to lazy to make a cover I'm not good at titles ex dee Triggering themes Highest rank(s) #1 in horroriguess
The Tiger In The Pool  by cxrious_yxri
The Tiger In The Pool by cxrious_yxri
This story is based in the 1940's about a young boy named Oliver Stone, he's got a monster under his bed.. It's scaring him.
Talking With A So-Called-Sweet-Pyschopath ^6^ by Mrs_Unique-Boutique
Talking With A So-Called-Sweet-Pys...by Ms. Unique
hello! ^6^ ouo * holds out axe in front of chu * ready humans...? <u<