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DEAD IN BED Bailey_Simms
1.1M 41.6K
The Surgeon francisxyzk
5.1M 83K
The Forsaken Girl kotastar14
133K 6K
This Would Be Paradise (Book 2)-A Zombie Novel N_D_Iverson
110K 7K
This Would Be Paradise (Book 1)-A Zombie Novel N_D_Iverson
1.4M 58.7K
No Children ALLOWED [Wattys 2015] Paraeeks
346K 58K
Family Comes First (Kidnapped By Cannibals) masonfitzzy
400K 17.1K
Under KellyAnneBlount
544K 20.4K
Captured KellyAnneBlount
9.2M 153K
The Cellar natashapreston
14.8M 205K
Finding My Wattpad Stalker (Sequel to MWS) Alycat1901
13.4K 1K
Truth Comes Second (Kidnapped By Cannibals 2) masonfitzzy
12.7K 743
Fever UniversalHorror
15.3K 549
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Story] ReadingtheInsanity
11K 422
The Whispering of Bitter Creek UniversalHorror
12.7K 459
Chairs lovestoriesforever
567K 18.1K
Stalked kristen102500
125K 3.5K
The Subway (Wattys 2015) Jae-Jae
321K 14K