A Loud Silence (complete) by mcwhoreemick
A Loud Silence (complete)by mcwhoreemick
"This is fucking crazy. YOU'RE fucking crazy." He shrugged. "People do crazy things for love." #41 in horror
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  • fbi
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Haadsa Ya Haqeeqat (Daily Updates) by Uzma_Farheen
Haadsa Ya Haqeeqat (Daily Updates)by Uzma_Farheen
Highest Rank #4 in Horror (25-02-2018) Kaun Jane Kya hai Haadsa aur Kya Hai Haqeeqat? Laut aate Hain wo bhi, jinhe kisi se ho beintehaa Mohabbat **DAILY UPDATES** Story...
  • horror
  • ghost
  • mystery
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Haunted Revenge  by adommybearforever
Haunted Revenge by adommybearforever
Thank you for loving me Addy ~Kitty POV~ You're so very special to me Kitty ~Addy POV~ Tommy White is very special because he was born with special powers called telekin...
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Mysterious Huntress (DL x OC) by Dragon-Born-Princess
Mysterious Huntress (DL x OC)by Dragon-Born-Princess
What happens if Yui brought her older sister to live at the Sakamaki with her? She is a skilled huntress that kills supernaturals that doesn't belong to the human world...
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My Nightmares and Rants by WeirdlyMemed
My Nightmares and Rantsby WeirdlyMemed
This is basically a book to where you can learn more about me. Think of it this way - I'm being honest, and I can't say that I'm sorry for sharing any of these secrets...
  • nightmares
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Crazy by _taehyungnology
Crazyby _taehyungnology
"Taehyung,please. Pumunta ka sa amin,Takot na takot na ako" #10 in Horror 2/25/18 ©_taehyungnology 2/11/2018™ 2/14/2018™
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Deathless by S_A_Lusher
Deathlessby S_A_Lusher
The thirteenth novel in The Shadow Wars. At the edge of explored space sits a desert world known only as Ash. It supports a minuscule population of miserable soldiers, t...
  • outerspace
  • pain
  • scifi
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True Scary Stories by PerseusHamilton
True Scary Storiesby PerseusHamilton
lmao these are scary stories that have actually happened to me . . . there's only a few but if any of you have them you can message them to me and I'll 100% put them up...
  • stories
  • true
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Parasite V by CamisWeird
Parasite Vby CamisWeird
A group of friends find a big deserted town with no one to be found but them. It seems like an old big contained science laboratory or hospital. The group of teens then...
  • bloody
  • gore
  • vampires
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El Ritual by Albeertt
El Ritualby Albeertt
Esta es la Historia de Max, quien junto con su amigo Luis están siendo aterrorizados por una entidad que ellos aun desconocen, pero los padres de Max saben que es lo que...
  • terror
  • roosevelt
  • suspenso
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Toilet Pojok by AndienAryn
Toilet Pojokby AndienAryn
Ketidak sengajaan salah satu diantara mereka,membuat semuanya ikut terjebak dalam acaman BAHAYA!. *PEMIKIR: @AIDA RAMADHANI YUSDIN @ANDINI MAHARANI *EDITOR: @NADIA SILV...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • best
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Los Habitantes del Armario. by ilichmartinez
Los Habitantes del Armario.by ilichmartinez
Alfred es un niño de 11 años que un día recibe un bello armario comprado por su padre. Lo que el chico nunca imaginó, es que en su armario habitan unos seres, que luego...
  • noche
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Character Profiles by EliseMichelleOconnor
Character Profilesby EliseMichelleOconnor
Just some profiles I created for my characters. P.S., 'Camilla's Corner' is meant to resemble a horror movie of some sort, while 'Ball & Chain' is supposed to become a C...
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Child's Play by -Shino_Misumi-
Child's Playby -Shino_Misumi-
Dmitri Grief is just a small, innocent nine year old. Living with his older sister - Holly - and his parents, plus Baby Lily, they were quite happy. Despite the constant...
  • monsterincloset
  • ghost
  • horror
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The New Student by SimpleGracexx
The New Studentby SimpleGracexx
Anne make a friend that has a very long hair. Her name was unknown by anyone. Anne somehow asked her questions and realized she shouldn't done that before...
  • horror
  • longhaired
  • scary
Strefa mroku by Maciejka098
Strefa mrokuby Maciejka098
Zbiór strasznych opowieści, inspirowanych wydarzeniami autentycznymi jak i zmyślonymi. Czy potrafisz odróżnić fikcję od rzeczywistości? Czy potrafisz trzymać nerwy na wo...
  • horror
  • morderca
  • ciemność
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.//.Richie Tozier x reader.//. by iDerryIndiana
.//.Richie Tozier x reader.//.by iDerryIndiana
"If I would choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to utter I love you."
  • eddiekaspbrak
  • stanleyuris
  • richietozier
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Deney 101 by TrHasan07
Deney 101by TrHasan07
2022 Yılında Yapılan Deneyde Havadan Yayılan Bir Salgın Bir Kişi Tarafından Serbest Bırakıldı Bu Hızla Hava İle Yayılan Salgında Neredeyse Herkes Zombiye Dönüşmüştü .Her...
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