Voice by ShaunAllan
Voiceby ShaunAllan
**Commissioned by Paramount Pictures for the release of A Quiet Place.** Everything has a voice. Every person, every leaf, stone and piece of dust floating upon an erran...
  • silence
  • aquietplace
  • wattpadstars
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BITable: Penny's Back by PutCringeyNameHere
BITable: Penny's Backby PutCringeyNameHere
So Y/n really thought that 16 years ago she was safe? Oh was she wrong. Her and the former Losers Club notice some strange disappearances arising in their new town, and...
  • pennywise
  • rogergrey
  • billskarsgard
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NO HABLARAS by LucasMartinez0710
NO HABLARASby LucasMartinez0710
Daniel es un joven que toma venganza y a sus victimas las hace callar de la peor manera.... shh!! no hablaras ....muerte y venganza es lo único que busca.
  • suspenso
  • miedo
  • asesinato
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Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Killer x reader] by IceT3a
Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Kil...by IceT3a
(Y/N) didn't have an easy life. But she only realized how happy she actually was after she had lost it all to a bipolar maniac who wanted her all to himself. DISCLAIMER...
  • creepypasta
  • jeffthekiller
  • halloween
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Kisah yang diambil dari orang yang percaya mereka ada, yang telah berjumpa dengan mereka yang tak terlihat, bukan soal indigo tapi tentang keyakinan bahwa yang tak terli...
  • hororstory
  • hantu
  • setan
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CreepyPasták Magyarul A-Z-ig by killerreka
CreepyPasták Magyarul A-Z-igby killerreka
Creepypasták és egyéb rémtörténetek A-Z-ig. Néhol(majdnem mindenhol) 18+. Napi 5-7 Pastat rakok ki. Gyenge idegzetűeknek nem ajánlott!!!
  • szellem
  • creepypasta
  • szörny
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A Kingdom of Cold and Quiet by SmallBobInc
A Kingdom of Cold and Quietby SmallBobInc
As soon as her mother goes missing and the only clue pointing to her whereabouts is her search history, Elise Newman has packed her bag and boarded the first flight to J...
  • seaoftrees
  • psychological
  • short
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I Was 14 by imsavagebts
I Was 14by imsavagebts
My apartment is haunted. I've tried moving, but that thing keeps following me around. It's been there for a long time. What will happen to me?
  • horror
  • demons
  • haunted
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Solitude For the Abnormal (RP) by blazingarrow27
Solitude For the Abnormal (RP)by blazingarrow27
Hidden deep in the woods of Colorado, there is a large stone structure built to keep things out... and more importantly, in. Inside is a group of kids with strange abili...
  • accid
  • horror
  • lololololololol
TRUTH OR DARE ( On Going ) by Rechhaaa
TRUTH OR DARE ( On Going )by Rechhaaa
In this game, only the rules are need to say the truth, If you lie on the group a few days will past, you will die or if you choose dare, you have 2 days to do the dare...
  • friendship
  • horror
  • mysterious
Finn's mission. by Tales_of_darkness_
Finn's mission.by Tales_of_darkness_
A first Finn's mission is to find a town. Just a stupid town. His mission quickly turns from finding a stupid town to making it out alive.
  • danger
  • horror
  • romance
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INDIGO by deaivanai
INDIGOby deaivanai
Andra lahir di keluarga yang bisa dibilang keluarga yang berkecukupan. Saat ia berumur 10 tahun ibunya melahirkan satu anak laki-laki yang sekaligus menjadi adik Andra s...
  • horror
  • indigo
  • teenfiction
Shattered Dreams {An Rp} by X_kaoris_symphony_X
Shattered Dreams {An Rp}by X_kaoris_symphony_X
Misused and betrayed by society or those in it, this is an rp where wasted potential is put to use in a twisted fashion.
  • horror
  • rp
  • roleplay
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Apocalypse, The End Of Humanity by angelofdespair28
Apocalypse, The End Of Humanityby angelofdespair28
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> "Apocalypse, The End Of Humanity" A typical sm...
  • virus
  • action
  • infection
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Fright by critainehdachickene
Frightby critainehdachickene
Short horror stories :) Disclaimer: I don't own any of these stories, but the internet fed me these and I wanted to share them with you guys :)
  • horror
  • shortstories
dangerous side of horror s1 by psycho_yoshiko
dangerous side of horror s1by psycho_yoshiko
dangerous side of horror s1- niebezpieczna strona horroru sezon pierwszy to zbiór krótkich lub dłuższych strasznych opowieści mojego autorstwa. pozdrawiam i zapraszam do...
  • morderstwa
  • horror
  • kryminał
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Deaths life by aquarius_evergreen
Deaths lifeby aquarius_evergreen
Death is inevitable, but then again so is life. Going on the run makes sense for Hallie, because if death is avoiding you, something must be wrong. Fate kills everyone...
  • original
  • time
  • horror
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Replacement (Yandere Story) by danimax1029
Replacement (Yandere Story)by danimax1029
Your twin sister Jessica was always the center of attention while you were left on the sidelines. Your low self-esteem was almost killing you until the day you started t...
  • stalker
  • yanderexreader
  • xreader
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