ANEH by KhaidirElmi
ANEHby KhaidirElmi
Manusia sering mengimbau kenangan silam, mengenang kesalahan yang lepas, merasakan diri ini begitu hina untuk dipandang. Apabila kesedihan dan kebuntuan bersatu dalam di...
  • norlaila
Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Killer x reader] by IceT3a
Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the IceT3a
(Y/N) didn't have an easy life. But she only realized how happy she actually was after she had lost it all to a bipolar maniac who wanted her all to himself. DISCLAIMER...
  • creepypasta
  • gory
  • halloween
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Solitude For the Abnormal (RP) by blazingarrow27
Solitude For the Abnormal (RP)by blazingarrow27
Hidden deep in the woods of Colorado, there is a large stone structure built to keep things out... and more importantly, in. Inside is a group of kids with strange abili...
  • accid
  • horror
  • lololololololol
BITable: Penny's Back by PutCringeyNameHere
BITable: Penny's Backby PutCringeyNameHere
So Y/n really thought that 16 years ago she was safe? Oh was she wrong. Her and the former Losers Club notice some strange disappearances arising in their new town, and...
  • billd
  • billskarsgard
  • eddiek
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Voice by ShaunAllan
Voiceby ShaunAllan
**Commissioned by Paramount Pictures for the release of A Quiet Place.** Everything has a voice. Every person, every leaf, stone and piece of dust floating upon an erran...
  • staysilent
  • wattpadstars
  • horror
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TRUTH OR DARE ( On Going ) by Rechhaaa
TRUTH OR DARE ( On Going )by Rechhaaa
In this game, only the rules are need to say the truth, If you lie on the group a few days will past, you will die or if you choose dare, you have 2 days to do the dare...
  • friendship
  • horror
  • mysterious
I Was 14 by imsavagebts
I Was 14by imsavagebts
My apartment is haunted. I've tried moving, but that thing keeps following me around. It's been there for a long time. What will happen to me?
  • horror
  • haunted
  • demons
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Game Night by forgotten27c
Game Nightby forgotten27c
They all thought it was a great idea to make the game somewhat 'thrilling'. They all took turns playing. But someone amongst the four lied and someone cheated. They comp...
  • scary
  • badboy
  • death
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A Very Horrific Christmas (A Krampus Story) by Szarinasumalpong
A Very Horrific Christmas (A Szarinasumalpong
"What was once called the most wonderful time of the year turned out to be the most horrific nightmare I will remember this year" 5 year old Samantha always ha...
  • comedy
  • krampus
  • christmas
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The serial killer's weakness by bandzstolemylife
The serial killer's weaknessby bandzstolemylife
Her pulse thrummed at the speed of a frightened rabbit, blue veins interlocking like branches on an old tree. Her face was fading to an ice blue and I suddenly found mys...
  • sociopath
  • aura
  • serial
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Don't Breathe |✔ by anabanana126
Don't Breathe |✔by anabanana126
That was it. Nothing was out of the ordinary...except me. I looked... not normal. My hair looked thin and wispy, skin sagged and sunk in around my protruding bones, and...
  • teen
  • horror
  • teenagers
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Croisière en mer... by JoyDupre
Croisière en JoyDupre
C'est l'histoire de Lyra Smith, une adolescente de 14 ans qui décide de faire une croisière de 2 semaines avec sa mère pour son anniversaire mais les chose ne vont pas s...
  • ado
  • adolescent
  • fille
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Hollow Darkness by SallyMason1
Hollow Darknessby SallyMason1
Every sound could be your last... Check out the official @Fright profile, where you'll find the Stay Silent Horror Anthology, featuring this story, plus four others by s...
  • aquietplace
  • domesticviolence
  • wattpadstars
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MAKAUNIYAR HANYA by ashnurpyaar
MAKAUNIYAR HANYAby ashnurpyaar
labarin wata matashiyar yarinya ce budurwa bata iya zaman Aure a duk lokacin da ta kasance matar wani sai tayi sanadiyyar rasa rayuwar sa. hakan yasa ta zamo tamkar muj...
  • fadakarwa
  • alajabi
  • soyayya
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Ferocious  by chykwrites
Ferocious by chykwrites
Cherrywood Valley has been a peaceful, Resourceful and fun town for over 30 years. But in the summer of 2015, a dark cloud settles over the town in the form on a myster...
  • woods
  • camp
  • college
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A TRIP OF HAVOC { possessed }  by user71489142
A TRIP OF HAVOC { possessed } by user71489142
  • mystery
  • horror
  • possessed
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How by Spiritualkittenmeow
Howby Spiritualkittenmeow
this is kind of a rip off of a video game. OC insert,OOC characters, random crap. I hope its good though. idk have fun. credit to Bethesda for some characters, others a...
  • hm
  • áh
  • wtf
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Love Horror  +21 by Shinechimeg
Love Horror +21by Shinechimeg
Зүрх сэтгэлгүй цуврал алуурчинд ухаангүй дурласан охин, энгийн мэт харагддаг амилсан чөтгөрт зүрхээ өгсөн хүү. Тэдний энэ хайр дурлал бусдын өнцөгөөс яг л тэнэглэл шиг...
  • lovestory
  • horror
  • дуудлага
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