My love life with a Serial Killer (Yandere Story) by danimax1029
My love life with a Serial danimax1029
You are the maid and only friend of Steven, an insane serial killer who also happens to be madly in love with you. You are no psychopath but you do lack emotions in the...
  • murder
  • romance
  • serialkiller
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The Haunting of a Phone  by KellyBear15579
The Haunting of a Phone by KellyBear15579
A lonely girl having a conversation with a strange device. The lonely girl didn't know that she was actually having a conversation with a dead spirit. The lonely girl di...
  • sad
  • angst
  • horror
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The Devil's Garden - Creepypasta by TheKawaiiDerp
The Devil's Garden - Creepypastaby TheKawaiiDerp
A small town in an unknown part of the world, Sunlight City, had a dark myth surrounding its forests. For many years, the myth has been passed down from generation to ge...
  • creepypasta
The Fallen by Allysa_B
The Fallenby Allysa_B
Christina is just an average teen girl, living with her parents, who she can't stand, and her little brother Nathan. but, on one seemingly ordinary Saturday night, she...
  • zombies
  • horror
  • dystopian
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Please Open The Door by TheLostNarrator2
Please Open The Doorby TheLostNarrator2
Following a Changeling attack that scatters every resident in Ponyville, Applejack holes up in her family home with only Apple Bloom for support. The doors and windows h...
  • sad
  • mylittleponyhorror
  • applejackcreepypasta
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A Loud Silence by mcwhoreemick
A Loud Silenceby mcwhoreemick
When a murder case develops in South Park, a tiny mountain town in Colorado, Special Agent Craig Tucker is sent out from Miami with his two associates Special Agent Toke...
  • clydedonovan
  • tweekxcraig
  • craigxtweek
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| Sick Love | Male Yandere Half-brothers x reader  by Kuro-Kuro_12
| Sick Love | Male Yandere Kuro-Kuro_12
You are a daughter of a famous model . You find out that your mother is going to remarry a good looking guy. The guy your mother is going to marry have 2 sons and they'...
  • halfincest
  • yandere
  • scary
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True Scary Stories by PerseusHamilton
True Scary Storiesby PerseusHamilton
lmao these are scary stories that have actually happened to me . . . there's only a few but if any of you have them you can message them to me and I'll 100% put them up...
  • scary
  • stories
  • true
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Nø Escape by horrendouskhhrome
Nø Escapeby horrendouskhhrome
5 group of friends, along with their other classmates had their class night in their haunted school. They played a game called "spirit of the glass" a game use...
  • friends
  • horror
  • survival
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DENEK (Kısa Öykü) by OnurBaak
DENEK (Kısa Öykü)by OnurBaak
Yaşadığımız,içinde bulunduğumuz dünyada geçen bir korku hikayesi.İnanın,bu olayı yaşayanlar da daha önce sorsaydınız bu hikayelere gülüp geçerlerdi,ama artık gülmek için...
  • korku
  • gerilim
  • paranormal
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Life Is Just A Game by TheCreat0rs
Life Is Just A Gameby TheCreat0rs
Warning! This book contains gore and and abusive behavior, depression, and attempted suicide. You've been warned. "The creature cut open her chest with its ind...
  • game
  • fake
  • drugaddiction
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Child's Play by -Shino_Misumi-
Child's Playby -Shino_Misumi-
Dmitri Grief is just a small, innocent nine year old. Living with his older sister - Holly - and his parents, plus Baby Lily, they were quite happy. Despite the constant...
  • kids
  • horror
  • ghost
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Nice Guys Finish Last by cabernet-merlot
Nice Guys Finish Lastby cabernet-merlot
'Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym.' A short horror story th...
  • abduction
  • college
  • kidnap
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Lost Survivors - The Z Resort by JKMayDay
Lost Survivors - The Z Resortby JKMayDay
8 friends find themselves invited to a 5-Star island resort, called 'Z Resort'. A place where your problems go away. On the plane, they go through some crazy situation a...
  • beachresort
  • zombieapocalypse
  • zombiesurvival
10 days before the nightmare... by Parsha11
10 days before the Parsha11
A depressed girl called Eliza was finding her own happiness in her problems, but her friends made her play a horrible game which turned her life upside down. Who knows t...
  • horror
  • mystery
  • thriller
The Laughing Killer by Chiyomi-chan
The Laughing Killerby Chiyomi-chan
Imagine for just a minute, that you're a middle school boy. You hate people. Yet, you still hold them dearest to your heart. Why is that? It's simple. It's because they'...
  • insane
  • torture
  • murder
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Yandere! Stepbrother x Reader by Kacchanie
Yandere! Stepbrother x Readerby Kacchanie
(Y/n) is a normal teenage girl who only lives with her mother ever since she was a toddler. Her father left her mother, and with a big burden on her mother's shoulder, s...
  • blood
  • yandere
  • horror
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"H͢o͢u͢s͢e͢ O͢f͢ B͢a͢l͢l͢o͢o͢n͢s͢"🎈 by PennyWiseIsDaddy1
"H͢o͢u͢s͢e͢ O͢f͢ B͢a͢l͢l͢o͢o͢n͢s͢" PennyWiseIsDaddy1
Hello guys and yay I'm finally gonna start working on this story for you guys since you guys have given all my stories so far many views and comments. Thank you for all...
  • pennywise
  • suspense
  • followforfollow
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