Mysterious Huntress (DL x OC) by Dragon-Born-Princess
Mysterious Huntress (DL x OC)by Dragon-Born-Princess
What happens if Yui brought her older sister to live at the Sakamaki with her? She is a skilled huntress that kills supernaturals that doesn't belong to the human world...
  • diaboliklovers
  • sakamakibrothers
  • mukamibrothers
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A night in animated hells by fluffykinns
A night in animated hellsby fluffykinns
Fkume (Fuh - koo - mae) (as seen in the pic above ) (my character) Has been sent a letter to visit her old pal Joey Drew at his animation studio. She does so. And we rea...
  • batim
MARİD - Ümmü Sübyan by Mert-Korkmaz
MARİD - Ümmü Sübyanby Mert-Korkmaz
Uzun zamandır yeni hikayeler paylaşamıyordum.En son paylaştığım "Senik" hikayesininde bazı bölümleri kendiliğinden silindiği için tüm hikayeyi yayından kaldırm...
  • cinler
  • kabilesi
  • ümmü
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Deathless by S_A_Lusher
Deathlessby S_A_Lusher
The thirteenth novel in The Shadow Wars. At the edge of explored space sits a desert world known only as Ash. It supports a minuscule population of miserable soldiers, t...
  • horror
  • scifi
  • thriller
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A Loud Silence (complete) by mcwhoreemick
A Loud Silence (complete)by mcwhoreemick
"This is fucking crazy. YOU'RE fucking crazy." He shrugged. "People do crazy things for love." #81 in horror
  • fbiagent
  • cops
  • craigtucker
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Haunted Revenge  by adommybearforever
Haunted Revenge by adommybearforever
Thank you for loving me Addy ~Kitty POV~ You're so very special to me Kitty ~Addy POV~ Tommy White is very special because he was born with special powers called telekin...
  • friendships
  • adommy
  • adam
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The Devil's Garden - Creepypasta by TheMiniTaco16
The Devil's Garden - Creepypastaby TheMiniTaco16
A small town in an unknown part of the world, Sunlight City, had a dark myth surrounding its forests. For many years, the myth has been passed down from generation to ge...
  • creepypasta
True Scary Stories by PerseusHamilton
True Scary Storiesby PerseusHamilton
lmao these are scary stories that have actually happened to me . . . there's only a few but if any of you have them you can message them to me and I'll 100% put them up...
  • horror
  • true
  • creepy
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The Fallen by Allysa_B
The Fallenby Allysa_B
Christina is just an average teen girl, living with her parents, who she can't stand, and her little brother Nathan. but, on one seemingly ordinary Saturday night, she...
  • dystopian
  • zombies
  • horror
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Toilet Pojok by AndienAryn
Toilet Pojokby AndienAryn
Ketidak sengajaan salah satu diantara mereka,membuat semuanya ikut terjebak dalam acaman BAHAYA!. *PEMIKIR: @AIDA RAMADHANI YUSDIN @ANDINI MAHARANI *EDITOR: @NADIA SILV...
  • mistery
  • iiiihhhh
  • comedy
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Child's Play by -Shino_Misumi-
Child's Playby -Shino_Misumi-
Dmitri Grief is just a small, innocent nine year old. Living with his older sister - Holly - and his parents, plus Baby Lily, they were quite happy. Despite the constant...
  • kids
  • paranormal
  • spooky
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Nø Escape by horrendouskhhrome
Nø Escapeby horrendouskhhrome
5 group of friends, along with their other classmates had their class night in their haunted school. They played a game called "spirit of the glass" a game use...
  • school
  • horror
  • noescape
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The Haunting of a Phone  by -KELLYBEAR
The Haunting of a Phone by -KELLYBEAR
A lonely girl having a conversation with a strange device. The lonely girl didn't know that she was actually having a conversation with a dead spirit. The lonely girl di...
  • horror
  • sad
  • angst
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stereotypes by authenticboi
stereotypesby authenticboi
please don't read if you are squeamish... i want to work on my gore writing skills, yet i feel like these would be great warmups :D
  • yummy
  • gore
  • fun
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Missing by MoonGlambert
Missingby MoonGlambert
"I'm soon home again!" said Sam. "Call me if there's anything!" I replied. "Promise!" she said. I gave her a hug before she went out and sh...
  • father
  • missing
  • adam
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Crazy by _taehyungnology
Crazyby _taehyungnology
"Taehyung,please. Pumunta ka sa amin,Takot na takot na ako" #20 in Horror 2/19/18 ©_taehyungnology 2/11/2018™ 2/14/2018™
  • horror
  • taesana
  • texts
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Dead Hard-Line (Zombie Novel)  by Chrisclarke22
Dead Hard-Line (Zombie Novel) by Chrisclarke22
(Highest Rank in Horror: #648) As a young mother, Raey is motivated to take back her daughter, as soon as she is in reach of her goal, an unknown virus sweeps through th...
  • zombies
  • surviveatallcosts
  • apocalypse
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The Night Wood  by weirdn_nerdy
The Night Wood by weirdn_nerdy
Light is one thing, but darkness is another. Why do they work so well together? No one knows for sure, do they? But, why is it that darkness can take over Light so easil...
  • sister
  • woods
  • mother
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