𝐑𝐎𝐂𝐊𝐘 𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐑𝐎𝐑 - summer of 84 by codysart
𝐑𝐎𝐂𝐊𝐘 𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐑𝐎𝐑 - summer o...by hattoween
" i swear if y'all make compare me to rocky horror picture show one more time , y'all getting y'alls asses kicked " rocky woodworth is woody woodworth's...
  • corygruter
  • tommyeaton
  • summerof84
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Sins of the Blessed by SheHopes
Sins of the Blessedby Sandra Grayson
After learning her sister has run away from the abbey and her life as a nun, Sofia soon realizes that perhaps her sister's disappearance wasn't voluntary. ***Inspired b...
  • thenunmovie
  • evil
  • thriller
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Sins of the Blessed by fright
Sins of the Blessedby Horror
A terrifying tale, by Sandra Grayson. See The Nun in theatres September 7th.
  • fright
  • movie
  • abbey
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Jinn by fright
Jinnby Horror
A horrifying short story by Jakayla Toney. Check out the Nun, in theatres September 7th.
  • annabelle
  • fright
  • demon
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Szerelem a végzeted by szakallasgombocok
Szerelem a végzetedby Szakállas gombócok
- Tedd meg - sziszegtem, miközben lelkileg felkészültem arra, ami következni fog. - Nem vagyok rá képes! - válaszolta fájdalommal teli hanggal. - Csak így élhetjük túl...
  • horror
  • végzet
  • demon
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Black Bloods  15/15 by Day_Dreams-
Black Bloods 15/15by Ä̤ G̤̈ö̤ö̤d̤̈ T̤̈ï̤m̤̈ë̤
Teaser inside
  • roleplay
  • horror
  • blood
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Yandere X Reader ... dark lemon by n_a123456
Yandere X Reader ... dark lemonby n_a123456
You're a young adult just starting your new exciting life at this collage , trying to pass with good grades and staying very low and away from drama....little did you kn...
  • completed
  • dark
  • love
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Yandere! Creepypasta X Reader by grungiingmetalmasky
Yandere! Creepypasta X Readerby ☁︎
With occurring twists the strings controlled, nothing left but a hideous soul. They watched her tap her fingers on her forehead, but what they didn't realize what goes u...
  • fanfiction
  • creepypasta
  • romance
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(2nd PART)Gods of Desterrados Book II: Prophecy of Chaos (Continuation) by _maddox
(2nd PART)Gods of Desterrados Book...by _maddox
  • romance
  • action
  • mature
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Sixth Sense 2 by slvnhng
Sixth Sense 2by sisil
Next Season Of "Sixth Sense". Yang belum baca "Sixth Sense" yang pertama, bisa baca dulu, biar nyambung cerita'nya:v Kemunculan seorang gadis manis y...
  • horor
  • teenfiction
  • sixthsense
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TRUTH OR DARE 2 by Anothergir1
TRUTH OR DARE 2by Another Girl
After losing all their friends Y/n, Colby, and Brennen must find a way to get rid of the demon that wants to continue the game. They thought it was over but they were wr...
  • horror
  • scary
  • sad
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Mission Possible ( COMPLETED ) by ItzBreezyShit
Mission Possible ( COMPLETED )by Mark Jiroux Deveroux Aspillag...
Rank #3 in survive, Rank #3 in cure and Rank #23 in brutal Rank #2 death and Rank #1 Apocalypse, Rank #2 Mystery and Rank #1 Killer [ Sept.17.2018 ]. There's a group of...
  • sense
  • blood
  • love
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Kinki's Cover Shop by kinkiharry
Kinki's Cover Shopby woman
**OPEN FOR REQUESTING** I make book covers. main acc: kinkistyles
  • covershop
  • humor
  • bookcovers
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Jinn by Ms_Horrendous
Jinnby Jakayla Toney
Ignoring her parent's final warning before their death, Sarah finds herself being followed by a demonic creature. The same creature who killed her father. *** Hi guys! I...
  • dead
  • fiction
  • gore
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Royal Awards 2018(Open) by suneila123
Royal Awards 2018(Open)by suneila123
If you are looking for a recognition that means you find the perfect book. This awards are for new books or old books with few views. This book would help you to increas...
  • adventure
  • horror
  • werewolf
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Breathe~ KTH FF~ BTS X reader by Chloe_England
Breathe~ KTH FF~ BTS X readerby xzBangtanzx
COMPLETE The news of the boy who murdered was all over the news. Some claimed he was framed. Others claimed his disorder was to blame. The only thing you claimed was f...
  • btsjungkook
  • btsjhope
  • army
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His Domain by MistressGodfrey
His Domainby Olivia
Being an extreme skeptic has never been more life saving than when coming up against a demonic clown that feeds on fear. Now she's in his domain and he's got himself a n...
  • kink
  • pennywisetheclown
  • horror
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District 15 by Warewolfcutie223
District 15by Warewolfcutie223
Where life and death is crucial in this world. All infested with demonic creatures called Ferox. Jenna Demise is a lucky albino nine-year-old who lives in the 15th Distr...
  • scary
  • survival
  • insanity
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Injections //Anna Kendrick x You// by QueenLaurenJauregui
Injections //Anna Kendrick x You//by Unsaid Things
Her eyes fluttered open slowly. Her vision blurry as she tried to look around. As she tried to focus someone appeared next to her. A smirk was across his face as he inje...
  • missing
  • fanfic
  • xreader
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JAM LEMBUR by 01BulanJuni
JAM LEMBURby Shilla Dipodiputro
Bayangkan, ketika kamu harus lembur sendirian di gedung bertingkat. Hening, hanya bunyi jari yang beradu dengan keyboard komputermu sendiri. Tanpa kamu sadari, ada mata...
  • ceritasetan
  • ceritahantu
  • indonesia
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