The Asylum On Chestnut Street by shayxb
The Asylum On Chestnut Streetby shayxb
An adventurous girl on a pink bicycle meets a tall blonde boy on Chestnut Street. Right in front of the old burnt-down mental hospital. What can go wrong?
  • asylum
  • short
  • spooky
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The Terror Next Door (Based on a True Story) by Alycat1901
The Terror Next Door (Based on a Alycat1901
"Society wants to believe it can identify evil people, bad people, or harmful people. But, it's not practical. Sometimes, there are no stereotypes, there's just ev...
  • serialkiller
  • creepy
  • thriller
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Goodnight by z0mbies
Goodnightby z0mbies
Ethan's nightmares are terrifying. He hates falling asleep; he hates having to witness the twisted world that he's forced into when he closes his eyes. But when they beg...
  • kidnapping
  • nightmare
  • mystery
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