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The Migrated Hope by Redrock29
The Migrated Hopeby Abhishek K S
April is a courageous 15 year old girl. She has very less friends and her family are partial towards her, pushing her off by not even giving her a chance to share her di...
  • cryforhelp
  • irony
  • younggirl
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STEIN horror specials: A series of short stories that will give you cold feet by LoraStein
STEIN horror specials: A series of...by Alto.
First Volume. PM me for special requests with mentions if you have a story of your own to share. Best of: scary stories of nightmares my friends or I myself had. Some of...
  • ghosts
  • killer
  • serialkiller
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Creepuccino by Audrey-Belle
Creepuccinoby Audrey Belle Syah
Creepy stories to keep you up all night 👻
  • scary
  • horror
  • supernatural
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-Corruption- Part 1:The Origin Of The Midnight  by The-Obscura-Puppet
-Corruption- Part 1:The Origin Of...by Nera
The young hedgebats life was horrible, she got raped, beaten etc. But on the top of all, Luna was cursed.... cursed from the only thing, that was fully her's... A dramat...
  • midnight
  • darkness
  • corupptedsoul
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True Scary Stories by 77ShadowFang13
True Scary Storiesby Stephanie Ann Rooke
I'm going to tell you a few stories that happened to me. They creep me out, thinking about them give me such paranoia and just going through them haunt me.
  • nonfiction
  • horror
  • ghost
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My Story Attempts by AlisonTheShadowGirl
My Story Attemptsby AlisonTheShadowAngel
In this book I will publish my horrifying terrible attempts to make a story. I decided to do it all in one book cause most of my stories never made it past the first cha...
  • terrible
  • horrifying
  • onechapter
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All kind of fears by Jarjekad_Alissast
All kind of fearsby Gertrudi Järjekad
  • hirmus
  • scary
  • fears
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creepy by invadertord2030
creepyby invadertord2030
creepy shit
  • cursed
  • horrifying
  • scary
Dark Knight by Blankismyidentity
Dark Knightby Blank
When the apocalypse arises, what will you do to survive? Yuuto Hamada is in senior high school who prefers spending his time alone in front of his computer playing his f...
  • scary
  • zombieapocalypse
  • japanesenames
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The Midnight Game by DarkRedrum
The Midnight Gameby Frank.
[Written for 2018 Christmas] ❝He sees you when you're asleep, he knows If you're awake❞ Christmas night was always about the fun for adults. Remembering the birth of Jes...
  • horrorgame
  • suspense
  • game
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Hollow Eyes. by _Author_Nim_
Hollow Eyes.by Author Nim
"Two can keep a secret, As long as one is dead." Two truths and a lie. Gone wrong?
  • afraid
  • death
  • horrifying
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[Not the only one] (Pennywise x Reader) by NekoliyNeko
[Not the only one] (Pennywise x Re...by 🎈NekoliyNeko️🎈
You move to Derry, a small town in Maine. Upon your arrival, you come across Pennywise. Your personality and uniqueness make him interested in you and he seems to like t...
  • scarystories
  • fear
  • horrific
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Murder on my mind. by BxthnyXx
Murder on my mind.by Bethanyyy x🤞
His brother, a killer. Him, a killer.
  • horror
  • murderonmymind
  • murder
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Geode-A Steven Universe AU by Katrina_ONeil
Geode-A Steven Universe AUby Katrina_ONeil
Warning: Scary, dark, not for the faint of heart. A new form of corruption is discovered, painfully, by the newest member of the Crystal Gems, Moonstone. And it's highl...
  • garnet
  • blue
  • corruption
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You Need to Pass It On by gia-grimm
You Need to Pass It Onby Gia uwu
Gertrude is another college girl just trying to pass her classes without drowning in any more student debt than she already is. She woke up one day and it all already be...
  • myth
  • ghost
  • story
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😱💀𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬💀😱 by strangerrstoriess
😱💀𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬💀😱by м ☹.*。⛧
this is a book filled with creepy stories. if you like these kind of stories, then dim the lights, grab some candles and crosses and read this book...if you dare. some o...
  • wicked
  • supernatural
  • possession
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Escape From Grandpa Vincent by NightmareStorm102603
Escape From Grandpa Vincentby Storm
(This is another story based off of a roleplay that me, Snipper, and Phoenix made.) Storm, Phoenix, and Chris Afton were hanging out when their grandpa Vincent showed up...
  • violent
  • thefamousfilms
  • horrifying
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Creepypasta Stories! by Saiyan_Goku_
Creepypasta Stories!by Snorlax_kin_
To give you the spooks.
  • scary
  • eerie
  • creepypasta
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