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the grASShopper chronicles by grashopping
the grASShopper chroniclesby grandpa grasshopper
the journey of two grasshopper trying to find out if what's on their damn backs
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My Quirky Life - A Midnight Beast story by RumbleroarsArmy
My Quirky Life - A Midnight Beast...by RumbleroarsArmy
Piper Flynn lives with her 5 friends in London. Ashley Horne, Lydia Smith, Dru Wakely, Louise Hunniford and Stefan Abingdon are the only people she can trust. As living...
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GingerXHopper and CupidXDexter by fangirl_queen_ouat_
GingerXHopper and CupidXDexterby Red
I now ship 2 not very popular ships! And I am gonna make a fanfic of both! -Red
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Code Wings by CassidyReneMcGuire
Code Wingsby Cassidy Rene' McGuire
What happens when the gang, Cassidy, and Peter are smuggled into a place called the School? Will Max and her crew save them, or will it be too late. Peter is (C) bf, and...
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CODE LYOKO The Child Of Codes by Bluesstory
CODE LYOKO The Child Of Codesby Blue
X.A.N.A has been destroyed. The multi agent system of Jeremy Belpois worked and destroyed the most powerful virus on the network or so they thought. Chris Clavis is a St...
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Surviving Final Exams by Shae_bug
Surviving Final Examsby Shae
Alas Final exams are here again and I the master at Beating The System am here to help you through the stress of final exams :)
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Beauty Sleep (EAH Bropper One Shot) by fangirl_queen_ouat_
Beauty Sleep (EAH Bropper One Shot)by Red
What happens on Briar's 16th birthday? Is her true love really 100 years away? Find out in Beauty Sleep!
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Destiny Ever After High Briars Story by ravenqueen13
Destiny Ever After High Briars Sto...by ravenqueen13
What Would Happen if the students followed the destinys? This book is about what would happen. This book is about Briar Beauty daughter of sleeping beauty. Will briar...
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Nighthawks by citybound
Nighthawksby Caroline
At the beginning of the year in English, we were given a picture, 'Nighthawks' by Edward Hopper. This is my short story based around the painting, along with the backst...
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(EAH) (Maddie and Hopper) by fangirl_queen_ouat_
(EAH) (Maddie and Hopper)by Red
Hey my lil' hatlings!! This story is about Hoppie (Maddie x Hopper) Can anyone make me a cover?? :) Just message me if you can and ill message you my email! :) Thanks...
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A Train Hop Away by JosephRenne
A Train Hop Awayby Joebama
Okay I started hopping #trains, I had an itch to travel. With no money or any means of making any money I decided to just hop on a train in my home town of #Pensacola #F...
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The Adventures of Hopper the Callistana by bookboyfriends
The Adventures of Hopper the Calli...by bookboyfriends
Bloodlines one shots based on the character of Hopper the Callistana, the mini dragon demon created by Sydney Sage and fathered by Adrian Ivashkov. Follow Hopper on his...
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Random Fact Of The Day!!!!! by FearNot
Random Fact Of The Day!!!!!by drea
Funny random facts:)
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