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My Hopes and Dreams by jugheadjones11788
My Hopes and Dreamsby Felix Zeno
this is all my heart and more put in to poems
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Stars Too Far by doodlemonx
Stars Too Farby doodlemonx
- collection of poems- .:. I'm no poet nor do I follow a scheme, but when the words get too loud in my head I write them down. I thought they might look like poetry. Pai...
  • sad
  • poem
  • dreams
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Reclusive Ruminations by sinnverdad
Reclusive Ruminationsby DB Barrett
A writer's journey in South Africa. Trying to write what won't be published, trying to create what will most likely not be seen by those I wish to see it. This is not a...
  • mortality
  • philosophy
  • fatalism
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16 year old ponderings by Hrohlu
16 year old ponderingsby Much_Alive
Full of ideas, full of dreams. But someday, you have to wake up. Do you go ahead to face reality? Or do you keep dreaming blissfully?
  • ideas
  • memes
  • dreams
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Fragments by thornsandpetals156
Fragmentsby Parisha T.
And here I lay, All of my heart. In this little piece, I wrote on my own. All my tears, emotions, smiles, Laughter and all that I tried I scribbled onto the pages Until...
  • sunflower
  • poet
  • poets
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In the dark by SoulxSisters
In the darkby SoulxSisters
These are poems that came to me at night. Enjoy! xxDaydreamer
  • poetry
  • hopes
  • light
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Addiction 💝 by JiheneAmriou
Addiction 💝by Jihene Amriou
A teenage girl living a simple life with her family and friends. Once she finished her studies at highschool , she goes to another city to continue her education in the...
  • adventure
  • love
  • story
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Dear Diary  by Treasure_Of_Food
Dear Diary by Pizza_Girl
  • hopes
  • reality
  • dear
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Contestant Irony by Identity_crisis07
Contestant Ironyby GHIJK0712
When dreams come to an end and reality takes over everything becomes gloomy yet no one notices. In her last year of high school she wonders why she is completely empty w...
  • happiness
  • high-school
  • future
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If I Ever Had Time by ArcaneDeity
If I Ever Had Timeby ArcaneDeity
If only...kaya kong sabihin sakanya na mahal na mahal ko rin sya. If only kaya ko ring suklian ang mga binibigay nya. If I ever had given a lot of times and days I will...
  • lovestory
  • morden
  • teenfic
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When my Hopes Fade away by frostmagic78
When my Hopes Fade awayby frostmagic78
11 years old lang si Winter ng mamatay ang ama nya dahil sa isang aksidente, and now her mom found a new love with someone who always hurt both of them. Her life became...
  • my
  • away
  • frostmagic78
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The Truth Behind My Stars ⭐️  by pandaj24
The Truth Behind My Stars ⭐️ by pandaj24
A high-school girl, Julie Andrews, living in a competition between her divorced parents falls in love with a guy as she starts her day thinking about the concept of life...
  • sucks
  • love
  • life
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Lady not so sunlight  by -greenMustache-
Lady not so sunlight by ✖︎★Mustache★✖︎
Hold my hand Never let go Because Death follows Wherever I go
  • love
  • dreams
  • wishes
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Cherry Blossom Trees by Taekooooookies
Cherry Blossom Treesby Taekooooookies
This story is about something I've always wanted to see which were the cherry blossoms in japan mostly but anyways it is just something I've always dreamed about, k enjo...
  • cherryblossoms
  • hopes
  • love