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mister runaway | sope by sopemoni
mister runaway | sopeby <sope3
SUGAYOONIE on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate me? be honest HOBIWOBI i know you're not asking a fan account of yourself a question like this SUGAYOONIE leave me a...
FATE | SOPE by BorahaeSOPE
FATE | SOPEby 🐱🐿
"Do you believe in soulmates?" He asked. "Are you trying to subtly flirt with me?" The other asked. Hoseok's family was very different from the other...
Perfect Match | SOPE ✔️ by sopemoni
Perfect Match | SOPE ✔️by <sope3
COVER BY MY ONE BRAINCELL CARA 🐷 (@Yoongidique) ❝The only thing I could think about was having his lips on mine, a sin that I was prepared to commit for all eternity.❞ ...
Sope Mpreg by The_HolySope
Sope Mpregby The_HolySope
Were Yoongi and Hoseok start a family.
Just say the word | SOPE by IPurpleKoya
Just say the word | SOPEby 🏳️‍🌈⛓Yoongi⛓🏳️‍🌈
Yoongi is in a relationship with Jimin that's falling apart but one night in a drunk sour mood Yoongi summons a demon that will do anything he asks him to. First few cha...
Your Melody | SOPE by BorahaeSOPE
Your Melody | SOPEby 🐱🐿
A few months after the tragic lost of his older sister, Hoseok's family decide to move to Seoul and move on. His first day there, he hears a beautiful melody that leads...
A collection of Sope stories written by yours truly~ Note, these stories may contain: fluff, angst, swearing, happy endings for each story, and violence. It also takes a...
Partners | SOPE by yoursoapbar
Partners | SOPEby 🍙 EDGE 🍙
"You know, I think we won't get along, Min Yoongi." "I agree, Jung Hosuck." A story where two enemies slowly fall in love with each other from worr...
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drunken conversations | myg + jhs by stalkerkun
drunken conversations | myg + jhsby ✨
min yoongi always tells the truth when he's drunk and jung hoseok happens to always be there to hear it. ©2017 christelle (stalkerkun)
"You may have gotten the award because of your popularity, but I got it from talent." "Thought you only act like a bitch on stage, turns out you're still...
Graphite Smudges | YoonSeok by SILVERKOOK
Graphite Smudges | YoonSeokby ☁️
"It's amazing how you can preserve someone's beauty with just the flick of your wrist and some smudges of graphite."
The Break Up - Yoonseok✔ by moonsibble
The Break Up - Yoonseok✔by 🌙
(TEXTING FANFICTION) (COMPLETED) Sunseokie: I need a friend.... In which Hoseok goes over a very bad breakup and all he needs is a friend. But what if that turns into s...
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Loving You by UniqueBeat
Loving Youby Beat~
- دوست داشتنت،دومین کار خوبی بود که تاحالا انجام دادم. + اولیش چی بود؟ - پیدا کردنت...
I'M GUILTY || SOPE by UniqueBeat
I'M GUILTY || SOPEby Beat~
بیاید سفر کنیم به خاطرات جانگ هوسوک ، پسر ۱۷ ساله‌ای که گناهکار بود!
Yoonseok family history by lil_savage_meow_suk
Yoonseok family historyby Jhobi_min
shall we see how the jung's family doing? . . . . . top hoseok bottom yoongi
one day | myg + jhs by stalkerkun
one day | myg + jhsby ✨
one day , hoseok will come to love himself as much as how he loves yoongi. one day , yoongi will stop hurting himself , he promised. similar to how he kept his promises...
fading away | sope by urnotkitty
fading away | sopeby emma
yoongi aldatıldığını gördü, hoseok ona şarkı sözleri gönderdi. gelin ve hep birlikte kendini suçlu hisseden ve özleyen birinin spotify listesini oluşturalım.
Soulmates (Sope FF) by Btstan2016
Soulmates (Sope FF)by Btstan
In which Hoseok is a cop, Yoongi is a famous producer/rapper. He is always singing songs with his little princess, Min Ji-Seok who is a 4 year old troublemaker. Yoongi...
[•Training Wheels•] by YoonYoonYoonseok
[•Training Wheels•]by :)
I love everything you do.
Hình Bóng {KookMin Version} by Biebabe
Hình Bóng {KookMin Version}by unpredictable
Tên gốc: 形影 Tác giả: Mang Quả Hãm Tống Tử 芒果馅粽子 Thể loại: Gương vỡ lại lành, thanh mai trúc mã, tình hữu độc chung. Độ dài: 51 chương Nhân vật chính: Jeon Jungkook, Par...